Notifications for Feedback Button

Receive email notifications for every new Feedback Button response, or forward feedback to another channel of your choice, e.g., Slack or Zendesk.

Each notification contains both sentiment and text answer, plus an exact time and URL of the page from which the response was submitted.

When a respondent provides an email address, you will be able to reply to the feedback straight from the email inbox.

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 2.17.22 PM.png Fedback notifications settings in Survicate panel

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 2.23.22 PM.png Example of Feedback Hub notification

Score Over Time

You're now able to measure your website or app performance over-time. Launch Feedback Button to track overall sentiment through the chosen time period.


View survey responses in Intercom conversations

You can now gain more insights into your users' survey responses – right from Intercom chat!

So far, you could start a new Intercom conversation upon receiving a text answer in your survey. Now with this feature enabled, you will be able to see all the responses given in that survey, preceding the open-ended question – all in Intercom window. That knowledge will help you to effectively follow-up with your respondent and quickly act upon the given feedback.

To set it up, choose the 'Start a conversation upon answer received' checkbox in the Intercom integration settings below an open-ended question in your survey.

590-05f4e70a0eb2c2ab4cdfd1bfb4c70801c0ebe5f6.png Sample Survicate survey answers in Intercom chat

image-6.png Intercom integration settings in Survicate panel

Mobile Exit Intent Surveys

You can now display exit intent surveys to your web visitors on mobile devices!


Our newly released responsive web surveys detect your users' exit intent so that, just before they leave, you can gain insight into their experience with your site. It's the best moment to ask your clients why didn't they settle the payment or left a cart.

A new look of email-embedded single selection question!

From today you can enjoy a refreshed look of a single selection question embedded inside an email!


Use this awesome-looking single selection as the first question in your next email survey, and distribute it with your favourite email marketing tool. Make sure that the survey fits your branding – you can now choose a custom color and add a company logo, too!

Improve your website & app constantly with Feedback Button!

Today we introduce you to Feedback Button – a lightweight, yet effective tool that let your users share ideas, bugs, or positive feedback on any page of your choice.

What's unique about Feedback Button?

  • It's probably the easiest way to track & improve your website experience and usability – set it up once and get the constant stream of actionable insights.
  • It's multilingual by design – questions can be displayed in your visitor’s browser language.
  • It allows you to monitor sentiment over time – track the performance of your website & app and gauge the impact your team makes with changes.
  • ...and in its current version, we give it to you for free!

The setup of Feedback Button is extremely easy – with our ready-to-launch template, you'll be good to go in a few quick clicks!

Read more here.

Improved ActiveCampaign integration

It's now easier to authorize & use Survicate – ActiveCampaign integration as we released an upgraded version of it!

The integration allows you to:

  • send survey answers to ActiveCampaign as specific profile properties, tags, and notes,
  • choose or create new properties and tags in ActiveCampaign right from the Survicate panel,
  • generate new leads in ActiveCampaign based on ‘Contact Form’ survey submission,
  • test the integration with the ‘Send sample data’ button.

With all of these, you'll be able to create automated campaigns based on survey responses as well as segment your email audience more effectively.

To enable the integration, head over to Settings -> Integrations, and pick ActiveCampaign from the list. Then, provide your ActiveCampaign credentials and click Authorize.

Read more HERE.


Sending responses to ActiveCampaign as tags & contact properties


Sample contact profile in ActiveCampaign enriched with the Survicate data

Email Survey Statistics

You are now able to see overall and over-time statistics of your launched email & link surveys. New metrics, such as survey completion rate, over-time summary, the number of responses & total views*, are available on top of the Survey Results page.

image (15).png Sample Email Survey Stats

*Views are based on the number of users who clicked on the survey link, and not just saw it.

Automatically sort mobile app reviews

You can now automatically categorize your mobile app reviews with Feedback Hub!


Use this feature to:

  • Divide all your reviews into positive and negative feedback
  • Search and quantify all your customer feedback within seconds


Embed a Smiley Scale Question inside your email!

You can now add a Smiley Scale Question to the body of your email! Measure the customer experience from within your email campaigns & newsletters and improve the completion rates of your surveys.

smiley-3.png Email Embedded Smiley Scale Question

You can also add a company logo in the 'Design' section of your survey and have it attached to the content of your email, too. How great is that?! :)