Added extra support for overwriting watermarked galleries

We added in some extra checking in a gallery to prevent an image from caching when a watermark is used.

Updating styling to the Gallery Expiration date

When you published a gallery, the expiration date looked off in the backend. We updated the styling to keep it consistent.

Added the Client info variables into contracts

We added the new Client information variables we added previously to contracts and contract templates.

Added Download Password support for logged in clients

A Logged in client can now choose to download images using a download password, where they didn't have that option before.

Email Template attachments

We just added the ability to add in attachments to an email template!

Added extra checking for the Favourites download button

We were previously showing the Favourites Download button even when there were no favourites selected in a Gallery. We added a better check to see if there are any favourites selected.

Added receipts for $0 orders

We changed the receipt emails if an order comes in at $0. It now emails a client a receipt even if their order is $0.

Fixed the Accept & Pay button on mobile

We fixed a mobile issue with the Accept & Pay button in a Booking Proposal. It wasn't registering properly if you had the keyboard still open, or were still scrolling when you clicked the button.

Tweaked the portal sidebar to differentiate between invoices

If you had an order with multiple invoices attached to it, we've added in some numbering to differentiate between each invoice.

Added proper checking of file types upon uploading

Our system won't allow you to upload improper file types into a gallery now.

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