Jump to Intercom user profiles right from Survicate and more!

🔥 You can now visit Intercom user profiles straight from Survicate and get a timestamp of the last survey response in Intercom.

Here's what's new in the Survicate ➕ Intercom integration:

1️⃣ If your survey has an open-ended (text) question, and the respondent answers it, you can jump to the respondent's Intercom user profile straight from Survicate.

To use this feature, head over to Aswers from the main dashboard, find the right text response and click the View Intercom profile button.

Intercom profile.gif

2️⃣ You can send a date of the last survey response to Intercom user profiles and company profiles as an attribute.

response date.png

To use this feature, please reauthorize the Intercom integration in the Integrations tab in Survicate.


These are the names of the date attributes Survicate sends to Intercom:
survicate_last_response_date for user profiles
company_survicate_last_response_date for company profiles

🚀 These minor yet potent improvements make the Survicate and Integration integration even slicker! Here's how you can use them:

  • View Intercom user profiles and get a full picture of the user experience.
  • Detect how customer feedback relates to the rest of the customer experience.
  • Use timestamps of survey responses to trigger automated outbound communication in Intercom (emails or in-app messages).

🎥 Get FullStory enterprise for free! Survicate has now a native, free, no coding required integration with FullStory.

🎉 We're introducing a new, improved Survicate and FullStory integration. You can set it up in one quick click, and it’s free!

💰 And there’s a special offer on FullStory for Survicate users. Get free access to FullStory enterprise account for 30 days which means 150,000 sessions of data you get for free!

📹 The new integration between Survicate and FullStory lets you:

  • Watch session recordings associated with the corresponding survey responses.
  • Send survey responses to FullStory as events and use them as filters.
  • Conveniently access users' latest survey responses from FullStory user profiles.

✅ Survicate works with all key FullStory products such as Conversion by FullStory, Heatmaps, FullStory session recordings as well as FullStory events and user profiles.

With Survicate and FullStory working together, you’ll be able to:

  • Detect how NPS scores affect conversion rates
  • Create segments of users at risk of churn so you can prevent it
  • Trigger in-product or website surveys when users perform a specific action
  • Speed up resolution time by seeing for yourself what users experienced
  • Visualize what’s the experience like for happy customers and unhappy ones
  • And more!

🔌 To enable the integration, head over to ⚙️Integrations in the upper right corner of the Survicate panel, find FullStory on the list and click enable.

See our support article for more information on how the integration works.

🚀 Send survey responses to ActiveCampaign without leaving AC

🎉 We're introducing a Survicate & ActiveCampaign native app. You can now set up the Survicate integration without leaving ActiveCampaign!

🎁 Survicate is one of the very first tools to be featured in ActiveCampaign’s native app ecosystem. And here’s what it’s in it for you!

Before: You could only integrate ActiveCampaign with Survicate through a direct integration. You would set it up from the Survicate panel.
Now: Apart from the old method, you can also use a brand new native app integration which is a simplified version of the integration. It lets you:

• Log in to your Survicate account and connect the integration directly inside ActiveCampaign
• Access a list of Survicate surveys from within ActiveCampaign
• Set up your standard and custom field mapping for your survey responses
○ Send survey responses to the ActiveCampaign contact record and contact fields
• Create new contacts or update existing ones based on survey responses right inside AC


💰And there’s more. Survicate users can now get a special offer on ActiveCampaign! Sign up to secure up to $5,000 USD worth of free discounts and services, including a 2nd-month free offer of ActiveCampaign.

Email notifications improved

📬 From today, you can trigger email notifications based on two events.

Before: Email notifications were only sent if a survey was completed in full.
Now: You can receive email notifications when a survey is completed in full or when the Contact Form question is submitted, or both.
Benefit: You have the freedom to choose when to receive email notifications and can follow up with new leads easily.
Coming up soon: Sending email notifications when a specific survey answer is given or when the respondent has specific attributes. 🔥

To use this feature, head over to Survey settings and click on Email notifications at the bottom.


⚒️ We're constantly working to improve your Survicate experience, so stay tuned!

Match Salesforce objects by email

☁️☁️ From today, Salesforce integration users can match objects by email.

Before: Until today, you were only able to send survey responses to a Salesforce object if you knew its unique object ID.
Now: You can send survey responses to Salesforce objects (Contacts, Opportunities, Leads) based on the email field.
Benefit: You can map survey data to multiple Salesforce objects at once.

🚀 This minor yet potent improvement makes the Survicate & Salesforce integration even slicker! Read more on the integration here.

Restart a website survey immediately after its completion

Since today you can keep on displaying your website survey to visitors who have already completed it and let them take it multiple times. You will find it useful when collecting continuous feedback about particular parts of your app or marketing communication.

To turn it on, go to your survey settings and choose Repeat > Instantly option in the 'How often should this survey be displayed?' section.


Sending NPS values to Google Sheets

Survicate - Google Sheets integration has been improved, so that responses to the NPS question are now sent as numerical values (0-10), not as text answers (promoters, passives, detractors).

Read more about the Google Sheets integration here.

Email Reports moved to Survey Analysis

To make Survicate more intuitive for you, we moved email reports settings from Survey Creator to Survey Analysis Dashboard. Survicate.png

Please note that this change does not affect your currently enabled reports. You can learn more about email reports from this article.

Mobile Surveys in React Native apps

You can now install Survicate mobile SDK surveys in the React Native mobile apps! For more info – check out this GitHub page or contact our Support.

Mobile SDK event listeners

From now on, our Android and iOS SDK users can listen to events occurring in the Survicate surveys, and trigger specific actions in their application based on the following events:

  • Survey displayed - occurs when the survey gets loaded and appears in the user's interface.
  • Question answered - this event is triggered after a response submitted to each question.
  • Survey closed - appears after the user closes the survey using the close button.
  • Survey completed - occurs when the user responds to their last question and therefore finishes a survey.

Mobile SDK event listeners allow you to:

  • set up custom integrations with their app analytics platforms such as Firebase or Amplitude,
  • create follow-up events after finishing a survey, e.g., providing a user with a promo code,
  • mark users that responded to specific surveys without the inconvenience of having to download data from our panel and feeding it into the app.