Sped up the Emails page

We did some database changes to load the global emails page faster if you have a lot of emails.

Renamed the "Attach New Invitation" button

We renamed the "Attach New Invitation" button to "Schedule Another Date" to avoid confusion when building out a Booking Proposal/Page.

Improved styling on gallery add-ons

We improved the look of add-ons in a gallery when your branding colour is set to black. We increased the visibility of the text when choosing an add-on.

Stopped Leads set to auto-expire from showing on Google Calendar

We prevented any leads that are set to auto-expire from showing up on a Google Calendar. They were removed from Sprout but still being exported to your calendar.

Improved Calendar Styling

We improved the look of each event on the calendar to make it easier to read when it's a shorter date.

Added a hyphen toggle in Designer Emails

We've added the ability to remove hyphenation in your designer emails!

Fixed the "View Dates" button on the dashboard

We fixed the "View Dates" button when looking at your dates on the Calendar widget. It was previously not showing any dates in that section.

Stopped expired coupons from working on a Booking Page

We stopped expired coupons from registering on a Booking Page.

Fixed the "More Info" button on a Booking Proposal

When add-ons were used in a Booking Proposal, the "More Info" button was too close to the add-ons and was not selectable. It now works as intended.

Added attached invitation users to a Booking Page

We added the ability to have users that were selected to be attached to a Booking Page if they were chosen in the invitation.