Survicate - Zapier integration goes live!

Survicate has become an official Zapier Partner, and we couldn't be happier about the new possibilities it brings. As of today, our Zapier integration is available to all users. This means that you can now connect Survicate with +1,000 apps and automate your day-to-day tasks.

Zapier is an easy automation tool for busy people. It lets you set up automated workflows called 'Zaps' that pass info between two or more apps – without any coding. All this means that you can connect Survicate with +1,000 apps, including, HelpScout, Pipedrive, SharpSpring, FreshSales, Zendesk, to name a few.

Automatically send new Survicate survey results to your email list, CRM, or wherever else as soon as they come in; or create new feedback notes in Feedback Hub from predefined sources, like Social Media channels, communication apps, and more.

Here are a few Zap templates that you can enable with just a click of a button:

1. Create Zendesk tickets from new Survicate survey responses

2. Create new Jira Service Desk requests from Survicate responses

3. Create or update customer profiles in from new Survicate responses

4. Update Pipedrive contacts with their Survicate survey responses

5. Create Trello cards from new Survicate survey responses

6. Create new HelpScout conversations from Survicate survey responses

7. Create Survicate Feedback Hub notes from new starred Slack messages

8. Create Survicate Feedback Hub notes from new mentions on Twitter

To discover more possible integrations, visit Survicate page in Zapier catalog, or read our Help Documentation.