Statusbrew updates
Statusbrew updates

Introducing "Link Presets" πŸ”—




Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adding tracking parameters to your links for every social media post. Our Link Presets feature allows you to streamline your social media strategy by applying UTM presets with just one click.

You can create multiple presents and select the one you use the most as the default one. Now when you add any link in the Caption box, the UTM presets would auto-apply.

If you wish to make any changes, click on edit and change the parameters according to your preference.

Admins & Owners can create (Dashboard > Settings > Link Presets) and manage Link Presets in Statusbrew.

Introducing the "Search Bar" πŸ”Ž




Tired of playing hide-and-seek with your inbox conversations? Our newly added search bar is here to save the day!

Search Bar for your conversations in Engage Inbox :: Statusbrew.gif

Say farewell to the frustration of searching for specific conversations; with a single click and a few keystrokes, you can now quickly locate what you need.

No more Twitter Dreads: Introducing Twitter Threads 🧡




We’ve got really exciting news to tweet about! Statusbrew now supports Twitter Threads! Yes, you heard it right; we now allow you to draft and schedule Twitter threads.

Whether you're a witty wordsmith, a sassy social media manager, or someone who loves to tweet their heart out, thread scheduling is here to make your life much easier.

Twitter Threads.gif

Statusbrew will help you refine the Twitter aesthetics and stitch your thoughts like a pro. Schedule threads with images, GIFs, links, and polls, ensuring creative storytelling and maximum engagement.

Get ready to thread the needle and conquer Twitter with Statusbrew!

Learn more - How to Schedule Twitter Threads

Reel-y Exciting News, You Can Now Schedule Facebook Reels πŸŽ‰




We’re thrilled to announce that we now support Facebook Reels scheduling & publishing!

You can now schedule your Facebook Reels ahead of time for maximum engagement, add a custom thumbnail, get reviews on your content from clients/managers, and schedule content for other platforms all in one place.

Facebook Reels with Statusbrew-02.png

So, go ahead and schedule your Reels like a pro while we take care of the rest.

As always, if you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to our support team.

Happy Reeling!

Introducing Microsoft Teams Integration πŸŽ‰




We're thrilled to announce one of the most used business communication tool now integrates with your favorite social media management platform.

By connecting your Microsoft Teams Channels with Statusbrew, you can get notified of all your social content & community updates.

Every time you send a post out or you get a new mention, you can choose to get notifications for it on your desired Teams channel.

Created a post.png

Now team members who don't really need access to Statusbrew also stay in the loop for your social media workflows and leave their inputs whenever required.

[2] Rule Engine + Teams + Engage Tickets -02.png

Here's how to set it up for your Statusbrew workspace - Microsoft Teams Integration.

Introducing Google Play Store & App Store Integrations πŸ“±β­οΈ




You can now monitor and respond to your app reviews in real-time; in the same Engage Inbox, you manage reviews/conversations from other channels like Facebook, Google Business, Instagram & more. 

Review Management with Statusbrew.png

For reviews in Engage, you get star ratings, app version & device type. Additionally, you can filter negative reviews, add labels for better management, and communicate with your team without ever losing the context. 

Support resources:

Introducing Statusbrew's Notification Sound πŸ””




Never miss a new conversation with Statusbrew's Notification Sound. Every time you get a new conversation in your inbox, we'll play a sound to capture your attention.

To enable it for your account,

  • From your Statusbrew dashboard, click on your profile avatar at the bottom left and click on Your Account
  • Now switch to Notification settings, scroll to the bottom and ensure the "Play Notification Sound" option is selected
  • Click on Save once you're done

Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 10.53.44 AM.png

When you have a tab with Engage Inbox open, you'll hear a sound play when a new conversation arrives.

Pause All Outgoing Posts! ⏸ πŸ›‘




Statusbrew now allows you to stop all publishing activity from all profiles across your accounts with a single click.

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 4.30.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 1.31.11 PM.png

This approach can be beneficial during uncertain times when it's best to take a breather and review all the previously scheduled content.

The "Pause all" button can be found in the Posts Scheduling menu located in the settings. When this setting is on, all the scheduled posts will be paused. Creating a new Post and using the 'Send Now' option will be unaffected.

Instagram Reels Are Here! πŸŽ‰




Statusbrew now supports your favorite new Instagram format, Reels.

With the Instagram Reels integration, you can:

  • Create & Schedule Reels in advance
  • Manage comments on your Reels
  • Run automations for engagement on your Reels
  • Analyze the performance of your Reels

Instagram Reels-01.png

Ideas are Beautiful: Introducing Plans in Statusbrew 🧑




Plans Overview (3).gif

This will be your one-stop shop to put down ideas, collaborate with your team, create content & measure your marketing efforts across social all in a single place.

Your content, assets, and performance for a particular campaign will be visible to your team in a single place.

Learn more - Introducing Statusbrew Plans.