Stream release notes
Stream release notes

December brings pallet / container build and mobile app enhancements & more







  • Added an option to hide certain sections of the tracking screen.

Order management & Proof of Delivery

  • For subscribers using the ‘Logistics’ configuration, the ePOD summaries can now show the customer name for each signature.

Integrations & API

  • Updates to the existing Unleashed inventory management integration to update the Sales Group in Unleashed.

Mobile app for drivers

  • Add option to show total stop weight in the stop list

Turn mobile GPS app

  • For each delivery/collection location, waypoints and points to avoid can be recorded via the locations map. These can be used to aid in-cab navigation when using the Turn app.

Container / Pallet building

  • Final mile container building improvements.

General updates & fixes

  • Fix issue with signatures / photos not appearing on Stream Forms.
  • Beta release of address uploading function
  • Correct scrolling and grouping issue in ‘Scan by Stop’ in the mobile app for drivers.

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