Added Portrait Oriented Layouts

We added in more layouts to our Designer emails that focus on portrait-oriented images.

Design updates

We did some design updates that include:

  • Increased the resolution on Brand Header images
  • Fixed some spelling errors on the One Page
  • Stopped Add-Ons in a price list from being centred

Added Additional User Permissions

We added in additional user permissions for the following:

  • Email Marketing
  • Custom Gallery Cover Designs
  • User Impersonations
  • Print Types
  • Designer Emails

Fixed the Brand Header in Pretty Emails

We fixed an issue that was causing the wrong brand header image to show up in a sent pretty email.

Added currencies

We added the following currencies to our software:

  • Kenyan Shilling
  • Turkish Lira
  • Botswana Pula
  • Taiwanese Dollar
  • Saudi Arabian Riyals
  • Argentine Peso

Fixed Coupon Codes on Embedded Pages

We fixed an issue that was preventing coupon codes from working on an embedded Booking Page.

Fixed Shoot names with an apostrophe

We fixed an issue that was preventing Shoot's with an apostrophe in the name or type from being editable.

Improved upon the "Overwriting Duplicates" function

We improved our "overwrite duplicates" function to help it recognize the difference in extensions. Previously, it wouldn't overwrite a file if the extension was uppercase vs. lowercase. Now, it reads the beginning of the filename to recognize whether it's a duplicate or not.

Fixed Pretty Emails not letting you crop an image

We fixed an issue that was preventing you from cropping an image in a pretty email. It would show you the old image instead of the newly uploaded image.

Added "Skip Duplicates" to Design Proofs

We added the option to skip duplicates to our Design Proofs, just like our galleries have.