Statsplus updates
Statsplus updates

Sim Recap Feature





A major new feature was rolled out this week, the Sim Recap. This page shows a number of interesting pieces of info from the last league sim.

  • Top league performances for batters and pitchers
  • Rookie debuts
  • Player milestones such as 100th HR, 500th hit, etc.

If a GM is logged in and linked with a team, the page will also show:

  • GM in-game messages (with full contents if included in upload)
  • Best team performances, and best performances in org's minor league affiliates

Sim Recap Example

If the StatsPlus update post to Slack or Discord is enabled, the post includes a link directly to the sim recap page.

Post-sim link example

For associations, users can select to see each league individually, or best performances across all leagues.

If the list of messages is long, the user can click on the arrow in the upper right of the page near "My Messages" to collapse the list.

Sim recap message collapse