Added the removal of recipients in an Email Campaign

We released an update to Email Marketing that now lets the user remove emails from an email campaign before it's published.

Redesigned the Questionnaire builder

We released a design update to our Questionnaire builder to match our new style. They are now easier to create and visualize.

Added a Test button for Email Campaigns

We added a new Test button to allow photographers to test out the emails in an email campaign without publishing the campaign.

Fixed Email Headings not saving

We issued a fix that stops pretty emails from removing the Heading.

Fixed gallery cover cropping

We fixed an issue causing the save button to get cut off when setting a portrait-oriented image as a gallery cover image.

Added the removal of outstanding tasks and emails when closing a Lead

When you close a Lead from the Leads list page, the Lead is now stripped of any outstanding tasks or emails scheduled to go out.

Fixed Pretty Emails not going out from a workflow

We fixed an issue that was causing Pretty Emails to get stuck as "Sending".

Added all Pretty Email options to the Assistant

We added all of the new Pretty Email formatting options to our Sprout Assistant feature.

Fixed Price List image uploading

We implemented a fixed which allowed users to upload images to their Price List items again.

Fixed bulk emails with a large amount of emails

We fixed an issue that was preventing emails from email campaigns with a ton of email addresses from sending.