Stadium Capacity and % Full

Thanks to a suggestion from Matt at MLB Pro, added Stadium Capacity and % full to the "Fans" tab on the Finances page.

Stadium Capacity and % Full

Fixed drag-and-drop on mobile

The draft list and awards pages both have a drag-and-drop interface to move players up and down, however the drag-and-drop functionality worked very poorly on mobile devices.

This should be greatly improved as of tonight, thanks to the community on Github for Sortable.js.

Player Highlight on Player Leaderboard

Thanks to a user suggestion, added player highlighting on the leaderboard page. If you are looking at the page with all the leader tables, and click on a player, it will highlight that player on all the tables they appear in.

Player Highlighting on Leaderboard

Position Filter on Player Leaderboard

There's now a position filter on the Player Leaderboard page, a long-requested addition.

The position for each player is based on where they've played the most in their career. If you find a player you think is being classified wrong, please let me know.

Also, I've tried to tweak the qualifications to get enough players to show up for various queries, but also open to suggestions on the number of PA or IP required to show up on various leaderboard queries.

Position Filter on Leaderboard

30-Day Fan Interest Change

StatsPlus keeps track of team finances every time new SQL is uploaded. The Finances page now shows the change in Fan Interest for each team over the last 30 days (or as close as S+ can get, anyway).

Fan Interest Change

League Injury Summary

StatsPlus has had a team breakdown of IL days and $ on IL for a while, but it was only visible per team on the Injury tab.

Finally able to add a league-wide view that's been requested a number of times, available from the "Injury Summary" option on the League menu.

League Injury Summary

Hall of Fame Metrics Filters

Added a few more filter options to the Hall of Fame Metrics page, so you can now filter on all outfielders, or narrow pitchers to starters or relievers.

HoF Metric Filters

Drafted Pitcher Details

Added a little more information on team draft details for pitchers. Batter details already showed Games and Plate Appearances, pitcher details now shows Games, Innings Pitched, and Ks.

Drafted Pitcher Details

Market Size and Fan Loyalty

The Finances page now has two tabs, the first shows the pure $ columns from before, and the second tab shows the columns that are more fan-related, and now includes market size and fan loyalty.

The market size and fan loyalty are already visible in-game, there's just no easy way to see all the teams at once.

Shortlist Dev Report

While I was on shortlists, added the missing OSA/Scout slider for dev reports on your shortlists for scouted leagues.