Statsplus updates
Statsplus updates

Stat of the Day





First phase of a long-requested feature, Stat of the Day, has been rolled out. For now, the place to find it is linked from the Stats menu:

Stat of the Day Menu Item

More stats likely to be added over time, but there are enough now for people to start enjoying them.

The Stat of the Day is randomly chosen for a league each day at midnight Eastern, and a different random stat is likely to be chosen for each league. If you can't wait to see all of them, there's a link to the full list of the Stat of the Day choices at the bottom of the page.

By default, most stats cover the time frame when humans started playing in the league. StatsPlus tries to figure that out automatically, but if the commissioner wants to change it, they can change the "Human Start Year" on General Settings on the admin menu.