Alert Source: Rollbar

We just released an alert source integration with Rollbar. You can now bring in alerts from Rollbar into Squadcast.


To know more about how to configure this, check out our Rollbar Documentation

Mobile App Improvements: Version 2.10.57

We just released a new version of our mobile app and here's the update of the improvements and fixes:

  • Minor UX changes
  • Time based incident filters
  • Incident search
  • Incident warroom
  • See who is on-call

We recommend updating the app before using it. You can do this from App store (iOS) or Play store (Android) if you haven't already set it to auto-update.

To know more about this what else is new, check put our Mobile App documentation.


Add Tags directly from the payload

On popular request, we added the functionality to tag events with key values directly from the incident payload.

To know more about what functions can help you do this, check out our Event Tagging documentation.


Create Complex Schedules Easily

Based on popular request, we rolled out new improvements in our Schedules feature which makes it easier than ever to create any complex, custom on-call shifts in just a few steps.

To know more about how to configure this, check out our Schedules Documentation

Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 4.44.55 PM.png

Schedule Overrides

We just added the functionality to create Schedule Overrides.

schedule override.png

With this functionality, an existing schedule for a specific period of time can be overridden to meet your updated preference for an on-call shift.

This also ensures that only the updated users in the new override shift will get notified of incidents triggered during the override shift period.

To know more about configuring this, check out the Schedule Overrides documentation.

View Who is On-call

You can now see Who is On-call at any given time at the top right corner of your screen.

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 2.35.11 PM.png

You can also click on the profile icons to view what Schedules, Squads and Escalation policies they are a part of.

To know more about viewing a detailed list of upcoming and ongoing on-call shifts, check out the Who is On-call? documentation

Get notified before your on-call shift starts

With our latest improvement on Schedules, you will now receive an automated email communication 1 hour before the start of your on-call shift.

Screenshot_2020-04-29 Your On-call Shift Timings For Avengers - shibasis squadcast com - Squadcast Mail.png

Squadcast API V3

We recently released the latest version of Squadcast Public API which provides the ability to access certain Squadcast features within your account. It allows you to configure users, services, grouping incidents, and more to help further reduce noise and speed up response times.

You also can play around with our pre-made APIs using our Postman collection.

Check out how you can Create Your Refresh Token to start using the Squadcast APIs.

NOTE: If you are using the old version of Squadcast API, please migrate to Squadcast API V3. The older version of the Squadcast API will be deprecated shortly.

Alert Source: Coralogix

We just released an alert source integration with Coralogix. You can now bring in alerts from Coralogix into Squadcast.

Coralogix logo.png

To know about how to configure this, check out our Coralogix Documentation.

Alert Source: Jira Cloud

We just released an alert source integration with Atlassian's Jira Cloud. You can now bring in your Jira tickets as incidents into Squadcast.


To know more about how to configure this, check out our Jira Cloud Alert Source