Sprout Studio updates
Sprout Studio updates

Design Proof Thumbnails




We've resolved the issue where thumbnails in Design Proofs were displaying with the wrong aspect ratio. Your photos will now be displayed in all their glory, without any stretching or distortion. We apologize for any confusion or frustration this may have caused.

Virtual IPS Pricing




We take pride in offering top-notch customer service and are disappointed to hear that some customers have experienced issues with pricing in our Virtual IPS Gallery.

Rest assured, we've fixed the issue and are taking steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. Going forward, you'll see accurate pricing for prints at checkout.

Firefox Browsing Issues




Don't let a browser glitch slow you down. If you're a Firefox user who has been struggling to edit your Scheduler titles, we have some exciting news for you!

Our newest update has fixed the issue, and you can now rename your Schedulers without any hassle.

Small Prints in Virtual IPS




We're excited to announce that we've fixed an issue that was causing "Small Prints" to be skipped over in Virtual IPS Galleries.

We understand that every print size is important, and we don't want any of them to be missed or overlooked. With this fix, photographers can now be confident that their "Small Prints" will be presented in the Virtual IPS Galleries as intended.

Copying File Names




You can once again copy file names in a Gallery.

We know how frustrating it was when you couldn't easily copy file names from your Gallery, making it hard to keep track of your files. But worry no more! Our development team fixed this issue, and now you can easily copy file names with just a few clicks.

Address Lookup




Our location service just got an upgrade and it can now find even more global addresses than before!

With our improved address lookup, you can easily populate your address field with accurate details that can find any address on the planet (sorry moon dwellers, you might be out of luck on this one).

So whether you're shooting in a bustling city or a remote countryside, our Location service has got you covered.

Shoot Type Load Times




We understand that some users have experienced issues with shoot types taking too long to load, and sometimes disappearing from lead workflows. We've taken your feedback seriously and have implemented improvements to make the shoot types loading process faster and more reliable.

With these improvements, you'll notice a significant decrease in the time it takes for shoot types to populate

Userlist Synching




We've fixed an annoying little bug that was causing Userlists between shoots, leads, and galleries to not sync up properly. You know, the one that was making your life just a little bit harder than it needed to be? Yeah, that one!

From now on, you can expect a seamless experience when managing your Userlists across all these features.

Print Fulfilled Submissions




We fixed an issue that was causing Print Fulfillment to go haywire.

It turns out print orders were being submitted every 5 minutes without ever completing - yikes! But fear not, we've sorted it out. Now, if your payment fails during print fulfillment, you can be confident the order will automatically pause and give you a heads-up.

Gallery Image Sorting




We fixed a pesky bug that was messing up your Gallery's image sorting. But fear not, our team has resolved the issue. Now, sorting by capture time will work better and load quicker!

We understand the importance of having an organized photo collection and we always strive to provide the best user experience possible. With this fix, you can now sort your photos with ease and find what you're looking for in no time.