New Lightboxes for Galleries

The new gallery lightbox improves the way that website visitors view and interact with images on both desktop and mobile. This is a universal update and has been rolled out across all Springnest websites.


New and Improved Galleries

Our new Gallery layout breaks away from the original square grid and uses a more fluid approach to showing off your photographs and videos. The layout applies to all page types displaying galleries. This is a universal update and has been rolled out across all Springnest websites.


"Sticky" Navigation

The latest navigation update ensures that your website's menu items and Booking Button are clear and visible, regardless of how far down a page a visitors has scrolled. This update applies to all Springnest websites when viewed on desktop screen sizes.

Time field added for Contact Pages

Offering Restaurant or Spa reservations? You can now easily add a field to contact pages, allowing websites visitors to include the desired time with their enquiry.

time contact field.gif

Springnest SSL Update

As from July 2018, all Springnest websites will be hosted using SSL.

Improved Security and Better SEO

SSL encrypts the communication between your visitors' browser and your website's server. It creates a more secure browsing experience, and in short, it's important for your website's ranking in Google.

What's different?

The most noticeable change would be a "Connection is Secure" message in your browser, while browsing your website.


Springnest sites are now faster than ever

Springnest sites have always performed and scored well with regards to speed compared to other platforms, but we've now raised the bar. The update includes a number of technical enhancement to the way that your website loads, with the most exciting being the way we handle your photographs. We've drastically reduced image file sizes without costing you any quality.

Smaller images means less data costs for your visitors, and faster page loads. This has a particularly big effect on users visiting from mobile devices and on mobile networks.

Privacy Policy features to comply with GDPR

The following features have been added in the Privacy Policy Settings of Springnest websites, to ensure that clients have the necessary functionality to comply with GDPR:

Add a custom privacy Policy for your business

An open field allowing a custom Privacy Policy. using this field will automatically add a "Privacy Policy" link to the footer of your website.

Privacy and Cookie Pop-up Notice

Customise and enable a pop-up message for your website, notifying your visitors that cookies are used on your website.

Privacy Policy features can be found in the Settings Tab.

Improved design for Special Offers

The new layout for Special Offer landing pages is designed to better accommodate long description text while being less dependent on the HighLights and T&Cs features. The updated layout places a bigger focus on the offer's Title, Hint and Booking Button, and is designed with mobile users in mind.

Create a Special Offer

Update to the Instagram Widget

Early in April Instagram changed the way that companies like Springnest integrate with their platform, which caused our current Instagram widget to become inactive

We have resolved this to ensure that users can keep inspiring website visitors with their latest Instagram content. This requires some action from within Springnest Admin.

Visit the tutorial in the Help Centre

SEO Settings

meta title animation.gif

When editing the SEO settings for any of your pages, articles or offers, you'll see a live preview of how your changes will appear in search engines like Google.

You can now also edit the url of your pages, as you wish (optional, and useful when changing the names of rooms or tours).

Refresh your knowledge about SEO settings here.

No published changelogs yet.

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