springnest updates
springnest updates

💥 New Trigger options for Popups

There are now four Popup triggers to choose from, offering more flexibility around when and how your website visitors will see your pop-up messages.

Springnest Popup Triggers.gif


  • Choose from a 5 or 10-second delay before visitors see your Popup
  • Recommended for promoting offers and news

On page load

  • Show your Popup the moment a new visitor lands on your website
  • Recommended for important announcements

On Scroll

  • Show your Popup once a visitor has started scrolling down your page -
  • Recommended as an alternative to Time-based popups, to further engage already interested visitors

On exit intent (For Desktop visitors only)

  • Show your Popup as a visitor is about to leave your website - perfect to gather Mailchimp subscribers or offer a last-minute incentive to book direct.

Learn more about working with Popups in the Help Centre