March 9th, 2019 (Transactions 3.0)

The team at Stackfolio would like to announce one of our biggest product upgrades ever: Transactions 3.0. The sweeping upgrade includes:

  • Replacement of the transaction process system with an easier to navigate, trade-based, customizable tool suite for buyer and seller counterparties.
  • Updated user interfaces across all tools
  • An Up Next/To Do list to better and more efficiently guide buyers and sellers through the trading process.
  • Responsive tools that react to counterparty actions and update with the latest status information
  • Better organization of communication between users, re-organized chat conversations into topical rather than event based
  • Improvements and bug-fixes for due diligence uploads, categorization along with improved feedback and reporting of document tasks
  • Patches and fixes to tape summary/listing generation
  • Buyer scorecard information available to has been made available to sellers during the transaction
  • Greatly improved page load times
  • Some fun easter eggs when deals close!
  • And much, much more...