Payments on the managed service,, starts this month, November. Here are a few things you should know:

  • For new signups, there will always be a one month free trial to play around the service with no limitations.
  • Billing will be on the last day of every month based on the number of events consumed for the month as detailed in pricing. You will be sent an invoice 2 days earlier to remind you and let you know the expected charge. This will also allow you decide if you want to pay or not.
  • You can always cancel your subscription anytime. Once canceled, you will not be charged for that month and henceforth, but your domains will also stop receiving events from Mailgun. You can always resubscribe to get your domains enabled again. If you resubscribe outside the month you cancelled, you will be charged for events used in the month you cancelled. What this means is if for example you cancelled on May 20 (having used 5k events) and resubscribed July 3, you will immediately be charged for the pending 5k events for May. (July’s charge will then come on the last day of July).
  • Once cancelled, events for your domains will still be available for 30 days. This is so in case you change your mind. After that, they will be completely removed from the service. Your profile and domains will still be available though. You can completely remove your account from your settings page on Suet.
  • Payments on Suet is powered by Stripe, a leader in online payments. No card details is communicated with or stored on the Suet server. Stripe takes care of this securely.
  • If for any reason you think you deserve a refund for any of your payments, kindly send a mail to or a tweet to @suet_co. It will be promptly addressed.