Significant styling improvements to workflows!

We gave workflows a bit of a facelift, so it's more clear to see what's happening in your workflow at a glance. Have a look!

Fixed formatting on package descriptions

Previously, proper formatting wasn't showing up on package descriptions - now it does!

Subtle font and styling changes, site-wide

We modernized the font style and treatment, site-wide. We also made some stylistic improvements that makes Sprout Studio prettier, easier to read and a joy to look at!

Stability improvements to watermark previews

We improved the stability of watermark and download preset previews when you upload a logo with the same filename that you've previously uploaded.

Infrastructure improvements to zips

We updated Sprout Studio with a HUGE infrastructure improvement for downloads (and zips)!

When your client downloads their gallery now, they'll get a more streamlined and refined experience. Plus, they will get more images per zip file (no more 30-zips-per-gallery), with more consistent naming and grouping of your images!

Fixes to scrolling in an email body

We fixed scrolling in an email body when the email was too long.

Galleries that are saved to the iOS home screen looks pretty now!

When your clients "bookmark" their gallery (or any page in Sprout) to their iOS home screen, it looks prettier than ever now. Go ahead, give it a try!

Styling improvements to notifications

Notifications (from the top-right corner) are prettier than ever now!

Fixed "send later" in an email not working on mobile

Fixed "send later" in an email not working on mobile

Improved the printed view of your contracts

We added your logo to your contract as well as a myriad of other improvements to the printed view of your contracts. Enjoy!

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Sprout Studio will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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