Statsplus updates
Statsplus updates

More Sim Recap Enhancements





For milestones, if 100 or less players in league history have reached the milestone, the number of players reaching it so far will show, like:

1B Danny Trautmann (MON), 33 yo, reached 500 extra base hits (38 players have reached this milestone)

A few more message types are now visible, including trade messages.

If the league is an association, and you view "All Leagues", the league abbreviation will show after messages tied specifically to one league.

Sim Recap Fixes





For the "My Messages" section, a couple fixes were rolled out in the last couple days:

  • In the Hall of Fame in-game message, the "Dropped" text is now visible, and likely some other colored text in other messages will show up now, too
  • Some in-game messages about injuries previously ignored are now showing up

Sim Recap Feature





A major new feature was rolled out this week, the Sim Recap. This page shows a number of interesting pieces of info from the last league sim.

  • Top league performances for batters and pitchers
  • Rookie debuts
  • Player milestones such as 100th HR, 500th hit, etc.

If a GM is logged in and linked with a team, the page will also show:

  • GM in-game messages (with full contents if included in upload)
  • Best team performances, and best performances in org's minor league affiliates

Sim Recap Example

If the StatsPlus update post to Slack or Discord is enabled, the post includes a link directly to the sim recap page.

Post-sim link example

For associations, users can select to see each league individually, or best performances across all leagues.

If the list of messages is long, the user can click on the arrow in the upper right of the page near "My Messages" to collapse the list.

Sim recap message collapse

Hall of Fame Inducted Team





Made some improvements to the method for identifying a primary team for players inducted into a league's Hall of Fame. A player's organization is chosen by most WAR, and the team name will now show as the name of the franchise in the year the player had the highest single-season WAR.

Hall of Fame Team Association

New Contract Check Rules





A few new contract check rules were added:

  • Only one option year allowed (of any type)
  • Team option year % of minimum
  • Team option year % of AAV
  • Vesting option year % of minimum
  • Delta from lowest to highest contract year

If any of these new rules are enabled, they will be checked only against new contracts starting from the next data upload to StatsPlus.

Year drop-down on Team WAR page





For those who want to look at historical data, added a drop-down on the Team WAR page to see each team's batter and pitcher WAR for historical seasons.

Historical Team WAR

OOTP22 Support





Support was added for OOTP22 leagues, including showing 1st and 3rd base coaches on the Team Staff page, if coaches are enabled in a league.

Team Staff View

If your league has coaches, but the Team Staff link isn't showing on the team page, ask the commissioner to enable the page via Admin->General Settings.

Enable Coaches in Settings

Averages on Finance Report





Added a bottom row with the league averages for most columns on the Finance report:

Finance Table Average

"Today" option on Dev Report





As OOTP21 does much more frequent dev updates, added a "Today" option on the dev report page to see just the changes from the most recent S+ update.

Dev Report Today Option

Coaching Vacancies Report





A few commissioners asked for a report showing coaching vacancies, so by semi-popular demand, it's added today. This should only show up for leagues with scouting or coaches enabled.

Vacancies Menu Item

Vacancies Example

If you have coaches in your league, but haven't enabled them on StatsPlus, you can do so in Admin->General Settings.

Enable Coaches