Fixed the errors with images not returning from the server

There were some users that were having issues with a missing image (shown as a blue question mark) in galleries and design proofs. That is now resolved, site-wide. Your images are now where they should be!

Changed "Photographer Signature" to "Company Signature"

In your contracts, we changed "Photographer Signature" to "Company Signature" instead to keep our non-photographer users happy!

Fixed coupons that had a decimal in them

There were a few issues with coupons that had a decimal in them (i.e. 91.52% off). They're all resolved now!

Add a (1) to cloned questionnaires

Now when you clone a questionnaire template, Sprout will automatically add a (1) to it, so you know that it is the cloned version and not the original version.

Hiding orders from trashed leads/shoots from the dashboard

Now orders from your trashed leads and/or shoots will be hidden from the dashboard because, well, they're trashed!

Clicking "update" in a gallery settings modal closes the modal

Previously, clicking the "update" button in a gallery settings modal wouldn't close the modal; now it does!

Fixed statuses and emails that were brokenw within some workflows

Sometimes a workflow would show "null" as the status instead of the actual status. This is now fixed. We also fixed a related issue where email templates in workflows were showing as "--" instead of the name of the email template.

Now you can hide all the "welcome bars" if you'd like

You can now hide all of the helpful welcome bars (at the top of each page) if you'd like by going to your profile and clicking the "Hide All" button. You can also show them all by clicking the "Show All" button, too!

Several dashboard timeline updates

We fixed several inconsistencies with dashboard and dashboard items that were showing in the wrong "bucket" for some users.

Searching for design proofs is more consistent

Searching for a design proof while you're in another design proof works properly now; previously there was some unexpected behaviour.

No published changelogs yet.

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