Swipewell changelog
Swipewell changelog

Small improvements and bug fixes

  • ✨ Upload images when creating a swipe by pasting them from your clipboard
  • ✨ Swipe visible and swipe section from the extension now include the source url.
  • 🐞 Email swipes now correctly handles multiple forwarding addresses.
  • 🐞 We updated login syncing between the app and extension to be more reliable.

Copy Marketing Examples to your swipe file ✨




You can now copy any example for our Marketing Examples library to your swipe file with one click!

Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 11.10.37 AM.png

Improved onboarding 🧭




We've revamped the onboarding experience to make it easer to get up and running. Onboarding now includes pre-loaded introductory swipes and an onboarding wizard.

Frame 31.png

Swipe with precision using the browser extension 🪄




Select one of the following options based on what you'd like to swipe:

🔹 Swipe full page → Screenshot the entire page.

🔹 Swipe visible screen → Screenshot the visible portion of the page.

🔹 Swipe section → Select a specific element on the page to swipe.

Frame 20.png

With 'Swipe section', you can now swipe your favorite social posts across all platforms, save that cool hero section you saw last week, and so much more!

Bulk import swipes 📂




Quickly import up to 50 images with bulk imports! Drag-and-drop or select multiple images when creating a new swipe to start a bulk import.

Bulk apply tags, collections, and other info to quickly organize your swipes.

Bulk Imports.png

Tweet Swipes are here! 🐦




Swipe your favorite tweets with one click from the browser extension or the app.

Swiped Tweets.png

Edit swipes directly from the Chrome extension




You can now quickly edit swipes created with the Chrome extension. You can even create new tags and collections!


Email Swipes 📥




You can now automatically swipe your favorite emails by forwarding them to SwipeWell! Find your unique forwarding address in your account settings.


Chrome Extension




Swipe any website with a single click using our new Chrome extension 🎉 No more hassling with screenshots, managing files, or manually uploading.

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 2.24.40 PM.png

Download it on the Chrome Web Store!

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