New call-to-action text options for Special Offer Notifications

You can now choose from a variety of standard text options for your Special Offers notification bubble or tab depending on your offering and strategy. This option can be found in the notifications editor

Screenshot 2020-02-11 at 11.04.59.png

Pop-up enquiry forms for Special Offers

As a highly requested feature, the new Pop-up Enquiry option for Special Offers makes it simple for your website visitors to enquire about booking a specific Offer, without leaving the Offer landing page. It also rules out any ambiguity for the receiver, along with the need for dedicated contact pages for your offers. Select the "A Pop-up form" option in the Booking Button section of any of your offers to use this feature.

Screenshot 2020-02-11 at 11.03.10.png

A brand new look for sliders on mobile view

This month we completely reimagined the way that slider content display on mobile devices. Our goal was to create more impact and to use space more efficiently, but, without it costing you any speed or performance. The new layout displays text and calls to action over images and leverages image height for a more visual experience, as opposed to the original approach of displaying text and links below sliders in a container.

This update automatically applies to all Springnest websites.

springnest mobile example.gif

The Mailchimp Widget is here

Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 11.55.34.png

Adding a Mailchimp sign-up form to your Springnest website just got easier! Add the widget with a couple of clicks (you'll need to sign in to your Mailchimp account as part of this process). If you use multiple audiences in Mailchimp, you'll need to choose which audience you would like website subscribers to be added to. The sign-up form appears horizontally in your footer area, and will automatically match the colour palette and font combination of your site. Choose for a series of Calls to action best suited to your email marketing strategy and brand.

signup form.gif

Social Icons for narrow footer layout

Websites with the narrow footer layout enables now display social media links above the address. These links adopt the existing button style and palette of the website.

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The Facebook Chat Widget is here


We've added Facebook Chat as the first integrated live chat widget for Springnest websites. When active, the widget floats on the bottom-right of the screen and enables visitors to chat with you through your Facebook Business Page - a simple method to offer live chat functionality on your website.

facebok chat.gif

To use this feature, you will need to:

  • Have a Published Facebook Business Page associated with your business
  • Be an administrator of your Facebook Business Page
  • Be logged into your Facebook Account here

Learn how to add this widget

Add Canvas Pages to Collections

Like Accommodation and Activity pages, Canvas pages can now be added to Collections. Your Canvas Page's summary will appear on the Collection page as an excerpt, and will be hidden by a "Read More" link to reveal the full content, should the text exceed a certain number of characters.

Full Width Latest Articles Widget

A new layout for Latest Articles is available for *pages with hidden sidebars. The new layout appears wherever the Latest Articles Widget is active, and a page's sidebar is hidden. It displays the latest articles in a three-column grid. The total number of articles displayed can be set in the Latest Articles Widget Settings.

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 2.16.24 PM.png

*The sidebars for Home pages, Canvas pages, and Map pages can be hidden in the Basic Information section.

A bold and easy new way to show off your video content

Linking an image banner to a Youtube or Vimeo video now automatically creates a "Play" icon on the image. When clicked, it plays the video in a pop-up, ensuring that your visitors stay engaged without distractions.


Learn how to add videos

Design update for Special Offer Landing Pages

The new design features a full photo and video gallery, opposed to the single Feature Image, and uses a two column layout. This update automatically applies to all current and future offers published on Springnest websites.

new special offer landing page layout.gif