New and improved user interface βœ¨πŸ‘“πŸŽ¨

This festive season we have given your Swipez interface a new look 😎

New dashboard

We have heard your feedback and incorporated key business numbers in the new dashboard. The dashboard now gives a quick overview of how your business is doing this month.


Menu changes

Your menu now has fewer items but none of the functionality you used has been removed. We have just allocated new sections for the functionality. For example the Data configuration menu is now Settings. This is the control panel from where you can administer all aspects of your Swipez account.


Your Reports too have been consolidated on one screen and access to your reports is now much easier.


Fonts and colors

We gone with a new font Rubik across the board. We felt using Rubik makes your data and numbers more clearer irrespective of the screen size you are using your Swipez account on.

Next, we have changed the colors to use our primary color (shade of turquoise) across the board. So all your main buttons on every screen use the primary color and the secondary and tertiary actions on a screen use lighter colors. This small changes makes it easier to focus on the main action on every screen.


App switcher

We have made it easier for you to switch between applications you are using in your Swipez account. Simply navigate to the apps icon on the right hand side top menu and switch between your active applications.

If you are interested in using more applications in your Swipez login check out the Available Apps option via the same apps icon.


Your thoughts 😍

As always, let us know your thoughts on the new look and feel. What do you like or not like about this makeover? Drop us a line or chat with us from your dashboard. Looking forward to hear from you πŸ™

Add attachments to your invoice

Ever needed to send an email with attachments and your invoice to your client? It can start getting complicated and messy very fast. Needless to say but it's a nightmare for your client to make sense of all the attachments they have just received.

Embed attachments in your invoice

To attach documents or images in your invoice enable the File upload plugin in your invoice template. You can do so by editing your existing invoice format by navigating to Settings ➑ Invoice formats and selecting your format.

Now when you create an invoice with your updated invoice format you can attach relevant documents or images before sending your invoice.

Customers view of invoices with attachments

Your customer receives your invoice via email and SMS as usual. Along with that they have a couple of options:

  1. View the attachments embedded in invoice in their browser
  2. Download the invoice as a PDF

When your customers download the invoice as PDF they get a multiple page PDF wherein the first page is your invoice and the subsequent pages are the attachments you have added

Add digital signature to your invoice

Add your signature to your invoice

Invoices can now be attached with a signature. To add signature to your invoice activate the Digital signature plugin

Personalize your signatures on your invoice


  1. To create your signature navigate to Settings -> Digital Signature under the Billing & Invoicing section.

  2. Type in your name and select a signature and you can start using this signature in your invoices

Attach your signature to your invoice

To attach your signature navigate to Plugins section in the Create invoice format or Invoice formats screens in your Settings and enable the Digital signature plugin.

Create logins for your vendors

Vendor management made simple

Now you can provide a login to your vendors to raise invoices to you. Invoices raised by your vendors show up in your Expense management Inbox view.

Setup invoice formats for your vendors

Different vendors typically send invoices in different formats. Some use excel, word or tally to make their invoices. Moreover there is no standardization of invoices across all your vendors. Your accounts / payables team needs to spend a lot of time managing these incoming expense invoices.

By providing a login to your vendor you can also preset an invoice format as per your requirement. So any vendor raising an invoice via their Swipez login can send an invoice to you as per your format.

This ensures standardization across all incoming invoices and less time spent deciphering incoming invoices.

i.e. Less time spent on mundane activities and more time for doing stuff that matters 🎯

New simpler invoice format

Introducing a new and easy way to create an invoice!

If you need a simple invoice format where you do not need line item wise break up, taxes, etc. but just an amount then look no further than our new Starter template.


To use this invoice format navigate to Settings ➑ Create new invoice format and pick the Starter template

Download invoice format

Need to send an invoice to your client and looking for a flexible format? We have got you covered, create an invoice online and download the PDF. Right here from your browser.

Invoice format for your business segment

Create and customize your invoice online. Add your company logo, add customer information and change the colors as per your brand. Add rows to create multiple sale items and add columns to add more details to your particulars.

Sales invoice format

Invoice format for your sales. Perfect to create list of sale items, taxes. Along with each item, you can enter the SAC code, quantity, unit type, rate and GST and any discount if applicable. Create your sales invoice here.

ISP broadband invoice format

Invoice format to send to your broadband customers. Perfect to capture your broadband plan name and taxes. Along with each item, you can add more columns and add more details into your sale item. Create your ISP broadband invoice here.

Cable operator invoice format

Invoice format to send to bills to your cable customers. Perfect to capture your cable plan name and taxes. Along with each item, you can add more columns and add more details into your sale item. Create your Cable operator invoice here.

Tour and travels invoice format

Invoice format for tour and travel industry. Invoice format for Car and vehicle booking and ticket bookings & cancellations. Add booking and cancellation information in one invoice with taxes and customer information.

Consultants and freelancers invoice format

Easy to use invoice format for consultants and freelancers. Enter details like rate, hours, SAC code and final amount along with taxes. Send professional and personalized invoices to your clients.

Invoice format for housing society

Format made specifically for housing societies and trusts. Add multiple rows and columns to fit your current format and download the PDF.

New and updated help desk πŸ†˜β“πŸŽ―πŸ‘

We have gone live with our new and updated help desk with updated articles for our billing product. Check out our shiny new help desk and give it a spin.

Coming soon, a widget to access this help desk right in your Swipez application dashboard.

New invoice formats

We have introduced a more flexible invoicing system which allows you to configure columns in your invoice particulars as per your requirement

Add columns to your invoice items

Columns against invoice items or particulars help your customer to get more details of the goods or services you are billing them for. Out of the box we provide a list of columns which can be added and renamed to fit your business requirement

Invoice formats

Here are some sample invoices that can be made using the new invoicing engine.

Sales invoice format

ISP invoice format

ISP invoice format

ISP invoice format

Cable TV invoice format

Cable TV invoice format

Consultancy invoice format

Consultancy invoice format

Housing society invoice format

Housing society invoice format

Travel ticket bookings invoice format

Travel ticket bookings invoice format

Travel car booking invoice format

Travel car booking invoice format

Want to send an invoice using one of the above formats? Register and get started - click here

Manage your company expenses πŸ’΅πŸ’ΈπŸ‘

At the end of the month when your accountant / CA calls you. Are you scrambling for bills and invoices of payments made from your company account?

Expense management

Manage your expenses with ease using your Swipez account. Store inward invoices, categorize your expenses. Track payment status of your expenses and stay on top of your expenses at all times.

Invoices with part payment facility βž—πŸ’°πŸ’Έ

Large B2B invoices rarely get paid in full. Now raise an invoice of the full amount and allow your customer to make part payments. Set the minimum amount you want to be paid. For ex. If you are raising a β‚Ή2 Lac rupee invoice you can provide your customer an option making a part of β‚Ή 50k. Thus your invoice can get in maximum 4 parts.

Invoice raised with part payments will remain in your Swipez console till the invoice gets completely paid.