Improve your website & app constantly with Feedback Button!

Today we introduce you to Feedback Button – a lightweight, yet effective tool that let your users share ideas, bugs, or positive feedback on any page of your choice.

What's unique about Feedback Button?

  • It's probably the easiest way to track & improve your website experience and usability – set it up once and get the constant stream of actionable insights.
  • It's multilingual by design – questions can be displayed in your visitor’s browser language.
  • It allows you to monitor sentiment over time – track the performance of your website & app and gauge the impact your team makes with changes.
  • ...and in its current version, we give it to you for free!

The setup of Feedback Button is extremely easy – with our ready-to-launch template, you'll be good to go in a few quick clicks!

Read more here.

Improved ActiveCampaign integration

It's now easier to authorize & use Survicate – ActiveCampaign integration as we released an upgraded version of it!

The integration allows you to:

  • send survey answers to ActiveCampaign as specific profile properties, tags, and notes,
  • choose or create new properties and tags in ActiveCampaign right from the Survicate panel,
  • generate new leads in ActiveCampaign based on ‘Contact Form’ survey submission,
  • test the integration with the ‘Send sample data’ button.

With all of these, you'll be able to create automated campaigns based on survey responses as well as segment your email audience more effectively.

To enable the integration, head over to Settings -> Integrations, and pick ActiveCampaign from the list. Then, provide your ActiveCampaign credentials and click Authorize.

Read more HERE.


Sending responses to ActiveCampaign as tags & contact properties


Sample contact profile in ActiveCampaign enriched with the Survicate data

Email Survey Statistics

You are now able to see overall and over-time statistics of your launched email & link surveys. New metrics, such as survey completion rate, over-time summary, the number of responses & total views*, are available on top of the Survey Results page.

image (15).png Sample Email Survey Stats

*Views are based on the number of users who clicked on the survey link, and not just saw it.

Automatically sort mobile app reviews

You can now automatically categorize your mobile app reviews with Feedback Hub!


Use this feature to:

  • Divide all your reviews into positive and negative feedback
  • Search and quantify all your customer feedback within seconds


Embed a Smiley Scale Question inside your email!

You can now add a Smiley Scale Question to the body of your email! Measure the customer experience from within your email campaigns & newsletters and improve the completion rates of your surveys.

smiley-3.png Email Embedded Smiley Scale Question

You can also add a company logo in the 'Design' section of your survey and have it attached to the content of your email, too. How great is that?! :)

Klaviyo integration is here!

You can now update Klaviyo Subscriber profiles with survey responses! Collect feedback from within your email campaigns and save answers as Klaviyo properties or events under your contacts' profiles. Use this data to segment your audience more effectively and personalize future newsletters or e-mail campaigns.

The setup is extremely easy and takes only a few minutes. Integration works on a question level - you get to decide whether you want to push responses to a given question to Klaviyo or not. Also, you can choose existing or create new property fields right from the Survicate panel!

Sounds good? Read more here.

pasted image 0.png Setup of Survicate - Klaviyo integration

image (10).png Sending responses to Klaviyo as profile properties

Brand new Wordpress plugin

We've just released the new, improved version of our Wordpress plugin. It allows you to install the Survicate Tracking Code in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is add the plugin to your website by clicking HERE. Alternatively, click on the relevant button in Survicate and provide your workspace key. Both the button and the workspace key can be found in the Tracking code section of your Survicate panel. screen.png

Install Survicate with Segment

Connect Survicate to Segment within seconds and automatically install the Tracking Code on your website! Enable Survicate – Segment integration in Settings -> Tracking Code tab by pressing 'Install with Segment'. It's that simple!


The whole configuration process will happen in Surivcate panel, and you will be able to launch your website feedback surveys immediately after.

Also, Survicate - Segment integration will allow you to send user data from your Website and Apps to Survicate, or transfer survey responses to your other favorite tools. Read more HERE.

Transcribe your audio conversations in Feedback Hub!

Capture feedback effortlessly during calls with your customers using the Free Survicate Add-on! INSTALL HERE

Our Chrome Add-on allows you to record & automatically transcribe any online conversation in Feedback Hub, so you can stop wasting time on taking notes, and never miss any important insights.

How does it work?

  1. Click the 'Start Recording' button in Survicate Add-on when beginning a call. A text transcription will be saved in Feedback Hub almost immediately after your recording will end.
  2. The audio file with the full recording is automatically uploaded to your drive for future reference.
  3. You can use powerful Feedback Hub features to organize your feedback – add tags, highlight the most important parts, and share your findings with the rest of the team.

Survicate uses powerful machine learning from Google that supports +120 languages!

And if you've been already using our Chrome Add-on, there's no need to install it one more time. To enjoy new audio transcription feature – just clear your web browser cache!



Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 14.06.10.png

Survey webhooks

Use Survicate Webhooks to send automatically triggered notifications whenever respondents interact with your surveys. Webhooks are notifications that are triggered automatically when a specific event occurs, which in our case is a survey completion or an answer to a single question.

You can use Survicate webhooks to:

  • Create your own custom integrations with third-party software tools,
  • Send real-time survey data directly to your database

Here's our detailed instruction for developers on how to use our webhooks.

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 2.08.56 PM.png

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Survicate will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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