Statsplus updates
Statsplus updates

Averages on Finance Report

Added a bottom row with the league averages for most columns on the Finance report:

Finance Table Average

"Today" option on Dev Report

As OOTP21 does much more frequent dev updates, added a "Today" option on the dev report page to see just the changes from the most recent S+ update.

Dev Report Today Option

Coaching Vacancies Report

A few commissioners asked for a report showing coaching vacancies, so by semi-popular demand, it's added today. This should only show up for leagues with scouting or coaches enabled.

Vacancies Menu Item

Vacancies Example

If you have coaches in your league, but haven't enabled them on StatsPlus, you can do so in Admin->General Settings.

Enable Coaches

Date Range on Player Stats

The sortable player stats page now supports a date range for batting and pitching stats. This only works for the current stats season.

Player Stats Date Range

StatsPlus File Notifications

Added a feature for a StatsPlus admin to set channels for an automatic post from the server when any of the StatsPlus SQL, league file, or OOTP Reports are updated. Of course, the league file and report notifications only work for leagues that are hosted on StatsPlus.

Notification Example

/exports Slack Command

Added support for a /exports slash command from Slack which posts back the current status of exports for leagues hosted on StatsPlus.

Sample /exports post

Directions to enable the feature for a StatsPlus-hosted league are at

Export Tracker Tweak

If an export is on the correct game date, matching the league file, but the export time stamp is before the league file time, usually because a new league file was uploaded on the same game date, the export tracker now shows an alternate color check mark, instead of a red X.

Export Tracker Example

Added WHIP to Player Leaderboard

It's been a little while since there was any update, there's a lot going on behind the scenes for some required upgrades, but most of it won't be visible.

In the meantime, today I added WHIP to the pitching stats on the Player Leaderboard page, suggested by Greg in the 400 Club.

WHIP Image

Stadium Capacity and % Full

Thanks to a suggestion from Matt at MLB Pro, added Stadium Capacity and % full to the "Fans" tab on the Finances page.

Stadium Capacity and % Full

Fixed drag-and-drop on mobile

The draft list and awards pages both have a drag-and-drop interface to move players up and down, however the drag-and-drop functionality worked very poorly on mobile devices.

This should be greatly improved as of tonight, thanks to the community on Github for Sortable.js.