Statusbrew updates
Statusbrew updates

New! Publish Posts Directly To Instagram With Statusbrew! 🎉

After a long, long wait, we're very excited to let you know that direct Instagram publishing is now available on your favorite social media management platform.

From your Statusbrew app, you can now upload a photo or a video, and post or schedule it to Instagram directly — just like you publish your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn content.

The new update is now live, and once you log in to your Statusbrew app, you'll be greeted by a banner on your Statusbrew Home asking you to refresh access to your connected Instagram business profiles.


Once you refresh access, you'll be able to auto-publish to Instagram from your Compose window.


And that's not it. We're bringing some more new features such as Auto-post First Comment, User Tagging & Location Tagging to enhance your Instagram publishing experience with Statusbrew.

Learn more about Instagram Direct Publishing with Statusbrew.