Zendesk distribution

You can now evaluate and elevate your Support Team using surveys for Zendesk.

Simply create a new survey and choose Zendesk as a provider, and we will provide you with additional data about respondents, such as name and email. We capture them using Zendesk-aware links, so you can see how every person answered and act on feedback immediately 😃


Google Analytics improvements

Since we care about your GA stats, we have decided to mark 'Seen survey' event as non-interaction one. Now, survey loading on your website won't affect your bounce rates, enabling you to get more accurate qualitative insights from Analytics.

Google Sheets integration is here!

You can now send responses in real-time to a specific sheet of your choice. Each column there will present one survey question, and respondents' answers will appear in the rows.

Integration allows you to:

  • Connect Google Sheet to data visualization apps like Google Data Studio or Geckoboard to create interactive dashboards & beautiful reports based on data from multiple surveys

  • Easily access & share your survey's real-time data.

Enable this integration to access new ways of organizing and analyzing survey results. Read how to authorize it on your account in this article.


Sending NPS values to Intercom as attributes

It’s become possible to send specific 0-10 NPS answers to Intercom and save them as attribute values on user profiles. So far you could categorize NPS answers into promoters, passives, and detractors. But there's a difference between score 1 and 6, and we know it. Now you can get deeper insights into your users by saving NPS data in Intercom the way you want it- both options are available.

Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 20.52.25.png

New questionnaire released!

You can now create beautiful, animated and responsive questionnaires with a new modern theme. Increase response rate by providing a better survey experience for your respondents. It's more than the look- check all new features here.


Now, not only is completing a link survey accompanied by a smooth animation, but respondents have an option to return to a previous question, too. To turn this option on, simply tick 'Enable navigation' checkbox in a 'Design' tab.

Questionnaires on mobile devices are now responsive and better designed. When the question with all possible answers does not fit into the screen, the respondent will be navigated by animated arrows to see the rest of the options.


Last but not least, emoji scale has replaced old smiley faces. Eventually, it's 2018! :)

Go through a sample questionnaire and explore the features of the modern theme here.

Targeting based on website visitors' attributes

You can now target your surveys based on custom attributes of your website visitors. Attributes are any pieces of information you know about a respondent that contain a name and a value. You can use custom attributes to survey a specific group of visitors, i.e.:

  • to run NPS among those, who made a purchase in your store,
  • to display a survey to potential customers who have been qualified as high-quality leads.

Attributes can be included in data export- we will send it along with answers from a specific person. It means that you can analyze data from answers based on demographics, department or type of company they work in.

To use attributes in your surveys, you need to paste an additional code right before regular Survicate tracking code. You can read more about this in our Knowledge Base article. Custom attributes targeting can be set up in the 'Who should see your survey?' tab.

Presenting improved Intercom integration

We're happy to announce the new version of surveys for Intercom Messenger App. Easier installation, NPS without a 'Submit' button and the possibility to add a comment section- these are just some of the changes. Read more here!


Setting up Intercom integration

You can now easily set up your integration starting from Intercom App Store with our step-by-step instructions. We promise- it's flawless!

If you'd like to install it now, go to the Intercom App Store.

Surveys for Intercom Messenger App

While creating next survey for Intercom Messenger App, choose this new option in 'Select survey distribution channel' window. Please note that you will not find surveys for Intercom Messenger App in our templates library.

Screenshot 2018-10-23 at 18.14.43.png

We significantly improved the survey experience for your respondents by making follow-up questions appear twice as fast as they did before. To increase survey completion rates, we got rid of unnecessary submit button on the NPS question.

With this new version, it has become possible to add a comment section next to the single answer selection and multiple answer selection questions.

Also, you can decide whether a survey should be refreshed in Intercom Messenger App to respondents, who already completed it.

Is this the best Intercom integration on the market?

We really think so! :)

And if you're already using the previous version of Intercom integration, do not worry- surveys work in the same way they used to. However, we highly recommend you to switch to the updated version at the first opportunity you have.

Preview your survey in an e-mail

Preview the first question of your survey embedded into an e-mail right in the 'Design' tab and the survey templates library!
We've added two new views to both sections so whether you decide to create a link survey from scratch or choose one from our collection of templates- you can see immediately how they will look in an e-mail and on a survey page.

Zrzut ekranu 2018-10-22 o 19.52.10.png

Mandatory questions released!

From now on you can make questions mandatory. This option is available in the following question types: text answer, date and in a contact form. Just tick 'Make answer to this question mandatory' under the question of your choice.


Google Analytics improvements

You can now send Survicate data to multiple GA trackers. Also, we allow you not to send the open-ended answers to Google Analytics.

Sending data to multiple trackers

Since now in Edit of your GA integration you can choose whether you want to send data to all available trackers, or choose specific trackers to feed with data. Screenshot 2018-10-17 at 10.35.12.png

Google Analytics GDPR compliance

Basing on your feedback, we added an option to choose whether you want to pass text answers to GA inside survey settings: Screenshot 2018-10-17 at 10.38.04.png

Thank you very much for helping us improve!

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