Fixed Sales Gallery rooms from not loading in

We noticed that some Sales Gallery rooms weren't loading in when being used in a Sales Gallery. We've fixed this so they should show up all the time!

Updated the download text when a client requests a download

We changed: "We just sent a download link to your email address. The link is valid for 7 days."

To: "We'll email you once it's ready. The link will be valid for 7 days."

This makes it more apparent that a download link isn't immediately emailed out

The Gallery Catalog page sorts all galleries instead of unattached and attached

Previously, the Gallery Catalog would sort all galleries alphabetically, but split them up into Attached and Unattached galleries. It now doesn't make that distinction and sorts all of them.

Fixed resetting a download link after it's been created

We fixed an issue that happened when a download set is requested and sent, and new images were added to the download set. Previously, the link wouldn't be reset, but now it is!

Fixed an issue where image thumbnails wouldn't load in the backend of a gallery

Intermittently, the backend of a gallery wouldn't load in the thumbnail images. It would show a broken image link, even though the image was there and existed. This no longer happens!

We updated our mobile interface!

We did a bit of an overhaul on our Mobile interface, making it look nicer and easier to use!

Change wording from "Accept Proposal" to "Accept & Pay" on a Booking Proposal

We made this change to be more in line with what you're client is actually doing in a booking proposal.

Added a Mobile UI for Booking Proposal expiry dates

We've now added in a proper Mobile UI when changing the expiry date of a Booking Proposal to make it easier to use!

Fixed Shipping being added for Entire Gallery Digital Downloads

Fixed an issue where shipping fees were being attached to an entire gallery digital download. When an entire gallery download is purchased now, shipping is not included if it's toggled off.

Added a confirm button when deleting questionnaire responses

We now ask you to confirm deletion when deleting any questionnaire responses from a Lead or a Shoot

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