Improved ActiveCampaign integration

It's now easier to authorize & use Survicate – ActiveCampaign integration as we released an upgraded version of it!

The integration allows you to:

  • send survey answers to ActiveCampaign as specific profile properties, tags, and notes,
  • choose or create new properties and tags in ActiveCampaign right from the Survicate panel,
  • generate new leads in ActiveCampaign based on ‘Contact Form’ survey submission,
  • test the integration with the ‘Send sample data’ button.

With all of these, you'll be able to create automated campaigns based on survey responses as well as segment your email audience more effectively.

To enable the integration, head over to Settings -> Integrations, and pick ActiveCampaign from the list. Then, provide your ActiveCampaign credentials and click Authorize.

Read more HERE.


Sending responses to ActiveCampaign as tags & contact properties


Sample contact profile in ActiveCampaign enriched with the Survicate data