Jobs endpoint parameters

We have added a number of parameters to the GET /jobs endpoint, to allow you to filter jobs by:

  • from_date
  • crawl_status

We have also added pagination for those users who have many jobs and were experiencing latency issues.

BookATable support

We now support syncing reviews from

Influenster support

We now support syncing reviews from

Google Shopping reviews

Yearly subscriptions

Subscribe to a yearly plan for 10% off!

Job groups

We've added job groups to the Review Scraper API to make it easier to manage groups of profiles as one.

Brand Audit API is now the Local NAP API

We have renamed the Brand Audit API to Local NAP API, to make the naming more intuitive. NAP is an industry term used to refer to Name, Address and Phone number for a given business.

As part of this update, the previous API endpoints have been renamed, but we have ensured backwards compatibility on the old endpoints so no action is required on your part.

Add review profiles in bulk

We have added an endpoint for you to add review profiles in bulk, instead of iterating over them. This is particularly useful if you are submitting thousands of profiles at a time.

Check reviews in the dashboard

We've added a dedicated page for each Review Scraper API job, so you can see the resulting reviews directly from the dashboard.

Billing email

Set a billing email on your account, so that our receipts can be automatically sent to your billing department: