Fixed <p> tags on a contact form

We fixed an issue causing required asterisks from appearing on the next line on Contact Form fields. This was due to the newly introduced


Fixed Shoot Type resorting

We fixed an issue that was causing all Shoot types removed from a contact form to be re-added after you sorted your Shoot types page.

Fixed Galleries expiring after being set not to expire

We fixed an issue that was causing newly-created galleries to still expire even though the toggle was off.

Added the client's Country to an invoice

We now show your client's Country in their address on an invoice.

Fixed the Gallery Thumbnail on a Design Proof

We fixed a broken thumbnail image when you attached a Gallery to a Design Proof. The images show correctly now.

Stopped extra spacing after a variable

We fixed an issue that was putting a space after every variable in a template.

Fixed image deleting in a gallery

We changed how image deletion works in a gallery. Instead of deleting each image one at a time, we delete them all at once. This prevents any lingering images in the gallery.

Fixed <p> tags causing page breaks on a contract

We fixed an issue that was causing any paragraph HTML tags in a contract to appear on the next page instead of the next line. They now print properly.

Fixed the * icon on embedded forms

We updated our font library to include the * symbol again on the required fields for your embedded forms.

Fixed the notes section on the Gallery Checkout

When certain special characters were used in the notes section on the Gallery Checkout page, the Gallery Checkout would fail. It would cause the screen to turn grey and not load the Checkout window.

We fixed this so the Checkout window will open regardless.