springnest updates
springnest updates

Add Youtube Shorts to your Springnest site




Your Springnest site is now compatible with Youtube's Shorts format, enabling you to use Youtube Shorts as:

NightsBridge Availability Search for Springnest Marketplace




Springnest Marketplace users with a NightsBridge Channel can now offer their visitors search results based on travel dates and availability. A high-requested feature for marketplace, and valuable integration with our partners at NightsBridge, this update is aimed to help bookers find results faster, keep them on Marketplace sites for longer, and increase booking conversion. This feature is available on all Marketplace Plans.

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 13.55.01.png

πŸ’₯ New Trigger options for Popups

There are now four Popup triggers to choose from, offering more flexibility around when and how your website visitors will see your pop-up messages.

Springnest Popup Triggers.gif


  • Choose from a 5 or 10-second delay before visitors see your Popup
  • Recommended for promoting offers and news

On page load

  • Show your Popup the moment a new visitor lands on your website
  • Recommended for important announcements

On Scroll

  • Show your Popup once a visitor has started scrolling down your page -
  • Recommended as an alternative to Time-based popups, to further engage already interested visitors

On exit intent (For Desktop visitors only)

  • Show your Popup as a visitor is about to leave your website - perfect to gather Mailchimp subscribers or offer a last-minute incentive to book direct.

Learn more about working with Popups in the Help Centre

πŸ‘€ Open Search for Springnest Marketplace




Finding a listing by name or keyword on Marketplace sites is now much easier thanks to the Open Search feature. The search bar appears when the magnifying icon in the site's menu is clicked and allows the visitor to search results based on a listing's name, or a keyword associated with the listing.

Results appear in real-time and are forgiving towards typos and spelling mistakes.

Open search at a glance

  • Location, features and the names of listings are used to find and rank results
  • Up to five results will display based on the search term
  • The results match the order of listings in Springnest Admin, in addition to other variables like the density of the search term in a listing content
  • A preview of results includes a listing's Feature Media, Category, Location, and From Rate as seen here:

Brown Minimalist Good Morning Coffee Your Story.gif

πŸ’­ A new way to show off guest reviews





As our first major product update for 2022, we're honouring the most-requested feature from the Springnest community - a new way to capture and display guest reviews on your website.

Reviews moved to the Marketing Tab

You'll find Reviews next to Special Offers in the Marketing Tab (there is no longer a Guestbook Page Type). If you had a Guestbook page, your reviews will automatically be migrated.

Add more context to your reviews

Add more details to your reviews, including a heading, source, and optional source link.

Link reviews to products

Optionally, you can link reviews to Accommodation Pages, Activity Pages, or Listings.

Enable a guest feedback form

Enable a simple guest feedback form to encourage guest feedback.

Learn more about Reviews in the Help Centre

Add a Tiktok icon link to your Springnest website




Using Tiktok in your marketing strategy? You can now add a link to your Tiktok Account in the Settings Tab in Springnest Admin. tiktokicon.gif

The new Booking Widget







The new booking widget offers a significant design update making it more intuitive for website visitors to search for availability and rates, ultimately leading to higher website conversion rates. The update automatically applies to all websites with a third-party booking engine integration and offers a new optional Promo code field exclusively for NightsBridge users.


Add a Heading to personalise the Mailchimp Widget with a stronger call-to-action





In addition to selecting the best-suited Button Text for your Mailchimp sign-up form, you can now add an optional heading to create a stringer call-to-action, encouraging visitors to join your mailing list.

mailchimp form.gif

Easily manage HTML badges to your site - the Awards widget is here





The Awards Widget lets you easily add, remove and manage HTML badges on your website without compromising your SEO, design, or visitor experience. It places your brand and Booking button front stage and centre, with the option for visitor to view your awards in an unobtrusive way. Learn how to use the Awards Widget in the Springnest Help Centre.

The Awards widget replaced the TripAdvisor Tab widget, any HTML badges previously added to your TripAdvisor Tab, will now automatically be moved to the Awards Widget.

Keyword Tag field in SEO Settings





We frequently review SEO requirements to ensure that your website meets Google's requirements around indexing and ranking. We recently removed the "Keyword Tag" field from SEO settings since Google does not consider this as a ranking signal (they've made that very clear for a while now). It's important not to confuse this with the concept of using relevant words and keyword phrases on your pages, and in your SEO Settings. The field we removed was merely a way to add a list of optional keywords into the header of your website, which is no longer a relevant tactic.

Instead, we recommend using the keywords you wish to rank for in places where they matter, like your Page headings, and in your Meta Title and Description in Springnest's SEO Settings.

​Here are some valuable resources on Keywords, that can assist you further:

A look at keywords and how they impact your search engine ranking Guidelines on updating your SEO Settings in Springnest