Stream release notes
Stream release notes

April brings amongst others: driver compliance documents, service level pricing and Stream Check available in even more languages.






Service level pricing

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the functionality we have around job pricing, costs (i.e. costs to you as a business) and charges (i.e. applied to your customer for delivery) in Stream.

With this release, we now have the ability to take into account charges associated with any service level assigned, for example an order requiring a two-person lift, and price that order accordingly.

Opt-in or out for order & delivery tracking

When placing an order with you, your customers may opt-out of receiving tracking information via email or text message.

We’ve now added an option in the ‘Location Details’ screen to tick opt-out of notifications against the mobile number and against the primary email.

Route optimisation & planning

  • We’ve added the ability to view run capacity percentage in Advanced Planning
  • Do not show unplanned orders when accessing ‘Advanced Planning’ from ‘Vehicle Monitor’ *
  • New delivery run container type enhancements added for final mile container build
  • Display map traffic for in progress runs update. *

Brightpearl integration

  • Updated the way notes are imported into Stream through the Brightpearl integration to prevent the creation of duplicate text.

Veeqo integration *

  • Stream now has the ability to pull in the cube value of a product from Veeqo, which is especially useful if you want to use cube as a basis for load planning.

Unleashed integration *

  • Check for alternative statuses when bringing orders in from Unleashed.

Users and Settings

We’re adding new ways for our subscribers to manage their own accounts more easily and effectively. In April, we’ve added the options for authorised users to:

  • Manage service codes
  • Manage planned time slot window
  • New setting to show counts on labels
  • Enable depot barcode scanning.

Reporting & notifications

  • Amendment to one of the picklist reports in Stream to not show items for collection on the picklist
  • Email notifications per Check Type.

Order management & item consolidation *

Over the coming month’s we’ll be working with subscribers to migrate to our new ‘Order Details’ screen, which makes it easier for you to take advantage of consolidated items.

Driver compliance documents *

You can now ask your drivers to acknowledge that they have read and agree to compliance documents of your choice such as Health and Safety policies, Anti Discrimination and Anti Bullying etc.

Vehicle management

  • Resolve issue with cancelling bookings when disposing of a vehicle

General updates & fixes

  • Minimum 12 character password length introduced to comply with cyber security requirements
  • Changes to Logistics-based tracking screen to handle Stream delivery groups
  • Allow emailing of group based tracking link for Logistics based tracking screen *
  • Changes to a label format to highlight the postcode
  • Add optional new fields to label print
  • Change how information popups are loaded to improve performance
  • Show email formats in Message Preferences*
  • Resolve walk around check type text overlapping on Check report export document
  • Remove duplicate user type in ‘Custom Settings’ popup
  • Performance improvements made to the ‘Order Search’ screen
  • Resolve issue with certain dates in order upload
  • Resolve issue with special character validation
  • Resolve issue with partner access in Logistics based group tracking screen
  • Set the completed date for collection orders in the order management module
  • Removed unnecessary logging in vehicle management screen to improve performance
  • Remove unnecessary message when saving a user that hasn’t been changed
  • Resolved issue with handling large weights and rounding calculations in Advanced Planning *
  • Change to customer specific pricing process.

* Denotes update available in the 30th April release

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