Added extra characters for Dates

Previously, our Location fields on a Date was being limited to 45 characters, which isn't nearly enough for an address. We changed this to 512 characters, so type away!

Added minutes to the One Page

If you had a date that had minutes on it (8:30 for example), One Page wasn't showing the minutes (it'd show it as 8). We added the minutes column in so this won't happen in the future.

Fixed improper time zones showing on One Page

We fixed an issue causing One Page to show your times in UTC instead of your time zone

Updated sorting for One Page

We changed how One Page sorts Contacts (it sorts alphabetically now) and Dates (it sorts by year, then day).

Expanded Sorting

You can now sort your assets in Sprout by simply clicking and dragging the item!

One Page

We released One Page to you! This is a great way to get all the details of a Shoot to print easily, or save to your phone. For more details on this, check out this article:

Fixed Lead Status resorting

Fixed an issue causing Lead Statuses to sort randomly when you were trying to sort them custom.

Fixed "Suggest Replacement" feature for Design Proofs

We fixed an issue that was causing Private Galleries in a Design Proof to still show the collections even though they're set to private.

It was requiring a password when you tried to get into the collection, but now it just asks you for a password before you see anything.

Stopped Bulk Downloaded from changing the creation date

We fixed an issue causing the creation date on Bulk Downloads to show 11/29/1979. They now show the proper creation date.

Fixed <p> tags on a contact form

We fixed an issue causing required asterisks from appearing on the next line on Contact Form fields. This was due to the newly introduced