Stream release notes
Stream release notes

September 2022 Release


Septembers release includes the ability to exclude orders in planning which have no ‘Required Date’ set, an all-new export option from the Order Monitor screen and a number of improvements to the API for integrations.


Runs & Planning


Exclude Orders with No ‘Required Date’ in Unplanned list




We’ve now added the ability for you to exclude orders which have no ‘Required Date’ in the unplanned list of the ‘Advanced Planning’ screen so that you can focus your attention on orders which do have required dates and may be considered more urgent.

Changing Resources on a Completed Run Warning




We’ve added a warning which appears when trying to change the resource on a completed run.


Users & Drivers


Prevent Removal of Own ‘Users & Drivers’ Menu Item




We have made it so users who have access to the ‘Users & Drivers’ option in the main menu, can no longer accidentally remove their own access to this page in Custom Settings, as it prevents the user from being unable to reinstate their own access.

Admin users can still choose which other users are able to access the Users & Drivers screen in the main menu.




Order Monitor Export




We’ve added an ‘Export’ button on the ‘Order Monitor’ screen based on the filters selected.

This can, for example, be used to show deliveries that have failed on a particular day. To see this information, select Search > choose a planned date then select Status – Delivery failed > Activate Search > Export.


Driver Debrief Report




We’ve made some improvements to the Driver Debrief Report.




Driver Notes via Solutions API




We’ve made improvements to include driver notes in Solutions API Allocations.


Item Collection/Delivery Status in the Public API




We’ve added the item collection/delivery status to ‘Order GET’ in the Public API


Unleashed: Updates for Partner Orders




We’ve added an option to send updates to Unleashed for partner account orders.




Update Vehicle Analytics Table in Stream Analytics




We’ve improved Stream Analytics to update the Vehicle Analytics Table when the driver details are changed in Stream.


General Updates and Fixes



  • Continued security and performance enhancements

  • Add new fields to Location popup for specific interface

  • Resolved occasional issue with duplicate profiles preventing login

  • Resolve issue with events for Logistics consolidated stops in the Stream mobile app

  • We’ve resolved an issue with item notes appearing on the Route Manifest Report

  • We’ve fixed issues that were occurring when updating driver notes via Public API


For more information on any of the above please contact

August 2022 Release

Learn more about the August release here.

Order Management

Cancel multiple orders at the same time in Order Search




Cancel multiple orders at the same time from the Order Search screen to stop this having to be done on an order-by-order basis. You can now simply select multiple orders (using Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click combinations) and then click ‘Actions’ followed by ‘Cancel’ to cancel multiple orders at once.

Remove order date filter if no results found in Order Search




We’ve added a button to allow the quick removal of the order date filter, if no orders are found for the default selected date range (today to 3 months prior). This is to prevent you having to perform a manual adjustment to the filter to see your orders should there be no orders appearing for the default filter.

When uploading orders, the Confirm Orders screen is now skipped when ‘auto-confirm’ is enabled




Previously users would be shown the unconfirmed orders list in ‘Order Search’ after a successful upload, even when ‘auto confirm’ had been selected. We’ve fixed this function so that if ‘auto-confirm’ is selected, users will not see the unconfirmed orders screen following their upload.

Order Monitor tooltips now showing the original planned ETA




We’ve updated the tooltip which appears when hovering over the ETA on the ‘Order Monitor’ screen to show the original planned ETA of the collection/delivery.


Add option to default usual driver in Solutions API




If you don’t send a driver through as part of the API call, this new update can allow you to default the driver based on the ‘usual’ driver of the vehicle in Stream. (Specific to the Solutions API)

Unleashed integration




Added the ability to receive orders into a single Stream account from multiple Unleashed accounts

Runs & Route Planning

Extra validation to stop a departed run being opened




We’ve added a validation check so that Stream will check if a run has departed and if it has, will not allow it to be opened in planning.


Option to ‘Opt out’ of notifications enabled in Logistics variant of Stream




For companies using the Car Transport & Logistics variant of Stream, we have now added the ability to opt your customers out of receiving email and SMS notifications from Stream, based on their preferences. This functionality is already available to other Stream users and the option to opt out of notifications can be updated by clicking ‘Edit’ on the delivery location details on an order.


Add ‘Area of Operations’ to settings




If your operation spans multiple countries, you can now edit your ‘Area of Operations’ to add or remove additional countries. The ‘Area of Operations’ settings are visible by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘General’, where you can then add/remove the relevant countries as needed, but these will only be visible to users that have requested access to the ‘Area of Operations’ settings.

General Updates and Fixes



  • Updates to the Order Details screen (v 1.0.7)

  • Removed unnecessary logging when a ‘trunk run’ is selected in Planning

  • Messages maintenance – initial release

  • Logging added for ‘Run Departed’ in the Stream mobile app

  • Improve integration error logging

  • Resolve issue with zero (‘0’) values in filters

  • Check history events completed under ‘required time’ not being logged

  • Resolve occasional reCAPTCHA warning on login

  • Added custom export format for specific Stream interfaces.

For more information on any of the above please contact

July 2022 Release

Live From: Wednesday 20th July 2022  

July's release includes new functionality in Stream Analytics, as well as updates to Order Management and the Stream mobile app.


Drop-based reporting in Stream Analytics




There is now the ability for Stream Analytics subscribers to report on Drops, on top of the existing reporting for individual stops, on any run in Stream Analytics.


Drop-based performance analytics gives you the ability to perform your business analysis on a delivery by delivery (drop by drop) basis, as well as an order by order basis.


Order management



  • Tooltips now show estimates in 'Order Monitor'
  • New Return to Depot setting default
  • New setting for notes privacy level
  • New setting for auto confirm.


Stream mobile app



  • We've added additional validation in Scan on Container and provide further information in 'Scan Off Container'.


General updates & fixes



  • New setting to change label depot codes
  • Add automatic confirmation option to Logistics based order upload
  • New setting to upload logo for tracking and POD
  • Improve performance of the stop summary report
  • Fix to service level saving
  • Remove duplicate email sent when requesting password reset
  • Improvement to internal logging review screen
  • Do not show header dropdown and FAQ icon on change password screen
  • Remove unnecessary alert emails
  • Resolved issue with negative check times
  • Add loading screen when saving new vehicle check type
  • Beta function to allow editing of email content
  • Updates to new Order Details screen
  • Resolve printing error with custom product label
  • Resolve issue with Tracking ID filter option in Order Search
  • Use vehicle details when determining if check completed too quickly.


For more information on any of the above please contact

June 2022 Realease:

June’s release includes additional functionality across Stream Go, Check and Turn. Read on to learn more about this month’s release.


Run completion & driver debrief report




The eagle eyed amongst you will have seen that this particular feature release was mentioned very briefly last month. Here’s a more in-depth explanation of these new reports.

When a particular run has been completed, it is now possible to create a pdf report, which provides information on the events for each stop on that run and list any items that have been returned and showing any issues with that particular run. You’ll be able to access and run the report from Action/Print list in the Selected Run section of Advanced Planning. The report is intended for your internal use and is available for delivery/collection runs only.

The report will give details of a run with the following information:

  • Summary of the route/depot/ number of stops etc.
  • Planned and actual start and end times
  • Number of deliveries completed
  • Variance between planned and actual time
  • Details in stop order of planned slot /actual time, order number and customer
  • Details of breaks:
  • Whether the order was Delivered/ Delivered with Issues / Failed / Collected / Missed etc.
  • Details of the items to unload with the reason for return
  • If it was a collection, a list of the items collected will be provided
  • Late times will be shown in red and anything other than a status of Delivered/Collected in full will be shown in red.



Barcode scanning exceptions report




We’ve added a new report which details all non-scanned items following loading of a vehicle by delivery route/run.

Your warehouse supervisors and / or transport planners will find this new report particularly useful for quickly seeing any expected items which were not scanned on to a run so they can take appropriate action to investigate the reason, organise alternative goods, or informing the customer service team etc.

A new ‘export’ option has been added to the Advanced Planning screen. This will be available for a single run or a selection of runs by selecting the export option against either a ‘Selected Run’ or against the ‘Run List’ which can be filtered as required.

The export will be valid for selection against both trunk and delivery runs. We expect subscribers will predominantly use this new export against all runs (routes) for a depot after loading has finished.


Order management & Proof of Delivery app & documentation



  • We’ve added an option to only send one email per address on ‘Run Depart’
  • Show driver notes on the Logistics POD document
  • Add new search option for tracking ID
  • Include location reference in address matching for Final Mile containers..


Labels & delivery manifest



  • You can now change the logo on the portrait label based on a specific depot or business partner
  • Subscribers can now include the number of boxes on the delivery manifest / list print.


Stream Check now in Spanish



  • We’ve added Spanish to the list of languages drivers can conduct their walkaround checks & report defects in the mobile app and desktop. Check subscribers can now operate in French, German and Spanish.


General updates & fixes



  • Resolve issue with adding users for subcontractors
  • Include item data on run upload export
  • Resolved the issue with removing contact details from partner accounts
  • Improved label type descriptions
  • Added search type options to header bar search
  • Added ‘single depot user’ functionality to Depots
  • Drop based changes to enhance Stream Analytics reporting
  • Added a button to access Turn (our commercial vehicle turn-by-turn GPS navigation app) from the drivers mobile app menu
  • Resolved time zone issue with scanning events
  • Drivers’ mobile app login improvements
  • Resolved issues with edit option for click through from ‘Advanced Planning’ screen to ‘Vehicle Details’
  • Allow job list to be printed for multiple delivery / collection runs
  • Solutions API fix added
  • Allow longer driver notes in ‘Order Upload’
  • Delete open runs option made not available to users without required authority
  • To aid performance, Stream does not show vehicle location data by default on the map
  • New function to allow editing of email content added
  • Resolve occasional issue with confirm and next option
  • Resolve issue with map pin popup after adding to a run
  • Resolve issue with new line handling in Order Search email popup
  • Resolve issue with walkaround checks under minimum time events not being logged.


For more information on any of the above please contact

May 2022 Realease: FAQs, Performance Upgrades and Order Management Improvements






With performance upgrades, new user guides & FAQs and order management improvements among this month’s release, read on to learn more about what we’ve added in May 2022.


User guides & FAQs


  • To help all our subscribers get the most out of Stream, we’ve now added a link to our FAQs in the header bar of Stream. We’ll be adding more and more FAQs and help guides into this particular section over time.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the question mark next to the main menu for quick access to the FAQs and user guides



Server & Hardware Upgrades

  • This month we’ve upgraded our servers and the associated hardware we use to support them.
  • This is a big part of our continued investment in Stream
  • These upgrades will help with the performance of the system moving forward


Order management & item consolidation

  • Ability to record ‘Number of Boxes’ against a product in Stream to make it clear how many boxes need to be loaded and delivered per product and therefore how many labels will be printed from Stream. The number per product will appear on the existing ‘Pick List’ document so it is clear to the loading team how many boxes should be loaded (for instance if the total boxes to load is two of a particular SKU and that SKU comes in four boxes then the number of boxes would be eight)



  • Driver debrief report added.


General updates & fixes

  • Resolve issue with position of events section for certain orders

  • Show error if session expired

  • Do not show suspended drivers or disposed vehicles in search filters

  • Extra options for Job List print.

  • Add document specific sections in Documents settings.

  • Optimised the size of the submitted checklist data via the app.

  • Corrected checklist validation on submit via the app.

  • Corrected checklist mandatory photo icon in the app.

  • Add Delivery Slot generation options in Planning settings


For more information on any of the above please contact

April brings amongst others: driver compliance documents, service level pricing and Stream Check available in even more languages.






Service level pricing

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the functionality we have around job pricing, costs (i.e. costs to you as a business) and charges (i.e. applied to your customer for delivery) in Stream.

With this release, we now have the ability to take into account charges associated with any service level assigned, for example an order requiring a two-person lift, and price that order accordingly.

Opt-in or out for order & delivery tracking

When placing an order with you, your customers may opt-out of receiving tracking information via email or text message.

We’ve now added an option in the ‘Location Details’ screen to tick opt-out of notifications against the mobile number and against the primary email.

Route optimisation & planning

  • We’ve added the ability to view run capacity percentage in Advanced Planning
  • Do not show unplanned orders when accessing ‘Advanced Planning’ from ‘Vehicle Monitor’ *
  • New delivery run container type enhancements added for final mile container build
  • Display map traffic for in progress runs update. *

Brightpearl integration

  • Updated the way notes are imported into Stream through the Brightpearl integration to prevent the creation of duplicate text.

Veeqo integration *

  • Stream now has the ability to pull in the cube value of a product from Veeqo, which is especially useful if you want to use cube as a basis for load planning.

Unleashed integration *

  • Check for alternative statuses when bringing orders in from Unleashed.

Users and Settings

We’re adding new ways for our subscribers to manage their own accounts more easily and effectively. In April, we’ve added the options for authorised users to:

  • Manage service codes
  • Manage planned time slot window
  • New setting to show counts on labels
  • Enable depot barcode scanning.

Reporting & notifications

  • Amendment to one of the picklist reports in Stream to not show items for collection on the picklist
  • Email notifications per Check Type.

Order management & item consolidation *

Over the coming month’s we’ll be working with subscribers to migrate to our new ‘Order Details’ screen, which makes it easier for you to take advantage of consolidated items.

Driver compliance documents *

You can now ask your drivers to acknowledge that they have read and agree to compliance documents of your choice such as Health and Safety policies, Anti Discrimination and Anti Bullying etc.

Vehicle management

  • Resolve issue with cancelling bookings when disposing of a vehicle

General updates & fixes

  • Minimum 12 character password length introduced to comply with cyber security requirements
  • Changes to Logistics-based tracking screen to handle Stream delivery groups
  • Allow emailing of group based tracking link for Logistics based tracking screen *
  • Changes to a label format to highlight the postcode
  • Add optional new fields to label print
  • Change how information popups are loaded to improve performance
  • Show email formats in Message Preferences*
  • Resolve walk around check type text overlapping on Check report export document
  • Remove duplicate user type in ‘Custom Settings’ popup
  • Performance improvements made to the ‘Order Search’ screen
  • Resolve issue with certain dates in order upload
  • Resolve issue with special character validation
  • Resolve issue with partner access in Logistics based group tracking screen
  • Set the completed date for collection orders in the order management module
  • Removed unnecessary logging in vehicle management screen to improve performance
  • Remove unnecessary message when saving a user that hasn’t been changed
  • Resolved issue with handling large weights and rounding calculations in Advanced Planning *
  • Change to customer specific pricing process.

* Denotes update available in the 30th April release

Learn more

Introducing Turn, our commercial vehicle specific GPS navigation mobile App. We’re also releasing enhancements to existing features based on subscriber feedback.






Turn – HGV navigation

We’re very excited to announce our brand new, vehicle-specific mobile navigation app, Turn.

Turn is available to Stream users and is provided as an add-on to your existing Stream subscription.

Stream vehicle dimensions are pulled into Turn as soon as your driver presses the ‘Route’ button in the Stream Mobile App.

Turn has been designed to give your drivers routes that are suitable for the type of vehicle they are driving, taking into account live traffic.

Locations can be configured via Stream to set waypoints and points to avoid, to help guide drivers safely to their destination.

Turn is currently only available to existing Stream subscribers using Android devices.

Driver mobile App & barcode scanning

  • Show Route info on Container details popup
  • Option to scan by package ID only and ignore product barcodes
  • Option to disable Delivered with Issues option on the App.

Integrations & API

  • Enhancements to the ‘method’ defaulting in Solutions API to enable multiple depot routing
  • Unleashed integration country setting.


  • New job list report setting to hide name and driver notes added
  • Alternative picklist ordered by item location
  • New Order book setting to show total number of items/consignments on each run.

General updates & fixes

  • Improvements to message preferences setup in ‘Settings’
  • Alternative login screen enhancements added
  • Enhancements to new account creation.

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Improvements to vehicle & order management modules plus Teletrac Navman integration enhancements.






Vehicle management

We’ve added a new option to show a warning against a vehicle if a booking (service, inspection, MOT etc.) due date has been missed.

Order management

  • Changed the location of ‘Search Active’ message in Order Monitor
  • Enable latitude and longitude coordinates to be pasted in the ‘Locations’ popup
  • Default miscellaneous goods (item code MISC) in logistics order upload
  • Allow depot to be included in logistics order upload
  • Provided an alternative ‘Logistics Order List’ report.

Product management

  • Add product range field to Products.

Route optimisation & planning

  • Display future collections on the map
  • To help improve performance, route GPS locations data is not be shown by default
  • Improved mobile number validation.


Teletrac Navman

We’ve had an integration with Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR telematics & driver behaviour product for a number of years. Late last year, we also introduced an integration with their AI-based product, TN360.

Further enhancements to the DIRECTOR integration have been released this month.

Until this release, integration was very much a one-way process with information being ‘pushed’ from DIRECTOR into Stream, including vehicle GPS locations and some driver behaviour data. Now, subscribers will be able to pass information from Stream into DIRECTOR about individual stops on a run to Teletrac Navman’s in-cab devices.

Driver’s mobile App

  • We’ve added French and German language versions of the Stream Check mobile App for capturing walkaround checks and reporting defects.
  • Show Route info on Container details popup
  • App password security improvements.

General updates & fixes

  • Add a Setting to set ‘from name’ for email and SMS text messages
  • Move all settings related to documents and reporting to the ‘Documents’ section
  • Additional licence option available in user driving licence configuration
  • Resolve issue with spacing in emails from ‘Order Search’ screen
  • Custom electronic POD order summary added
  • Enable run report button after validation
  • Captcha security update included.

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A new year and a host of new releases including improvements to our route planning functionality plus new options for vehicle, order & depot management (& much more)






Route optimisation & planning

  • Changed the default for the Autofill ‘Add Nearby Stops’ option to off
  • Total deliveries when calculating weights on route tooltip
  • Rename ‘None’ to ‘No Max’ in Autofill maximum duration dropdown

Depot management

  • Provided a screen to maintain Stream depots, methods and stock locations.

Vehicle management

  • An option to sequence list by vehicle name in ‘Vehicle Details’ module has been added


  • Message based info in the ‘Delivery List’ report have been added.


  • Allow Unleashed Sales Orders to trigger the creation of Stream orders rather than shipments

General updates & fixes

  • Resolve issue when scanning recently added items, in the mobile app
  • Resolve issue with online depot scanning progress updates, in the mobile app
  • Logging in locations popup has been reduced
  • Added a documents description in Settings.
  • Check that an order is linked in Unleashed when processing
  • Resolve some orders not created from Xero
  • Issue with events section refresh handling has been resolved
  • Resolve issue with displaying long user IDs in ‘Check By’ column (vehicle management)
  • Resolve issue with totals on job list report
  • Include comma separator for large weights and cubes.

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December brings pallet / container build and mobile app enhancements & more







  • Added an option to hide certain sections of the tracking screen.

Order management & Proof of Delivery

  • For subscribers using the ‘Logistics’ configuration, the ePOD summaries can now show the customer name for each signature.

Integrations & API

  • Updates to the existing Unleashed inventory management integration to update the Sales Group in Unleashed.

Mobile app for drivers

  • Add option to show total stop weight in the stop list

Turn mobile GPS app

  • For each delivery/collection location, waypoints and points to avoid can be recorded via the locations map. These can be used to aid in-cab navigation when using the Turn app.

Container / Pallet building

  • Final mile container building improvements.

General updates & fixes

  • Fix issue with signatures / photos not appearing on Stream Forms.
  • Beta release of address uploading function
  • Correct scrolling and grouping issue in ‘Scan by Stop’ in the mobile app for drivers.

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