New MailChimp integration

Using MailChimp? You can now distribute your surveys among subscribers from a selected mailing list and send answers back to MailChimp. Collect feedback from within your email campaign and save responses as list fields, notes or tags under your contacts' profiles. Use this data to personalize future newsletters and e-mail campaigns.

You can pick specific mailing lists and choose existing or create new list fields, right from the Survicate panel.

Sounds good? Read more here.

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SAML authentication (enterprise-level security)

SAML SSO (single-sign-on) gives our customers a centralized and secure way of controlling access to their organizations. You can use SSO tools to manage accesses of your employees to various applications. For instance, with OneLogin's single sign-on portal, users only have to enter one set of credentials to access to their web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall – via desktops, smartphones, and tablets. This greatly increases productivity while keeping data secure.


SAML authentication was requested by our enterprise customers and we're happy we've made a major step forward in satisfying their needs.

Survey partial completion

Now, if a survey participant closes a web browser without completing the survey and then returns – he will start right from the question where he previously left off.

It is a significant improvement to the survey experience as, so far, it was impossible for a respondent to return to an unfinished survey.

New question types

Say hello to ranking and matrix questions! Starting today, when creating email or link surveys you can add two additional question types.

  • Select a ranking question, when you'd like your respondents to compare a list of items and place them in order, according to their opinions and preferences, like most/least favorite features or importance of different areas in your service or product.


  • Select a matrix question, when you'd like your respondents to evaluate different items using the same set of column choices. This question type is arranged like a table or grid.

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Downloading reports got easier!

You will now be informed by a notification bar when a CSV or XLS file is ready to download – right in the Survicate panel. The requested report can be downloaded with a single click, and you do not need to visit 'Survey results export' tab anymore.

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Website surveys response rate discrepancies

We've fixed an issue that caused your website survey response rate to be inaccurate. All surveys that used the exit-intent technology and scroll targeting were affected by this bug. In addition, there were some discrepancies in data sent to Google Analytics.

All of the issues mentioned above were resolved, current response rate stats are valid.

Website Surveys over-time summary fixes

We've fixed issues with the over-time summary of your website surveys data. After recent changes we made, you're now able to track the response rate your surveys achieved during the last 14 days.Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 1.43.08 PM.png

FullStory and SessionCam Integrations

You can now get a link to the user session during which the survey was submitted – right from the Survicate panel! Previously, you could find recording's URL only in downloaded CSV/XSL report, what was unnecessarily complicated. This has now been fixed!

Enable integration with your FullStory or SessionCam account to get a deeper understanding of your respondents' answers. Discover how they experience your site and uncover the why behind negative feedback.


New Analysis!

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re glad to announce major improvements to our current analysis tool. Head over to your analysis dashboard to see a whole new look and improved data visualization. And that's not the only change!

  • Text answers have now gained pagination option and flexible columns; and there's a new shiny word cloud, too!
  • Edit contact forms – decide which columns to display and change column width – all to increase data legibility.
  • NPS results can now be displayed over time by day, week, or month – discover trends and react to decline in NPS score faster!
  • Over time statistics for website feedback surveys on the top of survey results page – check survey response rate, completion rate, number of responses, and total views, within seconds.

This update is a huge shift that will shortly be followed by other positive changes to the Survicate panel. Stay tuned!

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Website feedback targeting changes

We no longer support website feedback surveys targeting based on Intercom segments. Please note– this applies only to web surveys that run with a tracking code installed, not to Intercom in-app surveys (which on the other hand, we highly recommend).

Maintenance of this feature was problematic both for us and you- our users. Now, if you'd like to target your surveys based on Intercom segments, tags or attributes, go with Survicate app for Intercom Messenger– it is the best working solution for such use case.

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