Statsplus updates
Statsplus updates

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After years of the same user interface, today StatsPlus is rolling out a major change. When clicking on player names on most pages, instead of going to the player page on the site, a popup will come up with the player's ratings, profile, contract info, and some relevant stats. An example pitcher popup:

Player Popup

Clicking again on the player name at the top of the popup, or the pop-out icon will navigate to the full player page.

There's a slider to show OSA or Scout ratings, if appropriate for a league, and also an option to add/remove a player from a shortlist.

The only pages where this change wasn't added was the draft pool page, to avoid having a change in flow for making picks, and the HoF ballot page.

In the future, the stats showing on the popup will likely be configurable by users, but that isn't available in this initial version. Also, a dev tab may be added in the future.

As always, feedback is welcome. This is a pretty significant change, and I don't expect everyone to prefer it, but there has been quite a bit of beta testing with very positive feedback in general.