Stream release notes
Stream release notes

Product maintenance updates





Product maintenance updates

This release sees a number of updates to Stream’s product maintenance functionality, including:

- Additional product classification icons

New icon options have been added for managing products, Product classification icons give you an easy visual of the classification of products on an order. You can now choose from 30 different icons.

- Hide for partners

The ‘Hide for partners’ checkbox enables you to decide whether or not partners are able to view and select this specific product. This may be useful in the case of services or add-ons that partners do not need to view.

- Scan not required

The ‘Scan not required’ checkbox enables you to make scanning not a mandatory requirement at the point of delivery. This again would be useful in the case of services (like fitting or set-up) that should be performed at delivery but do not require a barcode scan. It could also be useful for goods that don’t have a barcode attached at all.

- Product type

The ‘Product type’ dropdown allows you to associate different services with a specific product. This may be useful for adding safety tests like PAT or LOLER, or for adding a service or a quote to the product.

- Storage type

The ‘Storage type’ dropdown allows you to add storage specifications to specific products. This can be set up to require different signatures from different people based on the storage type selected. For example, controlled substances or temperature requirements may require a separate signature.

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