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Intercom integration


You can now embed single and NPS questions into your Intercom messages and emails and have answers integrated into respondents' Intercom profiles. Have a look at our refreshed integration page here.

What to expect in upcoming weeks

Coming up next

Soon you can expect quite a few updates:

  • Revamped lead alert and visitor profile page.
  • Question templates for new survey types.
  • Recording answers to multiple Google Analytics trackers.
  • Geckoboard integration.
  • Option to survey visitors multiple times with the same survey (!).
  • JavaScript API.
  • Feedback widget reporting and Slack integration.
  • Ability to run multiple surveys on the same page with different triggers (!).

If you feel like there is something missing here, we would love to hear your feedback - your requests are far more important than our ideas.

New survey types already available!


If by any chance you missed our latest update, here's a reminder. From some time now you are able to gather website feedback and customer insights with 5 different tools available in your Survicate account:

  • Targeted surveys - your most advanced tool to actively survey website visitors;
  • Feedback widget - so far available as an add-on, will soon get a huge makeover;
  • Full page surveys - now you can send anyone to a survey page that is easy to fill out and get high response rates.
  • NPS email surveys - add an NPS question to emails to measure attitude towards your brand.
  • One-Click email surveys - ask a simple question in your emails to make it super easy for your customer to respond + add follow-up questions to get into details of their choice.

To check those new products out, just press '+' button on your dashboard.

We would love to hear your feedback regarding recent changes and any ideas on how to improve our services to bring you more value - just give us a shout on our chat. 

Thumbs up for Survicate!


Last winter we have been named a High Performer in G2 Crowd Survey Report. Please support our efforts to maintain this rating by reviewing Survicate here. We had the highest ratings in terms of quality of support, which was super rewarding for us, and we really hope we deserved to repeat that this year. Thank you!

Email one-click surveys

Coming up next

In few days we will be releasing a possibility to create a survey you can email to your customers. They will be able to answer the first question inside your email with a single click, and then will be redirected to a landing page with follow-up questions, calls to action and/or a 'thank you' message. Please drop us a line to share your thoughts about this feature.

Create cookie - step in logic


You can now create additional cookies for your visitors as a step in your survey logic - different cookies for different answers. This new step allows to set up a cookie name, value, expiration time and next step.

Mobile preview width


We have improved the preview of your mobile survey - now it better resembles how the survey will look like on your mobile in vertical view.

Form placeholder position on click


When filling out a contact form, now a placeholder will move above a field border on field click - previously it was happening when a visitor started typing.

Submit button for single choice question


We have removed Submit button from single choice (radio) question initial appearance - answers can be submitted with a single click. It does appear if a visitor chooses an answer with additional comment enabled. 

Lead alert - 'reply to' address


Now, when getting a Lead Alert to your inbox, you can reply directly to your new contact. If you are not familiar with the lead alert concept, you can read more here.

TL;DR - you can choose to receive notifications to your inbox, every time someone fills out your contact form. The email contains new contact's details as well as a link to his profile.

Inviting users - bug fixed


Several users reported issues with inviting users to domains. We have investigated that deeply and fixed it. Go on, invite your colleagues - remember, on the Professional plan there is no limit.

New fields in the contact form


We have added several new contact fields to your lead forms, so you can collect more information about your leads - they are accessible through lead alerts and profiles.

More overlay settings


You can now choose to keep the attention grabbing overlay around your survey even when a visitor has engaged with the survey. The option is accessible in your survey Design section.

Export to Excel - now directly to XLS file


We are super happy to bring you often requested feature - you can now fetch your raw survey data as XLS file. This is especially great news for those of you having issues with CSV formatting. Simply use XLS button in your survey setting and you will get a download link via email.

As far as this part of Survicate is concerned, for future improvements we do plan to implement direct download within your dashboard.

American Express payments


We have introduced payments with Amex cards. If you have used PayPal to proceed payments with Amex, you can now upgrade your payment information.

Optimizely integration - collect feedback about experiment variations


From today you can easily collect feedback about variations of your Optimizely experiments. This is especially useful for website with low or moderate traffic, where it takes a lot of time to collect experiments' results of any significance. To find out more about benefits of such integration check out our latest blog post here.

With Optimizely integration enabled you have additional options available when creating visitor segment. By filling out Experiment ID and Variation name in Optimizely section, you will survey only those visitors that have seen a given experiment variatio. Details about how to enable the integration in this Knowledge Base article.

Save your questions


When creating a question you can now save it in your Question Library. To do it just tick a checkbox saying 'Keep in Library'.

Your question will be available under 'My Questions' category in the Question Library.

Act-On integration


We are close to be integrated with all leading marketing automation solution. This time we're giving you an integration with Act-On. When enabled, leads collected with your contact form will be pushed to Act-On list of your choice. The integration takes literally few seconds to enable.

You can find detailed instruction here.

Empty contact forms are now hidden


If you're collecting contact information from your visitors you've probably seen a lot of empty fields while analyzing your survey. We've just improved analysis so that you'll only see information that are relevant. All empty fields are no longer displayed. 

New survey segment selection


We have removed a glitch that caused random segment selection when creating a new survey - new surveys are now being targeted at all visitors on default.

Email reports are back


Temporary issue with email reports has been fixed. We have added tests to avoid those problems in the future.

Design - mobile preview


We have increased the width of our mobile survey preview so that it could show how your surveys should really look on mobile phones.

Vero integration - segment your contacts better


Yet another integration - this time with Vero – an email platform with automated workflows and advanced segmentation capabilities. You can read about possible benefits and how it works in this blogpost. Information on how to enable the integration can be found here.

Woopra integration


We have deployed a new integration with Woopra. It allows you to send collected responses to Woopra and use it for analysis or to trigger events in other applications. You can find more use cases on their blog.

To find out more about how to configure the integration, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Navigating got easier


We've recently upgraded header menu, making it easier to navigate through Survicate. Menu is now divided into four elements: 

  • Domain list
  • Recent changes
  • Subscription
  • Settings

By clicking on Subscription menu you may check your current plan limits and update your billing information within seconds. 

Settings menu is more dynamic now. If Survicate is not installed properly, you will be informed that your attention is needed. We also made it easier for you to quickly reach the most important sections of Survicate settings. 

By clicking on Survicate logo, you may return to dashboard of your account.

Integrations - exclude questions


Now, when integrating with Intercom, Hubspot and Vero you can exclude chosen questions from being integrated.

Optimization update


For the past recent weeks we have been optimizing Survicate's performance. Changes have been deployed few days ago, the app got faster and stable - as you can see in the picture.

We are already using our new, fast and super-scalable database - Cassandra - for targeting purpose and new visitors' data. Old data is being migrated and it will take around 2 more weeks to finish. Once it's done, you will be able to generate survey reports in a blink of an eye.

Feedback tab - pages targeting


When deciding on where your feedback tab should and should not be available, you can now choose the same rules as when targeting your surveys.

Advanced mode


Questions and answers tagging option has been hidden under 'Advanced mode' addon - you can find it in Domain settings - Integrations & Addons. We have decided to do it, so that new users won't be distracted by too many options.

Long sign-in time fixed


We hope you noticed the time of signing in has been significantly decreased - this is one of many improvements you can expect in upcoming weeks as far as performance is concerned.

Improved targeting for Single Page Apps


Now all rules of targeting in 'Where should the survey appear' section work with SPA - you don't need to choose SPA specifically.

Database upgrade - maintanance break


On 25th Feb at 9PM UTC/GMT we will be conducting an upgrade of our database - expect around 2 hours break in Survicate access. We apologize for inconvenience.

Intercom integration announcement


We are working on integration with Intercom - if you are interested in early access, please give us a shout.

New Design is here


We are happy to annouce the new widget design is here. Along with the new design comes new section for managing it and additional positioning options. Press the 'magnifying glass' icon to see how it has changed. We hope you like it!

New design announcement


We are happy to announce that we are in the final phase of implementing a brand new design of our widgets. For custom color scheme we will automatically inherit colors of fonts, backgrounds and buttons.

With the new design, come a couple of new features:
  • Questions with smiley answer
  • Centered widget
  • Top of the page positioning
  • Contact form security note with a 'lock' icon
  • Horizontal version for mobile
  • New, easier to manage Design section

If you have been overwriting our CSS, please be informed that widget class names will be changed - please let us know if you need additional reminder just before the transition will take place.

We hope you will like what we have prepared. Stay tuned for more new features coming up.

New page targeting options


Page targeting has been moved from the first to the third tab in widget settings - we have gathered all targeting options in one tab. Now it's easier to set up your page targeting. More info here.

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