Stream release notes
Stream release notes

Improved Order Items Visibility & Ability to Scan Alternative Barcodes





Stream’s August release includes the ability for subscribers to scan alternative barcodes, improved deport scanning and a greater level of item visibility in the customer tracking link.

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Visibility of ‘Items to Follow’ through the customer tracking link

For split deliveries, a customer can now see details of items on an order which may not all be being delivered at the same time directly on their tracking link.

The new ‘Del Date’ column in the ‘Items’ list on the customer tracking link has been added to display this information and can have three formats:

  1. Planned
  2. Unplanned
  3. Delivered

Alternative barcodes

Alternative barcodes can now be assigned to a product.

This is useful when the same product can have multiple SKUs, for example, where different suppliers or partners assign different SKUs to a single product.

When the item is scanned on or off a vehicle, the driver can scan any of the barcodes assigned to a product via the Stream mobile App, so that the correct goods are recognised.

This ensures when these products are delivered using the App that the alternative barcodes can be recognised during the scanning process.

Depot scanning

In the Driver App, when Depot scanning there is now a “Scan by Stop” option, so an operative can scan packages onto the vehicle based on their location sequence.

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