StartWP changelog
StartWP changelog

v1.0.17: Gutenberg Ready





Just made the StartWP theme fully Gutenberg compatible. You get all the blocks style, customizer styles loaded within Gutenberg editor now. So what you see in the editor you will experience same on the front-end.

v1.0.16: EDD Customization





In the previous update we introduced a companion StartWP Extended plugin with WooCommerce module, today we are releasing EDD module within it. Please make sure you update the theme and plugin both.

v1.0.15: WooCommerce Customizations





As explained in the previous point, you now get WooCommerce module via the StartWP Extended plugin. Once enabled, it adds additional WooCommerce options in the customizer. There are the bunch of options already added, more I will be looking for the feedbacks & Suggestions.

v1.0.15: StartWP Extended Plugin





A companion plugin has been created and released. (Consider it as Beta version). The plan is to push extra features & functionalities via this plugin. It will have Modules which user will be able to Enable/Disable as per the need. Right now WooCommerce module is included and available to test and provide feedback.

The plugin can be directly installed via the theme admin page and is available via WordPress plugin repo. forward for feedback.

v1.0.15: Improvements





  • Optimized code.
  • Added support for IE & Microsoft Edge Browsers. (Latest versions only).
  • CSS is reverted back to be enqueued in the head for now. (Experimenting something).
  • Added welcome page to start onboarding experience for users.

v1.0.14: More Page specific options





Added Header, Footer & Copyright page-specific options. Now you can set a different layout for a page/post from top to bottom.

v1.0.14: CSS Outputs in a File





Earlier the customizer options generate CSS inline in the header. Now it gets generated in a CSS file. Which will improve overall performance.

v1.0.13: Sidebar Improvement





Improved: Sidebar Management. Now you can set different sidebar options for Archives & Singular (pages, posts) seperately.

Just to mention, you can also override these global sidebar settings for specific page/post via the meta options.

v1.0.12: Bug Fixes





  • Fixed: Sidebar bug to display/hide the sidebar on certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Some other minor bugs

v1.0.12: Hooks Added





Bunch of useful hooks has been added into StartWP theme. You can add your custom content to a hook via the customizer.