Visible Digits on Team Stats and Standings

On the main standings page, and on the team batting and pitching pages, dropped the leading 0 on many stats, so batting average shows as .333 now instead of 0.333. Also, on Team Pitching, only showing 2 digits after the decimal, so ERA is now 3.45 instead of 3.451.

Eventually I'll propagate this change to more pages, but it was easiest to do on the team pages for now.

Showing Historical Team Name on Awards

On player award pages, the team a player was with when they won the award was showing the current franchise name, instead of the franchise name at the time the award was won. For leagues that have teams moving around, this will make the history a bit clearer.

Example of showing the "current" franchise name:

Current Franchise Name

And showing the proper historical franchise name:

Historical Franchise Name

Improvements and Changes to Player Dev Tracking

After many months of running player dev tracking on every OSA and scouted rating change on every player in every league, as you might imagine, the amount of rating data is getting pretty large (as in many gigabytes of data).

As a result, tonight I'm rolling out a change where all ratings changes more than 3 in-game years old will be "squashed" and you'll see those updates in 6-month periods. These updates will happen for a league as new SQL is uploaded.

What this means is instead of seeing, for example, every player weight change each month from 4 years ago, you'll just see the summary of that weight change, and all other rating changes, every 6 months.

Also, some major improvements were made to the speed of dev updates that happen behind the scenes each time new SQL is uploaded. It's about 10x faster, doing the same work as before.

New Stuff on StatsPlus

StatsPlus is starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made.

Even though work is happening on StatsPlus all the time, sometimes it may seem that way, and I'm starting this to help communicate all the goings-on at StatsPlus to all the site's users.

You'll always receive an update when something is updated in the widget, or if needed all the things that change going forward will be available on the public changelog page.