January's Major Update

We've pushed out an update for the following;

• Removed the bounce rate from Split Hero
• Adding a Whitelabel PDF Report feature
• Adding 'Button Click' as a conversion tracking method
• Completely re-done the Campaign Setup UI/UX.

You can read the full details here.

New Pricing Plans

We've just launched 2 new tiers of pricing as well as the option to pay yearly for a discounted rate.

We now have the following plans;
Tier 1: 3x Active Campaigns - $27/mo or $270/yr
Tier 2: 10x Active Campaigns - $57/mo or $570/yr
Tier 3: Unlimited Active Campaigns - $97/mo or $970/yr.

Update 1.7.5

With this update, we have released a nice little feature where current logged in users are excluded from Split Hero tracking.

We have also added an IP Blacklist for IP Addresses you want to exclude from campaign redirects and stats too. This can be found when you're logged into the Split Hero platform and you click your name in the top right and go to 'profile'.

Update 1.7.4

The API Key in the plugin settings is now masked once it has been successfully entered.

Update 1.7.3

We've pushed out an update to fix/add support for the people who install WordPress into a sub-directory.

WPX Hosting Fix

We had an issue with TLS ciphers and some customers on older servers at WPX Hosting. We've now patched this.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce integration is now live with Plugin update 1.7.

For full details, please visit this blog post - https://splithero.com/update-1-7/.

Responsive Archive Button Fix

The Archive button on mobile hung off the right hand side of the screen. This has now been fixed.

Archive Button Fix

The archive button was missing on completed campaigns so we've patched it so you can now archive complete campaigns.

Campaign & Conversion URL's Now Visible

Hey Everyone!

So we've rolled out a minor 'quality of life' update to Campaigns.

When viewing campaigns you can now see the exact URL's for all your pages in the campaign. These can be found under the page title on the campaign view.

We've also added the conversion page name and URL to the summary box in the campaign view too :)