Fixed uploading in Safari

We had some issues with Safari uploading empty files. In the gallery, they would have a question mark symbol but no image.

We fixed the cause of this so Safari gallery uploads should work fine now.

Fixed multi-day events in Google Calendar

We fixed how we handle multi-day events in Google Calendar. They were previously showing as ending a day short. They now show the proper allotted time from Google Calendar.

Fixed scrolling in the filenames box on an order

If you had an order submitted with filenames, the filename window was previously not scrollable. It made it difficult to see all of the filenames. The box is now scrollable so you can see all of the filenames submitted.

Fixed the colour on the "Enter Email" box in a gallery

We fixed the colouring on the Enter Email text box so it's not white on white anymore. This was making it appear invisible when you were using the Modular gallery cover style.

Added the "Bulk Download" button back to mobile galleries

After our previous update, the bulk download button in a gallery was missing on mobile. We added it back in with this recent update.

Fixed a forward slash appearing before an apostrophe in a gallery

If you used an apostrophe in your Gallery Collections, it would show up with a forward slash before the apostrophe in the gallery. With this recent update, we fixed it so no forward slashes will show up.

Optimized backend galleries

We made some optimization of our backend galleries to help them save faster.

Fixed Design Proof emails going from the wrong user

We fixed an issue causing your Design Proof assistant emails to be coming from the creator of the Design Proof and not the primary user on a Shoot.

Added a "Managed by Task" filter on the Email page

You can now choose to filter by "Managed by Task" emails on your emails page!

Made some improvements to the Contact modal

We made some improvements to the speed of the Contact modal. We also add the Email and Phone Number by default when you add in a new contact.

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