Fixed Gallery Uploads overwriting the first image

We fixed an issue that was causing any gallery image with more than one period in the title (for example "Mr. Morabito-001.jpg) to overwrite the previous image uploaded.

It read everything before the first period, thinking that was the extension. Images now upload as intended in a Gallery.

Fixed "Lead Books" trigger in Zapier

We fixed an issue that prevented the Lead Booked trigger from firing in Zapier when there was a contract involved.

Fixed On Final Payment for taxes

We fixed an issue causing Sales Tax Reports showing the final tax and the previous invoices tax when you selected "On Final Payment".

Fixed One Page setup through Zapier

We fixed an issue stopping the One Page from being generated on a Shoot if it came in through Zapier.

Made styling improvements across the site

We updated some template and mobile invitation styling across the site.

Updated all of our Modals

We updated the styling on all our modals to make them cleaner looking. The following modals changed to the new style:

  • Add Shoot modal
  • Design Proof modal
  • Download Preset modal
  • Watermark modal
  • Brands modal

Added 2020 as a report filter

We updated all of our report filters to have 2020 as the default instead of 2019.

Launched Booking Pages

In conjunction with Invitations, we also launched Booking Pages. This feature allows your clients to pick a time slot, fill out a questionnaire, sign a contract, and pay a deposit without having a Lead in Sprout first. This feature is perfect for booking mini sessions.

For more information on this feature, check out this link:

Fixed the Brand colour on a Virtual IPS Gallery.

We fixed an issue causing Virtual IPS Gallery buttons to be the default Sprout Blue colour instead of your Brand Colour.

Launched Invitations

We launched our Invitations feature which lets your client's book time slots on a calendar. For more information, check out this page: