Statusbrew updates
Statusbrew updates

Introducing Instagram Hashtag Feeds (Experimental)

Using Statusbrew's Instagram Hashtags, you can get live updates of all the activity happening around your target hashtags. All the latest Instagram posts for your target hashtag are segregated automatically into a separate feed for better navigation.

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Use Instagram Hashtag Feeds to,

Monitor Your Community

Create hashtag feeds for your branded hashtags & keep an eye on Instagram post captions for brand engagement opportunities.

Repost User Generated Content (Coming Soon)

Create meaningful connections with your audience by reposting user-generated images and video posts directly from Statusbrew.

Save Awesome High-Quality Content (Coming Soon)

With a single click, save Instagram post content such as captions, images & videos directly in the Asset Manager.

Learn how to get started with Instagram Hashtag Feeds in Statusbrew.