Improved Assistant Email reliability

We updated our Assistant Email crons to improve the reliability of their sending.

Fixed the "Test Email" button in an email campaign

We fixed an issue that was stopping the "Test Email" button from working in an email campaign.

Changed how client end timezones appear

We changed the client end timezone library to match what you see on the backend of Sprout.

Fixed redirecting on an embedded Public Questionnaire

We resolved an issue that was causing a redirect link in a public questionnaire to show up within an iFrame instead of actually redirecting you to the site.

Stopped workflows from being applied twice to a Shoot

We disabled the contract sign button on the user's end when they clicked it once to stop workflows from being applied multiple times after a Lead was converted into a Shoot.

Stopped Booking dates from showing up on the next day

We resolved an issue that was causing the Booking Date from a Booked Shoot to show on the following day if it was booked after midnight in UTC.

Fixed email loading in an Email Campaign

We fixed an issue preventing the emails from loading into the Sent and Queued fields if you haven't loaded them in from the Email List first.

Disabled the "Live" Button on the first drip campaign email

We disabled the Live button on the first email in a drip campaign, as it shouldn't be possible to stop the first email. That's the email that triggers the entire sequence.

Stopped Unsubscribed Emails from showing on the Queue

We stopped an issue from happening that was showing unsubscribed emails on an Email Campaign as being queued to go out.

Fixed the name of the attached user on Invitations

We fixed an error that was causing the wrong person's name to show up on an Invitation when more than one person was attached.