Statusbrew updates
Statusbrew updates

New! Publish Posts Directly To Instagram With Statusbrew! 🎉

After a long, long wait, we're very excited to let you know that direct Instagram publishing is now available on your favorite social media management platform.

From your Statusbrew app, you can now upload a photo or a video, and post or schedule it to Instagram directly — just like you publish your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn content.

The new update is now live, and once you log in to your Statusbrew app, you'll be greeted by a banner on your Statusbrew Home asking you to refresh access to your connected Instagram business profiles.


Once you refresh access, you'll be able to auto-publish to Instagram from your Compose window.


And that's not it. We're bringing some more new features such as Auto-post First Comment, User Tagging & Location Tagging to enhance your Instagram publishing experience with Statusbrew.

Learn more about Instagram Direct Publishing with Statusbrew.

Engage Consult - A New Way To Communicate!

Given the variable nature of interacting with people on social, it's highly likely to come across messages in your inbox that can be puzzling or problematic, or you simply don't know the best answer for it.

If you find yourself stuck in such situations where expert advice is needed, Engage Consult will be a lifesaver for you.

With Engage Consult, you can now send Internal Notes & Comments (with replies) via emails to your Statusbrew team members, other people in your organization, your clients, or to simply anyone with an email address.

To send a message as an email, go to your inbox and find the message (comment) that requires consultation.

Click on the three-dot menu beside the action bar & click on Share via Email.

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 4.58.25 PM.png

Learn more about Engage Consult.

Design Like A Pro With Statusbrew's Canva Integration

[日本語訳は下記にございます] With Statusbrew's Canva integration, you can now create striking visual content right from your Statusbrew Compose window.

Canva enables you to turn your ideas into stunning graphics with professional designs, layouts, images, and fonts.

In the Statusbrew Compose window, create your social media posts like you normally do. Now when you click on the add media button, you'll see a 'Design with Canva' option.

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 1.08.03 PM.png

You can choose an image size specific to the social network that you are designing for or you can go ahead with a standard “fits all” size.

Once you're done designing your image, click on Publish. You can now post your edited images directly across multiple social media networks.

[日本語] Statusbrewがついにプロ仕様のデザインツールCanvaとインテグレーション開始いたしました! 今ご利用いただいているStatusbrewのコンポーズからメディアを追加すると、「Canvaでデザインする」と言うオプションが表示されますので、クリックしてCanvaを立ち上げて、ぜひ使ってみてください!

ソーシャルネットワークごと、特にInstagramのフィードやストーリーズのブランディングが容易にできる何千種類ものテンプレート、可愛いフォントや文字色など無数に自由にデザインをカスタマイズできます。 あなたのInstagramマーケティングが一歩先に進みますように!


Be A Part Of Your Community With Instagram Media Tags Support

Finding it hard to keep track of all the images & videos your brand is tagged in on Instagram? Well, no more.

Statusbrew now syncs all your Media Tags of your Instagram business profile(s). These posts will come through any time your profile is tagged in a publicly available photo or video.

To view your Media tags:

  • From your Statusbrew Home, click on Feeds

  • Click on the Instagram dropdown in the left side pane & select your desired Instagram profile

  • From the dropdown menu, select Instagram Media Tagged

  • You’ll now begin to see the posts in which your profile was mentioned

  • You can now add tags, notes, or even mention a team member

how_to_view_instagram_media_tags_in_feeds .gif

Learn more about Instagram Mentions & Media Tags in Statusbrew.

Introducing Instagram Hashtag Feeds (Experimental)

Using Statusbrew's Instagram Hashtags, you can get live updates of all the activity happening around your target hashtags. All the latest Instagram posts for your target hashtag are segregated automatically into a separate feed for better navigation.

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 2.05.22 PM.png

Use Instagram Hashtag Feeds to,

Monitor Your Community

Create hashtag feeds for your branded hashtags & keep an eye on Instagram post captions for brand engagement opportunities.

Repost User Generated Content (Coming Soon)

Create meaningful connections with your audience by reposting user-generated images and video posts directly from Statusbrew.

Save Awesome High-Quality Content (Coming Soon)

With a single click, save Instagram post content such as captions, images & videos directly in the Asset Manager.

Learn how to get started with Instagram Hashtag Feeds in Statusbrew.

Bringing Dark Theme To Statusbrew

We're bringing Dark theme to your Statusbrew app, and you can try it out right away.

If you spend a lot of time staring at your Statusbrew dashboard, a darker, higher-contrast color theme will make Statusbrew a lot easier on your eyes.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 7.09.12 PM.png

To turn on the dark theme,

  • Navigate to account settings by hovering your mouse over your profile avatar at the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Now, under the account settings, select "Dark" and click on Save

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 7.06.59 PM.png

In the coming few weeks, we'll be updating different parts of the Statusbrew app in phases to support the dark theme.

Watch this space for more updates on the same.

Added Support For Date Selection In Engage

With the all-new Date Selection filter in Engage Inbox, sorting & managing your conversations is now easier than ever.

Using the new date selector, you can view conversations updated in a particular date range. This provides you with a glance at the total number of conversations opened/closed for all the Inboxes within the selected range.


Learn more about inbox views in Engage.

Introducing Filter Grouping For A More Targeted Search

Digging deep to find those particular conversations is now a lot easier in the Engage inbox with all-new filter grouping options.

You can now combine multiple filters in Engage using 'and' / 'or' options.

Using "and" combination

Combining filters with "and" helps you further narrow down your inbox views. For instance, if you'd wish only to view Facebook Ad Comments received in Spanish with positive sentiment. You can create such a combination.

Type is Facebook Ad Comments "and" Language is Spanish "and" Sentiment is Positive.


Using "or" combination

Combining filters with "or" will helps you group conversations from different dimensions such as networks, profiles, assigned to, etc. For instance, if you want to filter conversations assigned to two of your marketing team members. You can create such a combination.

Assigned to is Team Member 1 "or" Assigned to is Team Member 2


"or" combination can help if you wish to take bulk actions such as closing multiple conversations.

Introducing All New Activity Filters In Engage

Statusbrew Engage Inbox comes with inbuilt filters that help you quickly navigate between conversations & manage your social inbox without spending too much time.

With the addition of new Activity or date-based filters, you can now filter conversations based on their activity such as:

Created On - The time a conversation was first created in the Engage.

Last Replied At - The time a conversation was last replied by you or a team member in the Engage.


To help pinpoint your search, these filters come with Relative & Absolute options.

Relative - Filter conversations based on a time period. For instance, conversations "created more than" 2 days ago will show all the conversations that were created before the last 48 hours. Similarly, conversations "created less than" 2 days ago will show all the conversations created in the last 48 hours.

  1. more than
  2. exactly
  3. less than

Each "day" in Statusbrew Engage Inbox represents a 24 hour period, beginning at the current moment. If a conversation was created between 24 & 48 hours ago, that's 1 day ago.

Absolute - Filter conversations based on timestamps. For instance, conversations "created before" 15th Sept 2020, conversations created on 12 Sept 2020, etc.

  1. before
  2. on
  3. after


Learn more about sorting & filtering in Engage.

Add Tags To Contacts In Facebook, Instagram Mentions & More

For better segmentation & management of people that interact with your brand on social, Statusbrew allows you to add Tags to inbound contacts.

Earlier, you could only do so in the case of comments, but now you'll be able to Add Tags to a lot more conversation types. You can easily filter contacts based on Tags in the Statusbrew CRM directory.

You can now add tags to contact in,

  • Facebook Recommendations
  • Facebook Visitor Post
  • Facebook Mentions
  • Instagram Mentions

To add a tag to a contact,

  • From your Statusbrew Home, go to Engage inbox
  • Navigate to one of the above mentioned conversation types (or Facebook, Instagram, comments, etc) using filters
  • Hover over the Contact name & click on the three dot menu besides it
  • Now click on Add Tag


Learn more Tagging in Statusbrew.