March 23rd, 2018 Changelog - Transactions2.0!

A ton of changes since our last update. We've spent months working on the new transactions flow; we think you'll like it!

Some notable changes:

  • Brand new Trade Center! Manage all of your trades and listings in one view. View progress on each trade and pick up right where you left off.
  • Brand new Timeline! Added a timeline to the transaction page that will show all of the events that occur in the transaction.
  • Brand new Transactions flow! Each step in the process now creates an event in the timeline from which you can start a real-time conversation.
  • Improved Listing creation workflow.
  • Improved file uploads and speed.
  • Summary Generation, Bulk Downloads, and Bulk Uploads now display real-time progress.
  • Reorganized the Process tab, now includes multiple sections.
  • Added file categories for Due Diligence uploads.
  • UI and mobile view improvements.
  • Bug fixes!

See y'all next time!