Statusbrew updates
Statusbrew updates

Add Tags To Contacts In Facebook, Instagram Mentions & More

For better segmentation & management of people that interact with your brand on social, Statusbrew allows you to add Tags to inbound contacts.

Earlier, you could only do so in the case of comments, but now you'll be able to Add Tags to a lot more conversation types. You can easily filter contacts based on Tags in the Statusbrew CRM directory.

You can now add tags to contact in,

  • Facebook Recommendations
  • Facebook Visitor Post
  • Facebook Mentions
  • Instagram Mentions

To add a tag to a contact,

  • From your Statusbrew Home, go to Engage inbox
  • Navigate to one of the above mentioned conversation types (or Facebook, Instagram, comments, etc) using filters
  • Hover over the Contact name & click on the three dot menu besides it
  • Now click on Add Tag


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