The Whatsapp Widget is here

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Add a Whatsapp click-to-chat button to your Springnest site by adding your mobile number, choosing design preferences, and setting a default message for new conversations. The button appears in the bottom right of your site, and when clicked, opens the WhatsApp application on either a visitor's mobile or desktop device. You can choose to activate your WhatsApp button on mobile view only.

Learn how to add yours

New in COVID-19 Toolkit: Health and Safety Notice

Springnest allows you to optionally display a health notice in the bottom-left corner of your website, linking to your Health and Safety page. Read more about enabling the Health and Safety Notice here.

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New in COVID-19 Toolkit: Health and Safety Measures

With Lockdown restrictions starting to ease we're seeing an increase in website traffic and booking intent across Springnest sites. This is a crucial time to ensure that your content and message is up to date, and that you address the needs and safety concerns of your future guests. Our latest addition to Springnest COVID-19 Toolkit makes it quick and easy for you to communicate this clearly and beautifully.

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New dismiss options for Popup Messages

Make it more intuitive for your website visitors to dismiss your Popup notifications by using the new Dismiss options in the Popup editor. There are two options.

  • The Show Dismiss Icon box will enable an "x in the top right of your pop-up.
  • Select from a series of Dismiss Text to be shown at the bottom of your pop-up's content.

The Dismiss icon and "Continue to our website" dismiss text will automatically apply to your pop-up messages by default.

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COVID-19 Toolkit launched

Springnest's COVID-19 Toolkit allows you to access resources and add vital information to your website related to COVID-19. We built this tool to ensure that you display important messaging on your site related to government mandated policies in the right way. Additionally, you can also access valuable resources related to COVID-19 from Springnest Academy.

To explore the COVID-19 Toolkit; visit the Website tab in Springnest Admin and click COVID-19 Toolkit. Visit our Help Centre for more details on how to navigate through Springnest's COVID-19 Toolkit here.

Popup notifications are here

You can now add a pop-up notification to your website's homepage! A powerful marketing feature that allows you to display valuable information as soon as a website visitor arrives on your homepage.

There are a few cases where adding a pop-up would be valuable, read more about these cases and more here. To explore the pop-up notification feature, navigate to your Marketing tab in Springnest Admin. Learn more about adding this feature to your website here.

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Hide surrounding businesses from Map Pages

Surrounding business (including accommodation, restaurants and shopping) can optionally be hidden from Map Pages by visiting the Map Settings section for the particular page. This is useful when wanting to hide nearby competitors on your neighbourhood map.

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This feature might be useful if you are in a populated neighbourhood or town with many competitors around.

Note that this setting will hide all business categories including Restaurants and Shops which could be useful to your visitors. It's recommended that you add your own custom markers for points of interest when you use this setting.

New call-to-action text options for Special Offer Notifications

You can now choose from a variety of standard text options for your Special Offers notification bubble or tab depending on your offering and strategy. This option can be found in the notifications editor

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Pop-up enquiry forms for Special Offers

As a highly requested feature, the new Pop-up Enquiry option for Special Offers makes it simple for your website visitors to enquire about booking a specific Offer, without leaving the Offer landing page. It also rules out any ambiguity for the receiver, along with the need for dedicated contact pages for your offers. Select the "A Pop-up form" option in the Booking Button section of any of your offers to use this feature.

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A brand new look for sliders on mobile view

This month we completely reimagined the way that slider content display on mobile devices. Our goal was to create more impact and to use space more efficiently, but, without it costing you any speed or performance. The new layout displays text and calls to action over images and leverages image height for a more visual experience, as opposed to the original approach of displaying text and links below sliders in a container.

This update automatically applies to all Springnest websites.

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