Swipez updates
Swipez updates

Create subscriptions in bulk


New Feature


You can now create subscriptions for recurring invoices in bulk. One simple excel import, and you can create as many subscriptions as you want.

Simply select the invoice format you want to use and download the excel format to create bulk subscriptions.


Upload the filled excel sheet with the details for the subscriptions and recurring invoices will be created & sent automatically as per your specifications

Set the frequency of the recurring invoices, due date, end date etc.

With this feature a simple excel upload is all you need to create recurring invoices in bulk across your customer base πŸ‘

New and improved inventory management


New Feature


Our automated inventory management solution now lets you manage products with variable pricing and also helps you track your sales as well.

Get comprehensive reports of your items in stock, total stock available, stock status, total stock value & more on a single dashboard! You can track your sales for a week, a month, 6 months, or more as per your requirements with automatic, real-time updates. Create & send invoices and our automated inventory management will take care of the rest.

What’s more, you can add and manage products with a variety of specifications and variations, such as colour, size, and more. Create as many different product variations as you need, with different cost price, sale price, maximum retail price (MRP), expiry date, etc.

Create e-invoices


New Feature


E-invoicing is now mandatory for B2B companies with over 20CR of revenue. We at Swipez wanted to ensure a seamless e-invoicing solution that could be easily adopted by your business.

Swipez merchants who raise invoices or file their GST R1 & 3B from their Swipez dashboard can easily upload e-invoices directly to the IRP. Our GST API integration will create Invoice Reference Number (IRN) for your invoices along with a QR code. The e-invoice is created in PDF form and also sent to your client automatically.

The e-invoicing solution includes a bulk upload option that enables them import invoices in bulk via excel sheets. The invoices will be submitted to the IRP in bulk and e-invoice generated and made available in your Swipez dashboard

Click here to learn more about our einvoicing solution

Collect funds in international currencies


New Feature


Now you can bill your customers from abroad in a currency of their choice. The complete Swipez dashboard now supports multiple currencies out of the box. With this product upgrade you can invoice your customer in their local currency like USD ($), AED, GBP, and more

And that's not all, your Swipez account also supports payment collections in multiple currencies (40 currencies) via integrations with Stripe and Payoneer

Talk to your onboarding expert or our support team to get started!

Business bill payments made easy!


New Feature


Start paying your business utility bills like electricity, internet, mobile, Fastag recharge, and more right here from your Swipez dashboard

Navigate to the new menu option "Pay my bills" to get started

Bill payments made from here automatically show up as an expense in your Swipez account πŸ™Œ

Collect payments πŸš€


New Feature


Our payments collection facility now has its own landing page within your login. The various payment collections options your Swipez login provides are now organized in one easy-to-use page. Navigate to πŸš€ Collect payments menu option within your Swipez dashboard to check it out

Any payment collection option which has not been activated for your account can be easily activated from this page as well

Just click on the payment collection option that interests you and get started within minutes

Reconcile GST R2 with your expenses


New Feature


Find out whether your vendors are filing GST and whether your organization is receiving the input tax credit it is due every month.

Automated GST reconciliation against all your expense entries is now available at a click of a button. Figure out which of your vendors are not providing GST credit and the vendors who have made errors in their GST filing

Learn more about our GST reconciliation product and how it can help your business

New report: Business collections report


New Feature



All your business payment collections in one report

Using Swipez you can collect payments via various different sources viz.

  1. Invoicing
  2. Subscriptions or recurring bills
  3. Your own website using a payment gateway integration
  4. Payment links
  5. Event pages
  6. Booking calendars
  7. Form builder pages
  8. Website builder
  9. Plan pages

Now a simple Collection details report shows you payments collected across all the above sources and also across different payment modes

Online payment modes

  1. Credit card
  2. Debit card
  3. UPI
  4. Wallets
  5. Net banking

Offline payment modes

  1. Cash
  2. Cheque

To summarize the total revenue collected by your business in one simple report


Give it a spin & as always let us have your feedback πŸ™Œ

Easily print your invoices


New Feature


As soon as you create your invoice on Swipez you now have an option to print your invoice


Add discount in invoices in percentages


New Feature


One of the columns you can add in your invoice line item is discount. So far, we were supporting discount in fixed values. Some of our retail & distributor merchants requested the ability to add discount in an invoice item in percentage instead of fixed value

Add discount in percentage in your invoice

Add the discount column by editing your invoice format. Now when you create an invoice you can add the percentage of discount you want to provide to your customer against each line item in your invoice


The new discount column is also available to be used in bulk upload excel formats & APIs