springnest updates
springnest updates

👀 Open Search for Springnest Marketplace




Finding a listing by name or keyword on Marketplace sites is now much easier thanks to the Open Search feature. The search bar appears when the magnifying icon in the site's menu is clicked and allows the visitor to search results based on a listing's name, or a keyword associated with the listing.

Results appear in real-time and are forgiving towards typos and spelling mistakes.

Open search at a glance

  • Location, features and the names of listings are used to find and rank results
  • Up to five results will display based on the search term
  • The results match the order of listings in Springnest Admin, in addition to other variables like the density of the search term in a listing content
  • A preview of results includes a listing's Feature Media, Category, Location, and From Rate as seen here:

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