Stream release notes
Stream release notes

Route planning, order management & delivery tracking updates and new iOS App









September sees updates to Stream’s route optimisation, order management and delivery tracking for customers. Read on to learn more


Route optimisation & planning

  • Add an option to the ‘Delivery List’ to include space for a picker, checker and driver signature when printing from Advanced Planning
  • Add a setting to start runs with zero (0) weight and cube for companies that collect and deliver goods on the same run
  • Fix an issue with the dates being set incorrectly set in the Runs search when changing Depot in Advanced Planning
  • Notify planners of variances to expected collection quantities
  • Rename ‘Retailer’ to ‘Partner’ in unplanned search filter to be in line with other screens.

Order management

  • Prevent orders being created with no consignment ID
  • Improve handling of intermittent alternative country code on orders
  • Fix issue where orders can’t be created if an order exists with no consignment ID
  • New column to upload one or more services (separated by a colon).

Customer delivery tracking

  • Improvements made to character handling in customer tracking screen messages.

Mobile app

  • Updated iOS version of the driver’s mobile app available
  • Allow barcode scanning from within Scan Enquiry and rename the ‘Add Note’ option to ‘Add Location’
  • Notify planners of variances to expected collection quantities
  • Minor fix to barcode scanning functionality
  • Screen titles updated to aid clarity when marking items as delivered
  • Resolved known issue with item split.

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