Swipez updates
Swipez updates

API documentation 📃👩‍💻

Developer alert!

A lot of the aspects you use on Swipez web can be automated using our APIs. To help developers implement these APIs we have gone published them on https://docs.swipez.in/

Extend your application

Add Swipez billing features to your existing application with ease. For ex. Bulk billing or payments can be easily integrated in your existing application using Swipez APIs.

Check out the documentation to learn how many different aspects of the Swipez application you can extend into your existing apps via our APIs.

Manage multiple billing profiles and GST numbers

Managing multiple billing profiles and GST numbers for your company?

Need to attach the correct GST number and profile to your company invoice or bill?

Maintain multiple GST profiles in billing software

As an organization if you have multiple GST numbers you need to remember to enter the correct GST number with every invoice. This gets complicated as your billing profile like address needs to change as per the GST number.

To help solve this, we have introduced a new option called Billing profile in your Settings under the __BILLING & INVOICING __ section. From the Billing profile facility you can create multiple billing profiles for your company with different:

  • GST number
  • Address
  • Billing contact number
  • Billing email id

Billing profiles you create can be attached while creating a new invoice format or template or also while creating a new invoice. Depending on the profile selected the appropriate values will be pulled.

Moreover if GST is applicable to your business then during invoice creation your tax values will be set as either CGST/SGST or IGST depending on the state selected in your billing profile and the state entered for your customer.

Pick from product / services list while creating invoices

In your Swipez account you could store a list of products or services your company provides. This makes it easy to add your products or services into your invoice when you create your invoices. This allows you to store everything related to a product like costs, taxes applicable etc.

You can access your Product listing from your SettingsData configurationProducts option.

Faster invoice creation

With this release you can now add the product right from your invoice creation screen. The particulars section of your invoice now features a drop down of products / services you have already added in your Data configuration section. Along with this you can search and add new products from the particulars section.

Similarly taxes that are applicable to your organization can be added from the invoice creation screen too.


Improved search experience in reports

Simpler date picker

We have now adopted the excellent date range picker by Dan Grossman. All our reports now feature the new date picker.

This makes it easier to select a range of dates or just pick date ranges like current month or last month.


Faster verification of bank account for online payment collections

Penny drop 💰💧

Collecting money into your bank account is now more easier than ever. You can start by verifying your bank account with a simple penny drop. Enter your bank account information and a small amount for ex. ₹ 1.37 will be deposited to your account. You will need to enter the amount as per the entry in your bank statement.

Once the amount is verified your bank account is ready to collect online payments.

Export data to Tally

Most of our merchants use Tally as their bookkeeping software of choice. Now you can take your Swipez billing, invoicing and GST filing data and move it into tally with once simple export

Sync your data to Tally

To import data into Tally navigate to Settings -> Data configuration here you see an option called Tally export

From this screen you can select your GSTN, select type of data you want to export i.e. sales or credit notes and date range.

Your export will run the background and will be available to download once completed. You will receive an email once your download is ready.

Easier GST submissions

In this release we have made the GST filing process simpler. The GST menu options have been simplified.

UI changes

Your GST menu now features simpler options. chrome_2020-12-01_13-32-18.png

  • GST connection - To help establish a connection with your GST portal login
  • Invoices - Move the invoices created in your Swipez login or upload invoices from external sources like your Amazon seller central report
  • GSTR 3B - Prepare and save your 3B summary to the GST portal
  • GSTR 1 - Prepare and save your GSTR 1 to the GST portal
  • GSTR 2 - View your GSTR 2 and reconcile input credit

GST reports


A host of reports have been added to view your GST status and export data into excel sheets where required. Reports have been created as per accounting requirements that we have received from our merchants.

GST filing for ecommerce sellers

Along with the support for Amazon ecommerce sellers, we have added support for Flipkart sellers in this release.

GST filing for Flipkart sellers

Now your monthly transaction reports from Flipkart seller dashboard can be imported directly into your Swipez account. You can start submitting your GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B straight to the GST portal from your Swipez account.

With this your Swipez account now has support for Amazon MTR report and Flipkart reports for GST filing out of the box.

Support for ecommerce refunds

Your ecommerce reports contain refunds and adjustments. These too are treated and submitted to GST portal as credit or debit notes. With this you need account for refunds separately, Swipez GST system calculates and creates your credit or debit notes directly in the GST portal.

Stock transfer

At times you might need to transfer stock between warehouses of your ecommerce platform. In this scenario, you need create invoices and expenses between your two GST numbers. Your Swipez account can now handle this out of the box. Your uploaded data will be automatically processed and invoices/expenses will be created and submitted to the GST portal

Refund or reconcile online payment transactions

In this release there are 2 more additions that help to make your online payment management process more simpler.

Refund online transactions

There are times when you need to refund part or the full amount paid by your customer. Now you manage these straight from your Swipez dashboard. To refund a transaction login to your Swipez account and go to Transactions menu and choose the type of transaction you want to refund.

At the end of transaction listing click on the actions button and the choose Refund option


Next enter a reason for refund and either reduce the amount you want to refund or keep it the same and hit Submit. chrome_2020-12-01_11-03-27.png Your refund will be processed and the customer will receive funds back in to their account in 7-8 working days.

Reconcile online transactions

At times you receive a call from your customer that money has been debited but the transaction is still showing as failed!

In cases where the transaction is showing as failed you will see a Reconcile button in the actions menu


On clicking reconcile the Swipez system checks with the banks and gateways if the transaction is successful or failed. In case if the transaction is a success then the transaction status changes to success and both you and your customer get notified.

Note: The reconcile button will only against failed transactions.

New and improved user interface ✨👓🎨

This festive season we have given your Swipez interface a new look 😎

New dashboard

We have heard your feedback and incorporated key business numbers in the new dashboard. The dashboard now gives a quick overview of how your business is doing this month.


Menu changes

Your menu now has fewer items but none of the functionality you used has been removed. We have just allocated new sections for the functionality. For example the Data configuration menu is now Settings. This is the control panel from where you can administer all aspects of your Swipez account.


Your Reports too have been consolidated on one screen and access to your reports is now much easier.


Fonts and colors

We gone with a new font Rubik across the board. We felt using Rubik makes your data and numbers more clearer irrespective of the screen size you are using your Swipez account on.

Next, we have changed the colors to use our primary color (shade of turquoise) across the board. So all your main buttons on every screen use the primary color and the secondary and tertiary actions on a screen use lighter colors. This small changes makes it easier to focus on the main action on every screen.


App switcher

We have made it easier for you to switch between applications you are using in your Swipez account. Simply navigate to the apps icon on the right hand side top menu and switch between your active applications.

If you are interested in using more applications in your Swipez login check out the Available Apps option via the same apps icon.


Your thoughts 😍

As always, let us know your thoughts on the new look and feel. What do you like or not like about this makeover? Drop us a line or chat with us from your dashboard. Looking forward to hear from you 🙏