Statusbrew updates
Statusbrew updates

Introducing All New Activity Filters In Engage

Statusbrew Engage Inbox comes with inbuilt filters that help you quickly navigate between conversations & manage your social inbox without spending too much time.

With the addition of new Activity or date-based filters, you can now filter conversations based on their activity such as:

Created On - The time a conversation was first created in the Engage.

Last Replied At - The time a conversation was last replied by you or a team member in the Engage.


To help pinpoint your search, these filters come with Relative & Absolute options.

Relative - Filter conversations based on a time period. For instance, conversations "created more than" 2 days ago will show all the conversations that were created before the last 48 hours. Similarly, conversations "created less than" 2 days ago will show all the conversations created in the last 48 hours.

  1. more than
  2. exactly
  3. less than

Each "day" in Statusbrew Engage Inbox represents a 24 hour period, beginning at the current moment. If a conversation was created between 24 & 48 hours ago, that's 1 day ago.

Absolute - Filter conversations based on timestamps. For instance, conversations "created before" 15th Sept 2020, conversations created on 12 Sept 2020, etc.

  1. before
  2. on
  3. after


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