Subtext release notes
Subtext release notes

The New Modalities of Scene Structure





This week we added the ability for you to check out the Modalities of Scene Structure at the Signpost Storybeat level. Previously, this feature was reserved for Sequence-level and Scene-level Beats only (Variations and Elements for you diehard Dramatica aficionados 🤓). By opening these up, writers can now take advantage of intelligent guidance at the Act-level of their story.

Fortunately, turning these on meant taking a step back at some of the Modalities and re-wording them to be more evocative of creative storytelling.


PRCO, or Potential-Resistance-Current-Outcome, seems to carry with it an implicit sequence of events. The Potential comes first, then the Resistance, which results in a Current (or Conflict), which then ends up in an Outcome.

PRCO is not sequential, it is spatial.

To head off eventual assumptions and mis-understandings before they happen, we rolled PRCO back to the original 1.0 version of Dramatica terminology to PRCP--essentially, reverting the last one, Outcome, to Power.

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 4.42.52 PM.png

Watch video on the Modalities of Scene Structure - PRCP


In addition to tagging Storybeats with PRCP, Subtext also signals the Material "make-up" of each Beat with intelligent interpretations of knowledge, thought, ability, and desire. Originally, these were:

  • knowledge was Situation
  • ability was Activities
  • desire was Way of Thinking
  • thought was Fixed Attitudes

We changed them to:

  • knowledge is Situation
  • ability is Activity
  • desire is Mentality
  • thought is Stance

We may change that last one, but for now, we find it more conducive to brainstorming ideas (and more oppositional to Situation) than simply another "Fixed Attitude."

More on these in future updates.

If you have any questions about any of these changes, please let us know.

Enjoy! 😃