Fixed previewing a gallery before it's published

We pushed a fix for Gallery previewing. It wasn't letting you access the gallery if you were using a vanity domain and the gallery was set to draft.

Tweaked Contact searching in the global search bar

We fixed an issue that was causing the same contact to appear twice in the global search when it had 2 emails listed on it.

Updated the View Questionnaire button

We updated the View Questionnaire button on a Lead/Shoot so it loads in the right brand, and not just the default brand on the account.

Fixed Booking Proposal Templates using Payment Schedules with a Shoot Date

We pushed out a fix for our Booking Proposal Templates. We've made it so you can attach a payment schedule that uses the Shoot Date as a variable without needing to attach an invitation first.

Fixed the Calendar Dashboard widget

We pushed out a fix to the widget so your Shoot Dates show up on it again.

Fixed default email variables

We fixed an issue that was preventing a default email with variables in it from loading the variables.

Fixed Cloned Price Lists having different package prices

We fixed an issue that was making all the packages in a cloned price list differ from the original.

Fixed Embedded Booking Pages in Safari

We fixed an issue that was causing the scrollbar to appear and disappear endlessly on Safari. This would only happen when your browser hit a certain width.

Added "Expiry Date" column to the Galleries page

We added a new Expiry Date column to the Galleries page. You can see when a Gallery is set to expire and even filter/sort by it.

One Page emails are going out again

We updated One Page notifications so they start going out properly again. Just make sure it's turned on under Settings > Assistant > One Page.