Swipez updates
Swipez updates

Precise booking details for your travel invoices


New Feature


Ensure error-free travel invoices with specific date and time details. Add date & time information using easy to use date & time picker for travel and hotel bookings.


Include further info pertaining to the different particulars by adding columns for Description and Information.


Quick payouts with UPI transfers


New Feature


Enable the UPI payouts in your Swipez account to effortlessly disburse payouts directly to beneficiaries' UPI IDs.


Bulk upload your beneficiary information via a simple excel import. You can add bank account details and/or UPI ID as per your requirements.

You can also disburse bulk payouts to different UPI IDs using APIs.


Ensuring prompt payouts has never been easier!

Bulk upload your customer data with ease




Upload your customer information with a simple excel import. Download the requisite data structure to capture the different details.


The downloaded excel sheet includes a sample sheet with illustrative examples for the different columns. Along with a comprehensive list of the countries, Indian states and Union Territories supported by Swipez's customer database.

New and improved invoice templates




Choose from a variety of customizable invoice templates to produce GST-compliant invoices. Each of these templates can be modified to suit your business needs. Add your logo, new fields and more.

image (3).png

image (7).png

Add & manage customer and billing details to ease GST submissions. Personalize your invoices with customizable colours, brand logo, and more.

image (8).png

Add international clients to your customer database


New Feature



You can now include customer details like state & country names along with international phone numbers.

screenshot-swipez.prod-2022.07.14-14_49_49.png You can bulk upload your customer data via a simple excel import. Or, opt for an API integration.

To know more about the countries supported by Swipez's customer database, read…

For more information about the Indian states and Union Territories, read…

Comprehensive reports on vendor commissions




Get detailed reports on vendor commissions disbursed through split payments on your different invoices.


Filter by date of invoice payment and payment status to suit your needs. The all-inclusive reports contain details like bill date, invoice amount, commission amount, merchant margin, and more.


You can also download a copy of the report with a simple excel export. Staying on top of your vendor payments has never been easier!

Customize items of sale inclusive or exclusive of taxes


New Feature


Add products to your invoices inclusive or exclusive of taxes as per your requirements. Personalize your billing & invoicing settings to include or exclude taxes on your products.


For example, if you choose to add a product exclusive of taxes, priced at ₹2,500 with an applicable GST rate of 12%. An invoice of ₹2,800 will be raised for the same.

Similarly, if you add a product inclusive of taxes, priced at ₹2,500 with an applicable GST rate of 12%. An invoice of ₹2,500 will be raised.


You can also opt to choose the inclusion or exclusion of taxes on your product when creating an invoice. A drop-down list in the Add particulars section of your invoice lets you decide as per your needs.

An effortless UPI payment experience for your customers


New Feature


Offer your customers seamless UPI payments across multiple operating systems and devices with a simple UPI integration powered by our payments partner Setu.


Your customers can conveniently choose from the different UPI apps installed on their mobile devices to make payments.

They can also scan the QR code from a desktop/laptop to select the UPI app of their choice.


UPI payments for business operations has never been easier!

Add company name to customer data




Company name has been added as a default field to your customer data structure. This will help to start capturing your client company name. You can customize the column name to suit your needs. For example, client company name, business name, party name, etc.


Filter and review your payment collections reports for invoices, estimates, and subscriptions with company name. Get a snapshot view of all your invoicing & collections reports for a company/client/business.

Can’t quite remember the customer name or the company name you want to take a look at? Not to worry, simply search for either and your listing will retrieve the related entry for you.

Staying on top of your business reports and managing customer data has never been easier

Bulk upload travel invoices


New Feature


Create and send travel invoices in bulk with a simple excel upload. You can download invoice templates that are industry-approved and tailored to the different travel & tour segments you cater to. Whether it is vehicle bookings, travel, or hotel bookings, we’ve got you covered with invoice templates custom-made for your requirements.

Add details for the different invoices like vehicle type, license number, duty slip numbers, applicable service charges, discounts, GST, number of rooms/units, and more as per your requirements. You can add personalized cancellation & refund policies along with additional facilities available for each invoice. Upload the filled excel sheet with the details and the invoices will be created & sent automatically as per your requirement!