Stream release notes
Stream release notes

Route planning, order management & delivery tracking updates and new iOS App









September sees updates to Stream’s route optimisation, order management and delivery tracking for customers. Read on to learn more


Route optimisation & planning

  • Add an option to the ‘Delivery List’ to include space for a picker, checker and driver signature when printing from Advanced Planning
  • Add a setting to start runs with zero (0) weight and cube for companies that collect and deliver goods on the same run
  • Fix an issue with the dates being set incorrectly set in the Runs search when changing Depot in Advanced Planning
  • Notify planners of variances to expected collection quantities
  • Rename ‘Retailer’ to ‘Partner’ in unplanned search filter to be in line with other screens.

Order management

  • Prevent orders being created with no consignment ID
  • Improve handling of intermittent alternative country code on orders
  • Fix issue where orders can’t be created if an order exists with no consignment ID
  • New column to upload one or more services (separated by a colon).

Customer delivery tracking

  • Improvements made to character handling in customer tracking screen messages.

Mobile app

  • Updated iOS version of the driver’s mobile app available
  • Allow barcode scanning from within Scan Enquiry and rename the ‘Add Note’ option to ‘Add Location’
  • Notify planners of variances to expected collection quantities
  • Minor fix to barcode scanning functionality
  • Screen titles updated to aid clarity when marking items as delivered
  • Resolved known issue with item split.

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Improved Order Items Visibility & Ability to Scan Alternative Barcodes





Stream’s August release includes the ability for subscribers to scan alternative barcodes, improved deport scanning and a greater level of item visibility in the customer tracking link.

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Visibility of ‘Items to Follow’ through the customer tracking link

For split deliveries, a customer can now see details of items on an order which may not all be being delivered at the same time directly on their tracking link.

The new ‘Del Date’ column in the ‘Items’ list on the customer tracking link has been added to display this information and can have three formats:

  1. Planned
  2. Unplanned
  3. Delivered

Alternative barcodes

Alternative barcodes can now be assigned to a product.

This is useful when the same product can have multiple SKUs, for example, where different suppliers or partners assign different SKUs to a single product.

When the item is scanned on or off a vehicle, the driver can scan any of the barcodes assigned to a product via the Stream mobile App, so that the correct goods are recognised.

This ensures when these products are delivered using the App that the alternative barcodes can be recognised during the scanning process.

Depot scanning

In the Driver App, when Depot scanning there is now a “Scan by Stop” option, so an operative can scan packages onto the vehicle based on their location sequence.

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Tractor & trailer route planning and Unleashed integration amongst new updates





Our product release for July 2021 includes a major new feature to enable the planning of up to three assets in Stream, for example, a tractor and trailer unit, and/or a loader crane.

We’ve also released a new integration for Unleashed, a leading inventory management software application aimed at manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

See the full release here

New integrations & more





There are now more ways than ever to integrate with Stream, with two new integrations added to the Stream ecosystem:


Zapier connects thousands of apps into automated workflows that work for you.

You can now connect your Stream and Zapier accounts to automate the process of bringing orders into Stream from other applications on the Zapier platform, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and more.


TN360 is an AI-powered telematics platform from Teletrac Navman.

Get telematics data about your vehicles directly in Stream. Use TN360 for deeper insight into your logistics and field operations, fleet compliance, asset management, and driver safety.

We have been integrated with Teletrac Navman’s other telematics product, DIRECTOR, for a number of years and the integration is a natural progression for new and existing Stream subscribers.

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Subcontractor assignment





Using subcontractors in Stream Stream now has a new feature that makes subcontracting your deliveries and/or collections a breeze.

Define your subcontractors in Stream, communicate with subcontractors to assign them to any particular job, and update delivery information directly in Stream.

Learn more about Subcontractor assignment

Customise reason for delivery status





Customise reason for delivery status

When a delivery is marked as delivered or part-delivered in the app, the driver has the option to provide reasons from a list, including ‘Posted through letterbox’ or ‘Left with neighbour’

For users that have access to the recent Settings function, you can now customise the list of reasons available to your drivers on the app.

Some existing options may not be relevant to all businesses. For example, when delivering pharmaceuticals, ‘Left with a neighbour’ is not suitable but you can now set your own reason options to make them relevant to your operation. Reasons notes will appear as Order events once used by the driver.

Learn more about customising the reason for a delivery status

Product maintenance updates





Product maintenance updates

This release sees a number of updates to Stream’s product maintenance functionality, including:

- Additional product classification icons

New icon options have been added for managing products, Product classification icons give you an easy visual of the classification of products on an order. You can now choose from 30 different icons.

- Hide for partners

The ‘Hide for partners’ checkbox enables you to decide whether or not partners are able to view and select this specific product. This may be useful in the case of services or add-ons that partners do not need to view.

- Scan not required

The ‘Scan not required’ checkbox enables you to make scanning not a mandatory requirement at the point of delivery. This again would be useful in the case of services (like fitting or set-up) that should be performed at delivery but do not require a barcode scan. It could also be useful for goods that don’t have a barcode attached at all.

- Product type

The ‘Product type’ dropdown allows you to associate different services with a specific product. This may be useful for adding safety tests like PAT or LOLER, or for adding a service or a quote to the product.

- Storage type

The ‘Storage type’ dropdown allows you to add storage specifications to specific products. This can be set up to require different signatures from different people based on the storage type selected. For example, controlled substances or temperature requirements may require a separate signature.

Learn more about the updates to product maintenance

Notes to drivers





Notes to drivers

Give access to attachments to the driver as images or pdf documents. Attachments can be linked to the order via the API and notes can be added to Order. In the driver app, any delivery with attached notes for the driver will display an icon, and the driver can download/view the note. This gives the driver visibility ahead of time if there is any specific instruction attached.

These notes could include instructions on how to find a specific building or gain entry to the delivery point.

Learn more about passing on notes or documents to the drivers app

Highlight related jobs





Highlight related jobs

Collections and deliveries that are associated with one another can be more easily viewed on the map within the Advanced Planning module.

Related jobs are defined in Order Details and could include:

  • A delivery associated with a specific collection
  • Multi-leg deliveries associated with a collection
  • Planners can easily view the related stops or jobs in the Advanced Planning map view.

This makes it easy to see where a vehicle is expected to be visiting on any particular run.

Just hover over any ‘collection’ pin (orange by default) in the Advanced Planning map and a pink line will appear, linking to any related ‘delivery’ pins, and vice versa.

Hovering over any pin in the Advanced Planning map will open a simple tooltip box where you can view more details about that job.

Information about related jobs is also available in Order Details.

Learn more about highlighting related jobs

Map-based progress monitor





Map-based progress monitor

As well as the progress monitor, you can now view the vehicles currently out for delivery/collection runs in a map view.

See all vehicles in a single map screen, with colour-coded pins, so you can tell at-a-glance the status of all runs. Vehicle pins indicate:

  • Green: that particular run is on-time
  • Amber: the run is slightly behind schedule
  • Red: the run is significantly behind schedule.

Colour-coding makes it easy to spot potential issues, and contact the driver and/or customer to quickly resolve them, or to proactively communicate when a delivery is likely to be behind schedule.

Hover over the vehicle pins to get more information on the status of the run. Learn more about the map-based progress monitor