Swipez updates
Swipez updates

New invoice listing screen and changes to reports


New Feature



All your invoices in one place


As always, we heard your feedback and now our Invoice listing screen shows all your invoices irrespective of how they were created. So now whether you create a single invoice, bulk upload invoices, create via subscriptions or via APIs.

All your sales invoices now show up under the Invoices / Estimates menu option and you can now also view both Paid and Unpaid invoices in the same screen using the search criteria

New clear statuses introduced against each of your invoices


Reporting changes

A new report has been introduced called Unpaid invoices and as the name suggests this report is a simpler way to see all your unpaid invoices.

Another new option in the date filter is All records. This allows you change the date range to view all your records on your Swipez account i.e. Since the day you started using Swipez to the current date


Subscription based invoices






Recurring invoices or subscriptions allow you to create and send invoices as per a predefined interval.

Now you will be able to view each invoice or estimate created from a subscription.

This view will also show whether your invoice / estimate has been paid along with a quick summary of the status of your subscription


Billing app for your business


New Feature




Much requested and eagerly awaited your billing app is now ready 🚀🙌

Billing app with payment collections

A simple and easy to use billing app for your business. Send bills to your contacts in your phone book and start collecting payments online and recording offline payments. Collecting payments from your customers was never this easy!

Perfect billing app for small business owner

Now available on:

Your company website is ready!


New Feature



Your Swipez account now automatically generates a company website for you. This clean, modern and SEO friendly website comes with useful facilities like:

  1. Online payment collections
  2. New customer lead generation
  3. Key information about your company

View my company website

There are 2 ways from view and edit your company website

Option 1 : From your dashboard

To view your company website click on the View your website on your Dashboard


This will start a tour that will walk you through various aspect of your automatically created website. You will also learn how to edit your company page via this tour.

We highly recommend you take this your and learn how to view, edit and even disable your company website

Option 2 : Settings

Settings screen is the control center of your Swipez account and from here you can also view and edit your company website. Navigate to Settings in the left hand side menu and find the Company Website option under Company Settings


This too will start a tour that will walk you through various aspect of your automatically created website. You will also learn how to edit your company page via this tour

We highly recommend you take this your and learn how to view, edit and even disable your company website

Inventory management now available!


New Feature



As requested by many of our merchants we have enhanced our billing product to include inventory management

Billing with inventory management


Inventory management software that helps you manage inventory across all your products. Product stock keeping is now available with your billing software account.

How to start using inventory management?

  1. Go to Settings in the left hand side menu and under Data configuration click on Inventory
  2. You will see your Products list here click on Create Product or Edit an existing product
  3. To start using activate Inventory management in your account activate-inventory.gif

New benefits added!


New Feature




In your left hand side menu navigate to Benefits from your Dashboard to view the new benefits we have added for all our merchants.


Razorpay Payment Gateway

Collect online transactions worth Rs. 4 lakhs with 0 transaction fees. Start collecting online payments now!

Dalal Street Investment Journal

Swipez and DSIJ have partnered to provide a special offer to Swipez’s subscribing merchants. Swipez merchants get 50% off on the annual subscription of DSIJ online magazine

Cashfree Payouts

Make payouts from your account to your vendors, partners or employees using Payouts. Get free payouts worth 3 lakhs!

Free payouts facility


New Feature



Payouts made simple

Every business needs to schedule and make payments to variety of parties

  • Vendors
  • Suppliers
  • Office rent
  • Employees
  • Franchises
  • Host of other bills 🤷‍♂️

Typically, this is a time consuming affair and needs a lot of your attention.

Organizing payouts

With your Swipez dashboard you can setup Payouts with ease. Simply add your vendor, franchise or a beneficiary and schedule payments right from your Swipez dashboard.

At the end of month get a simple view of who all you have paid and whose payments are pending.

How to make payouts?

Navigate to your apps in the top right hand side corner and click on Available Apps


In the Payouts app and click the Activate button


Your Swipez account manager will get in touch with you to get your started on Payouts!

Learn more about payout features

Free payouts!

What's more, to help you get started there are no charges on your payouts for 5 lakh worth of payments!

Swipez Benefits


New Feature



Making your business easy and efficient if what we strive for. With that in mind, we have partnered with companies to bring you great products. Products that will help you with your business and make it cost efficient to run your business operations.

Swipez Benefits.png

Some exclusive benefits are now part of your Swipez account. Login to you Swipez account and navigate to Benefits in your left hand side menu bar.

AWS credits and much more

  1. AWS is offering cloud credits to your company worth about 5,000 USD and business support worth 1,500 USD

  2. Lending Kart for paperless business loans upto 1 crore!

  3. Cashfree is providing payment gateway services with transaction fees waived off for the first ₹5 lakhs collected

And so much more!

API documentation 📃👩‍💻





Developer alert!

A lot of the aspects you use on Swipez web can be automated using our APIs. To help developers implement these APIs we have gone published them on https://docs.swipez.in/

Extend your application

Add Swipez billing features to your existing application with ease. For ex. Bulk billing or payments can be easily integrated in your existing application using Swipez APIs.

Check out the documentation to learn how many different aspects of the Swipez application you can extend into your existing apps via our APIs.

Manage multiple billing profiles and GST numbers


New Feature



Managing multiple billing profiles and GST numbers for your company?

Need to attach the correct GST number and profile to your company invoice or bill?

Maintain multiple GST profiles in billing software

As an organization if you have multiple GST numbers you need to remember to enter the correct GST number with every invoice. This gets complicated as your billing profile like address needs to change as per the GST number.

To help solve this, we have introduced a new option called Billing profile in your Settings under the BILLING & INVOICING section. From the Billing profile facility you can create multiple billing profiles for your company with different:

  • GST number
  • Address
  • Billing contact number
  • Billing email id

Billing profiles you create can be attached while creating a new invoice format or template or also while creating a new invoice. Depending on the profile selected the appropriate values will be pulled.

Moreover if GST is applicable to your business then during invoice creation your tax values will be set as either CGST/SGST or IGST depending on the state selected in your billing profile and the state entered for your customer.