Mobile SDK event listeners

From now on, our Android and iOS SDK users can listen to events occurring in the Survicate surveys, and trigger specific actions in their application based on the following events:

  • Survey displayed - occurs when the survey gets loaded and appears in the user's interface.
  • Question answered - this event is triggered after a response submitted to each question.
  • Survey closed - appears after the user closes the survey using the close button.
  • Survey completed - occurs when the user responds to their last question and therefore finishes a survey.

Mobile SDK event listeners allow you to:

  • set up custom integrations with their app analytics platforms such as Firebase or Amplitude,
  • create follow-up events after finishing a survey, e.g., providing a user with a promo code,
  • mark users that responded to specific surveys without the inconvenience of having to download data from our panel and feeding it into the app.