Sprout Studio updates
Sprout Studio updates

Fixed stuck Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns weren't sending out the second email. We fixed the issue and forced out the stuck emails.

Stopped accounts from logging out automatically

We fixed an issue that was causing Sprout to log out automatically if you were on a page that had a lot of items on it.

Added recurring Google dates back to the timeline

Your recurring Google dates were syncing to the calendar, but not back to the timeline. The timeline now shows all of your Google recurring dates!

Stopped Timeline events from showing duplicates

We stopped duplicate events from showing on your timeline. These were only affecting Google Calendar events.

Added more Confirmations when editing or closing a modal

This update should cover most of our other modals on the site!

Fixed our Google Sync

We fixed an issue that was stopping our Google Sync for some users.

Stopped the ESC button from closing modals

After some consideration, we decided that removing the ability to get out of a modal by clicking the ESC button was a good idea. This will stop modals from being closed accidentally.

Allowed multiple people to book All-Day Events

We fixed an issue causing Invitations to block out All-Day events when you've specifically said that more than 1 person can book a time on that day.

Stopped the menu closing when applying a Booking Proposal Template

We resolved an issue that was causing the Apply Template button in a Booking Proposal to auto-close after opening. This was happening specifically on Firefox browsers.

Added the cloning of dependencies when cloning questionnaire fields

We tweaked the cloning field feature in Questionnaires so it clones all of the dependencies now. It will now clone the Conditional, Required, and Field Width toggles.