Fixed a gallery expiry timezone bug for certain UTC + locations

Previously, for certain UTC + locations (i.e. Guam), the gallery expiry was set to the day before you chose. Now all timezone related issues are fixed with gallery expiry dates!

Fixed the "delete credit card" functionality

In the "manage credit cards" modal, you couldn't delete credit cards previously. Now you can!

Various improvements and fixes to reports!

There are far too many to list, but we just finished a whole round of improvements and fixes to reports. Enjoy!

The CSV exporter works again!

It was temporarily broken for a day, but it's now back up and running!

Fixed a bug where the expense modal would keep opening and closing

Fixed a bug where the expense modal would keep opening and closing

Stopped showing "closed" leads when filtering by shoot types

On the lead and shoot list, when you filter by "shoot types" Sprout was previously showing "closed" leads. Now it's not!

Added a "Show Discount" toggle

We added the ability for you to show (or not) whether you've discounted a-la-carte items in a gallery or additional items in a booking proposal.

You've always been able to have a discount for a-la-carte items in a gallery and additional items in a booking proposal, but it's always shown the original price crossed out with the discounted price beside it.

For some photographers, they don't want it showing that their prices are discounted. So, with this next update, you'll be able to choose how it shows up for your clients!

Added the year for the shoot date to the client portal

Many users have repeat clients (and they also book shoots for a year + in the future), so not having the year underneath the date in the client portal could be misleading. We added the date so it's clear what day and year the shoot is/was for!

Better date sorting on the dashboard

Previously, dates wouldn't be sorted by time on the dashboard. Now they are! This includes Google Calendar dates, too!

More fluid gallery uploads into a specific collection

When you upload directly into a gallery collection, the workflow is now much more fluid and when you go back into the gallery (or reload it after the upload is complete), you'll be taken back into that collection now.

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