Added a confirm button when deleting questionnaire responses

We now ask you to confirm deletion when deleting any questionnaire responses from a Lead or a Shoot

Added the "entire gallery" digital fulfillment option to packages

You can now add in the "Entire Gallery" digital fulfillment option into a package!

Fixed download set zip chunking

Previously, when a download set link was requested, it was using our old format of chunking out the files resulting in more zips than it should. We updated this so it follows the current way we handle downloads!

Fixed dropdown menus on mobile

Have you ever had a dropdown menu not open on your phone when using Sprout Studio before? You won't have that happen anymore!

You can now right click to create a download set in a gallery

You can now create a new download set in a gallery by selecting images, right-clicking on them, and choosing "Copy to Download Set"

Removed the digital fulfillment description at the top of all of your invoices

When you had a digital file in the price list used for your invoices, it showed the digital fulfillment message at the top of your invoices regardless of whether they had ordered digital files. This issue is now a thing of the past!

Fixed the "Deselect All" button in a gallery

Need to deselect all of your images in a gallery after selecting them all? No problem, this works now!

Fixed digital file descriptions

Digital file descriptions can now have quotations, commas, and other various punctuation marks without breaking your packages!

Fixed moving images around in a collection

When you added images to a collection and moved them around, the images wouldn't save in the order you placed them. They now save again!

Fixed ordering digital files on mobile

Clients can now choose to order a digital file with our new digital file ordering system on their mobile phone!

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