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Swipez updates

Add attachments to your invoice

Ever needed to send an email with attachments and your invoice to your client? It can start getting complicated and messy very fast. Needless to say but it's a nightmare for your client to make sense of all the attachments they have just received.

Embed attachments in your invoice

To attach documents or images in your invoice enable the File upload plugin in your invoice template. You can do so by editing your existing invoice format by navigating to Settings ➡ Invoice formats and selecting your format.

Now when you create an invoice with your updated invoice format you can attach relevant documents or images before sending your invoice.

Customers view of invoices with attachments

Your customer receives your invoice via email and SMS as usual. Along with that they have a couple of options:

  1. View the attachments embedded in invoice in their browser
  2. Download the invoice as a PDF

When your customers download the invoice as PDF they get a multiple page PDF wherein the first page is your invoice and the subsequent pages are the attachments you have added