Sprout Studio updates
Sprout Studio updates

Weekly and Monthly Scorecards


New Feature



The better way to manage your business's health.📈

We know that data and analytics aren't the most exciting part of being a photographer, but it sure is important if you want to reach your goals!

That's why we've put together Scorecards - a visual overview of where your business is succeeding and what areas may need some love.

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You will see the weekly and monthly status reports in your inbox for:

  • Inquires 🧐 (Leads at the top of your sales funnel)
  • Bookings 🥳 (Paid clients and shoots you've booked)
  • Earnings 🤑 (How much money you've collected through Sprout)

Now have a complete bird's eye view of your business's health every Monday!

Learn why Scorecards are your dashboard to success.

Better Mini-Session Management


New Feature


Ready for a more profitable mini-session season?

Many of you told us how you'd like to see Sprout improve, specifically as it relates to mini-sessions.

Our workflow (internally) is to map out the big picture. What are you actually trying to solve?

Here's what we came up with. As a photographer, you want to be able to…

  • Let existing clients book a session or mini-session through their portal
  • Show multiple mini-session options (session length, location, etc.) for your client to choose
  • Specify how many sessions are available and show a countdown (or "sold out") to clients
  • See a list (with quick access to details) of all sessions from a mini-session


Today, we solve all those problems - and more, with our mini-session update that includes three new features!

Start exploring the update in your account now by taking the tour, or watching the demo!

Notification Sync




Resolved: The notifications in the Dashboard and the notifications in the Notification Center were not matching upon marking them as "read" or "unread".

Text Wrapping on Contract Page




Resolved: The Contract Page in Sprout Studio was overlapping the text in some areas.

Sorting Questionnaires by Age




Resolved: When sorting questionnaires by age in your account, the content was not loading.

Event Duplication in Google Calendar




Resolved: Google Calendar resyncing was causing mass duplication of shoots.

Text Wrapping in Questionnaires




Resolved: The text wrapping in questionnaire response modals was formatting the pages in an unorganized and inconsistent way.

Paginating in Email Lists




Resolved: When creating an email list with over 50 Contacts, the email list would not paginate and only show the first page of 50 Contacts.

"No Contacts Found" Error in Calendar




Resolved: When attaching a Contact to a date on the Calendar, a "No Contacts Found" button appeared which linked to the Download Presets page.

Brand URL in Email Portal Link




Resolved: When users with multiple brands were sending client portal links to their clients, the brand URL was defaulting to "Brand A", even when the shoot was under "Brand B".