Billing email

Set a billing email on your account, so that our receipts can be automatically sent to your billing department:

Billing dashboard

You can now see your billing information like payment method, subscribed services and past payments from your dashboard:

Bulk export jobs

Select more than one job to export, and receive a zip file containing all of them.

Filtering jobs

You can now filter your Review Scraper API jobs in the dashboard.

Adding Gartner & IT Central Station

You can now scrape reviews from Gartner and IT Central Station.

Google Playstore reviews

We now support Google Playstore reviews, eg:

Add queries / place IDs via dashboard

You can now also add Google queries and place IDs via the dashboard, making it incredibly easy to scrape reviews without code.

List all jobs (and specific job)

We have added the ability to list all your existing jobs via API, as well as information for a specific job. This works across all our APIs, for example:

Add URLs from the dashboard

We've added the ability to add URLs from the dashboard (for the Review Scraper API), so it's easier than ever for you to get the reviews you need.

Note that this only works for URLs at the moment, not query or place_id parameters.

Apple Appstore reviews

Scrape Apple Appstore reviews, for example: