Sprout Studio updates
Sprout Studio updates

Updated our Zapier integration

We updated our Zapier integration to fix some errors that were being thrown when syncing payments with Zapier.

Stopped cloned email campaigns from cloning unsubscribed emails

We fixed an issue that was cloning the unsubscribed emails to a new campaign and not unsubscribing them.

Fixed the Marketing Campaign timelines

We fixed an issue that stopped email marketing campaigns from showing activity on their timelines.

Enabled editing a Payment Schedule after you add it to a proposal

We enabled the editing of a Payment Schedule after it has been added to a Booking Proposal or order.

The Date Name variable pulls in the shoot date name

We updated how the Date Name variable works on Assistant emails. If you change the name of the Date manually, the Assistant email picks up on that and uses the new name of the date.

Sped up downloading a single file from a portal

We sped up the amount of time it takes to download a single file from either the Documents section or the client portal.

Improved Assistant Email reliability

We updated our Assistant Email crons to improve the reliability of their sending.

Fixed the "Test Email" button in an email campaign

We fixed an issue that was stopping the "Test Email" button from working in an email campaign.

Changed how client end timezones appear

We changed the client end timezone library to match what you see on the backend of Sprout.

Fixed redirecting on an embedded Public Questionnaire

We resolved an issue that was causing a redirect link in a public questionnaire to show up within an iFrame instead of actually redirecting you to the site.