Stream release notes
Stream release notes

October Release brings Tracking ID’s and more to Stream




Order tracking IDs, weights & cubes in Advanced Planning and improvements to order management & the mobile app for drivers amongst new releases in October.

Tracking ID

We’ve responded to the changes from channels such as eBay and Amazon’s updated ‘ship confirm’ requirements which require a shipping service provider and tracking ID during the ship confirm process of seller-fulfilled orders.

Order management

  • Added a new setting to control the default ‘From’ order date in Order Search
  • A new optional setting to highlight in planning when notes have been imported into Stream by showing the ‘info’ icon orange
  • Further update to new Order details
  • Now possible to capture more information, attachments or photos relating to a Location
  • Change to customer specific validation for partner orders.

API integration

  • New API endpoints added for route planning integration
  • Ensure parent and child items are deleted together
  • Increase maximum length of ID fields in Solutions API
  • Accept time on site in Solutions API

Mobile app

  • Show vehicle payload capacity for a particular delivery / collection run on the Stream mobile App
  • Depot scanning now has a “Scan by Stop” option to scan packages in location sequence.

Reporting and Monitoring

  • Added a setting to show requested date on the label for a specific customer order type
  • Enable users to download reports in csv or xls format
  • Fix delimiter issue when exporting as csv
  • Enable filtering by depot on the Vehicle Monitor and add click from a Vehicle through to Advanced Planning.

General updates, fixes & security improvements

  • Updated and changed the access path for event processing
  • Additional settings to limit depot visibility for a ‘Single Depot’ user profile
  • Minor fix to barcode scanning functionality in the mobile app regarding unable to select items as delivered
  • Fixed issue with duplicated driver documents in the mobile app.

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