Email Reports moved to Survey Analysis

To make Survicate more intuitive for you, we moved email reports settings from Survey Creator to Survey Analysis Dashboard. Survicate.png

Please note that this change does not affect your currently enabled reports. You can learn more about email reports from this article.

Mobile Surveys in React Native apps

You can now install Survicate mobile SDK surveys in the React Native mobile apps! For more info – check out this GitHub page or contact our Support.

Mobile SDK event listeners

From now on, our Android and iOS SDK users can listen to events occurring in the Survicate surveys, and trigger specific actions in their application based on the following events:

  • Survey displayed - occurs when the survey gets loaded and appears in the user's interface.
  • Question answered - this event is triggered after a response submitted to each question.
  • Survey closed - appears after the user closes the survey using the close button.
  • Survey completed - occurs when the user responds to their last question and therefore finishes a survey.

Mobile SDK event listeners allow you to:

  • set up custom integrations with their app analytics platforms such as Firebase or Amplitude,
  • create follow-up events after finishing a survey, e.g., providing a user with a promo code,
  • mark users that responded to specific surveys without the inconvenience of having to download data from our panel and feeding it into the app.

Recurring website surveys

Create a website survey that your respondents can answer multiple times on a recurring basis.

Decide how often they should be able to retake the survey – daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You can manage and change these settings on a survey level in the tab 'How often this survey should be displayed?'.

This feature can be of use in various processes and research projects, such as:

  • conducting recurring NPS & CSAT surveys for constant support improvement,
  • collecting continuous website feedback for Growth-Driven Design,
  • tracking the overall user's sentiment,
  • understanding how the market changes the perception of your brand.

image (3).png Survey settings

Improved Drip integration

Drip - Survicate integration allows you to update Drip subscriber profiles with survey responses, so you'll be able to create automated campaigns based on Survicate data or segment your email audience more effectively. And now you can set it up in a few quick clicks.

The integration allows you to:

  • send survey answers to Drip as specific contact fields, tags, and events,
  • choose or create new contact fields and tags in Drip right from the Survicate panel,
  • generate new leads in Drip based on ‘Contact Form’ survey submissions, and assign them to email campaigns of your choice,
  • test the integration with the ‘Send sample data’ button,
  • save responses in Drip in real time – even if a user doesn’t complete the entire survey, we’ll still send the responses they do give.

To enable the Drip integration, head over to Settings > Integrations, choose Drip from the list, and provide the credentials of your Drip account.

Read more about Survicate – Drip integration in our Help Center article.

12.png Setup of Survicate - Drip integration


Sending responses to Drip as contact fields

8.png Sample subscriber profile in Drip enriched with the Survicate data

Survicate - Zapier integration goes live!

Survicate has become an official Zapier Partner, and we couldn't be happier about the new possibilities it brings. As of today, our Zapier integration is available to all users. This means that you can now connect Survicate with +1,000 apps and automate your day-to-day tasks.

Zapier is an easy automation tool for busy people. It lets you set up automated workflows called 'Zaps' that pass info between two or more apps – without any coding. All this means that you can connect Survicate with +1,000 apps, including, HelpScout, Pipedrive, SharpSpring, FreshSales, Zendesk, to name a few.

Automatically send new Survicate survey results to your email list, CRM, or wherever else as soon as they come in; or create new feedback notes in Feedback Hub from predefined sources, like Social Media channels, communication apps, and more.

Here are a few Zap templates that you can enable with just a click of a button:

1. Create Zendesk tickets from new Survicate survey responses

2. Create new Jira Service Desk requests from Survicate responses

3. Create or update customer profiles in from new Survicate responses

4. Update Pipedrive contacts with their Survicate survey responses

5. Create Trello cards from new Survicate survey responses

6. Create new HelpScout conversations from Survicate survey responses

7. Create Survicate Feedback Hub notes from new starred Slack messages

8. Create Survicate Feedback Hub notes from new mentions on Twitter

To discover more possible integrations, visit Survicate page in Zapier catalog, or read our Help Documentation.

Notifications for Feedback Button

Receive email notifications for every new Feedback Button response, or forward feedback to another channel of your choice, e.g., Slack or Zendesk.

Each notification contains both sentiment and text answer, plus an exact time and URL of the page from which the response was submitted.

When a respondent provides an email address, you will be able to reply to the feedback straight from the email inbox.

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 2.17.22 PM.png Feedback notifications settings in Survicate panel

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 2.23.22 PM.png Example of Feedback Hub notification

Score Over Time

You're now able to measure your website or app performance over-time. Launch Feedback Button to track overall sentiment through the chosen time period.


View survey responses in Intercom conversations

You can now gain more insights into your users' survey responses – right from Intercom chat!

So far, you could start a new Intercom conversation upon receiving a text answer in your survey. Now with this feature enabled, you will be able to see all the responses given in that survey, preceding the open-ended question – all in Intercom window. That knowledge will help you to effectively follow-up with your respondent and quickly act upon the given feedback.

To set it up, choose the 'Start a conversation upon answer received' checkbox in the Intercom integration settings below an open-ended question in your survey.

590-05f4e70a0eb2c2ab4cdfd1bfb4c70801c0ebe5f6.png Sample Survicate survey answers in Intercom chat

image-6.png Intercom integration settings in Survicate panel

Mobile Exit Intent Surveys

You can now display exit intent surveys to your web visitors on mobile devices!


Our newly released responsive web surveys detect your users' exit intent so that, just before they leave, you can gain insight into their experience with your site. It's the best moment to ask your clients why didn't they settle the payment or left a cart.