View survey responses in Intercom conversations

You can now gain more insights into your users' survey responses – right from Intercom chat!

So far, you could start a new Intercom conversation upon receiving a text answer in your survey. Now with this feature enabled, you will be able to see all the responses given in that survey, preceding the open-ended question – all in Intercom window. That knowledge will help you to effectively follow-up with your respondent and quickly act upon the given feedback.

To set it up, choose the 'Start a conversation upon answer received' checkbox in the Intercom integration settings below an open-ended question in your survey.

590-05f4e70a0eb2c2ab4cdfd1bfb4c70801c0ebe5f6.png Sample Survicate survey answers in Intercom chat

image-6.png Intercom integration settings in Survicate panel