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Auto-update on macOS


Suparise is now released as identified macOS developer

New releases are notarized by Apple before distribution


  • Preparing macOS notarization
  • Improved build config


  • Email notification update (about improvable targeting)
  • Removed useless files
  • Wording edits
  • Better catch of invalid emails (Mailgun)
  • Added Tax IDs from Stripe on account page


  • User Timezone management
  • Subscription status for already subscribed users
  • Optimizing app builds


  • Login page error message, fixed
  • Display toast when logged out
  • Improved invalid credentials message
  • Activity page shows more precise items
  • macOS update detection
  • Text edits & fixed typos
  • Avoid double notifications inside the app


  • Improved discount code management (new coupons can be created and detected without updating the app)
  • Improved logs
  • Activity rate update


Better detection of username change


  • Improved logs
  • Welcome modal window with instructions
  • Cancel subscription: delays the actual cancellation (users can still use the app until the end of the paid period)