Updated our Zapier integration

With Zapier, we've improved upon the following things:

  • Add a Shoot
  • Add a Phone Number to a Contact
  • The Event Type field works when a new Lead is created
  • Add Start and End times to Zapier fields

On top of these improvements, Sprout Studio is now a searchable app in Zapier! You no longer need to use a link to find our Zapier integration.

Fixed upcoming assistant reminders

We fixed an issue that was causing duplicate upcoming assistant reminders to be sent off when using the Hourly delta.

Fixed incorrect quote reminders

We fixed an issue causing invoice reminders to be sent out regarding a Quote.

Renamed "Sales Gallery" to "Virtual IPS Gallery"

We noticed a lot of our users having trouble understanding the difference between our Online Galleries and Sales Galleries, since you can sell products in both types of galleries. We renamed Sales Galleries to Virtual IPS Galleries to make it clearer as to what it does.

Added "Hong Kong" as a country

We added in Hong Kong as a country all across Sprout Studio.

Moved the "Updates" badge to the Settings section

We were finding that a lot of our users were missing our updates as it was just a notification on the Sprout logo at the top of the page. We moved it into the Settings section of your account so it's easier to find!

Added more Bulk Action items to our list pages

There are now a lot more actions you can do straight from the list page! You can do things like bulk changing a gallery expiration, bulk changing the Shoot Status on multiple events, etc.

Added the ability to book Products, Services, or Prints from a Booking Proposal

Based on your feedback, we've expanded what you can book in a Booking Proposal. You can now choose to book just a product, service, or print without the need to make a package first.

Added a "Last Feedback" column to the Design Proof page

You can now see at a glance the last time a Design Proof was approved or comments were suggested!

Fixed deleted products and services from being auto-added to a gallery

We fixed an issue that was causing deleted products and services to be added to your gallery when you added your price list. This would have only affected products and services using the "Add by Default" toggle turned on.

No published changelogs yet.

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