Stackby updates
Stackby updates

October, 2020

Making Stackby more automated

Big integrations went live - Twitter, Alexa, Google Adwords data API & Google E-commerce API (both part of Google Analytics API).

  • With Twitter, you can bring in your tweet insights right inside Stackby.
  • With Alexa, you can bring any website's traffic data.
  • With Google Adwords data API, you can now bring your Adwords data from your Google Analytics API.
  • With Google E-commerce API, you can now bring E-commerce transactions (products, orders, customers) data from Google Analytics API.

Automate, sit back and relax -

We all have been waiting for this.

Now easily schedule your API columns daily, bi-weekly, weekly, every 15 days or month to bring your data in real-time. No more manual refresh on cells.

It's in beta; so we would love your feedback with different API integrations you've connected to.

Automation Scheduling.gif

Making Stackby more functional

This month has been for tons of big modules and improvements on both UX and Performance.

  • Now you can add conditional filters on Lookup, Lookup Count and Aggregation.

  • And another big one - View level sharing! Just share your views with hidden columns,

  • Now add multiple-select options via expanding a cell.

  • Lot of grid and form improvements - Table add, grid display on large screens and more.

  • Improvements with Zapier and Integromat on all column types.

  • Ofcourse adding new templates each week.

August 30th, 2020

We're rolling with new content, have added 20 new videos in August and we don't intend to stop.

Few playlists for you to follow

Getting Started: If you want to learn Stackby in less than 10 minutes.

Use-Cases: Learn powerful automation use-cases for Stackby

Tips & Tricks: Be a pro stacker and get the best out of the platform.

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Making Stackby more automated

Big integrations went live - Instagram and

With Instagram, you can bring in your post insights just by giving a media post ID.


With, you can verify your emails in a snap.

Also made improvements in existing integrations, now Google PageSpeed API also supports information for mobile along with desktop.

Making Stackby more functional

We're listening to you with our ears wide open.

Lot of nifty updates and UX improvements you must have noticed:

  • New column type: Duration. Now only track time without the date.

  • Now you can send one or multiple records to anyone via email. Just right click on the row and hit 'Send Record(s)'

  • Create single option and multiple option dropdown directly from the cell.

  • Tons of UX improvements - making it more accessible, connected and easy to use.

  • Also making constant improvements with Link, Lookup and Formulas.

  • Improvements with our Developer API.

  • And yes.. we're adding new templates each week.

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July 30th, 2020

Fresh content is up and our YouTube channel is now rolling 🎥 . We've added a set of 7 how-to videos to begin with. If you've not subscribed yet, don't wait to hit that button and share it with your team ❤️

Making Stackby more automated 👨‍💻

Two big integrations went live - Ahrefs and Google Search Console.

With Ahrefs, get your rich SEO metrics for your URLs.

Get website SEO audit metrics, rank metrics and backlinks information and work with the industry best data to take your content and SEO game to the next level.


With Google Search console, you can directly bring search analytics of your websites and filter it by dimensions (country, device etc.) to bring real-time information. Yes, we added filters!

While you're planning your content campaigns, you can directly track the effectiveness of the campaign while tracking real-time search data.

google console.png

Making Stackby more functional 🧘‍♂️

Some other nifty features went live:

  • New way to discover what's new at Stackby right inside your dashboard ​

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 5.06.45 PM.png

  • ​ Added a new formula - HYPERLINK(( "" ; "Link text")) and a new keyboard shortcut to select complete column - Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow.

  • Lot of bugs squashed in long text expand model, formulas for lookups and more.

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July 15th, 2020

New integrations and some awesome form features are live :)

Making Stackby more automated 👨‍💻

Two big integrations went live - Moz and YouTube Analytics

With Moz, get URL metrics for your SEO automatically. You can bring details like DA, PA, no-follows, do-follows etc. and even track how your competitors are doing. They've an awesome free API to try out. Follow it here and take your SEO and content game to the next level.


With YouTube Analytics, you can bring detailed YouTube channel metrics if you're running one or more YouTube channels. This is super helpful if you want to see all rich metrics for your channels in a single real-time sheet while you can keep up with creating awesome content.

Note: This is a different API from YouTube data that brings specific video and channel details and stats.

youtube analytics.png

Making Stackby more functional 🧘‍♂️

Some awesome features in Forms went live:

  • Enabled email notifications on form submissions! (One of the highly requested features went live).

  • Now you can create both dropdown and list view for single, multiple option column types in Forms. ​

Sales Pipeline - Form.gif

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Jun 30th, 2020

While we're continuing to improve the performance of the platform, we're also adding new integrations and improving the UX. Tons of updates there.

Making Stackby more automated 👨‍💻

google analytics.png

​ Big Integration went live - Google Analytics

You can get information about your website performance - Users, Sessions, PageViews and Traffic. Now you can build automated analytics reports.

Making Stackby more functional 🧘‍♂️

  • Expand cell: Yes not only you can expand on a row but you can expand a cell as well. We've added expand cell for long text, attachment, single and multiple options and link column types. Much easier to now navigate the information within the cell.

  • Higher character limits for stack name, layout name, expand row name - to view your details easily :)

  • Forms now accept pre-fill URL query string parameters.

  • Better UX experience on the grid, expand row and more.

Also launched a brand new category for templates for remote work.

We're also going live with Integromat and Pabbly connect to automate your workflows.

We're already adding more videos on different use-cases. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel ❤️

Jun 15th, 2020

The future of code is no code.

We're now getting in the no-code world with introduction to our Developer API.

Facebook Cover - No code 2.jpeg

Now build custom apps on top of Stackby and use Stackby as a lightweight database along with no code mobile and web app builders to build dynamic apps and websites.

It opens up a whole new world of possibilities where you're not only a stacker but a maker :)

Join our brand new no code community on Facebook if you haven't already. We'll make it the most engaging no-code community on Facebook.

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June 9th, 2020

Big exciting UPDATE > We've released a brand new layout called the Gallery 😍


Making Stackby more automated 👨‍💻

You can now get Facebook Ads list by referencing your Facebook Ads account.

Also we're getting official with Zapier, going to launch with them this week. If you've not tried Stackby + Zapier integrations, you should give it a try and connect between 2000+ apps.

Making Stackby more functional 🧘‍♂️

  • Brand new keyboard shortcuts. Yes to those excel veterans, F2 on edit cell now works + many more (Ctrl + Shift + F to open the filter, Ctrl + Shift + K to switch between views).
  • New text functions in the Formulas. LEN (String), UPPER (String), LOWER (String), TRIM (String) and MOD (Value).

May 15, 2020

We've released a brand new landing page for automation. Tell us what you think.

Making Stackby more connected 🤖

Stackby is becoming powerful with different automations by the day and what our users are able to do with it.

Integromat Integration - Connect over 350+ apps with Stackby. We're in invite only. If you're interested to test out, let us know.

YouTube Channel API - Hey there YouTubers! Bring details from your YouTube Channels as well, not just videos.

Stackshare API - Bring details of a company's tech stack right inside Stackby.

Making Stackby more functional 🧘‍♂️

  • Brand new stack colors.
  • Lot of UX improvements for Firefox browser.
    -Supported different column types with Lookup functionality - clickable URLs and more.
  • + tons of bug fixes and issues solved with Forms, Formulas and more. Making Stackby more adaptable ✌️

We've released 5 more templates in automation, remote work and for your COVID-19 response efforts:

Automation enabled templates:

Track GitHub User Metrics 👨‍💻: Bring any GitHub user details and make it a list for your potential hiring prospects or track your favorite GitHub community developers.

SendFox Email Campaign Metrics 📩: Bring campaign metrics from your SendFox email campaigns.

COVID-19 Support templates:

COVID-19 Community Response Template 💊: Become your community's hero. Plan and manage your community response efforts for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Internal Communications Editorial Calendar Template 📡: Plan your Internal communications with response to your organization's efforts related to COVID-19.

Remote Readiness Survey 📈: Track whether your company is remote-ready or not.

May 1st, 2020

Introducing you to Stackby WebClipper (Chrome Extension) in Beta.

You can now clip information from any web-page directly to your columns.

We have started with 3 pre-built functions -

If you click on

  • "@" - To automatically pull in email addresses from that webpage

  • "#" - To automatically pull all hashtags from that webpage

  • "" - To automatically pull phone number from that webpage.

You can also select a particular text in the webpage --> Right Click --> Add to input cell to automatically pull in text from any webpage.

New functions are on the way! Give us your feedback ❤️

Download the chrome extension here and bring data from any webpages you love:

Making Stackby more functional 🧘‍♂️

  • Now when you 'Link' tables, you can directly add new links from the model rather than adding to table and switch back.
  • More single option and multiple option column type colors.
  • Various improvements in Forms, date/time, timezone settings, upload CSV and more.

April 5th, 2020

We've released 7 more templates and more exciting ones in pipeline -

For Legal firms and Teams ⚖️:

  • Legal Case Analysis: Manage all your legal cases, evidences, projects, accounts and teams in a single place.

For Marketers 📧:

For Education 🏫: