Spike changelog
Spike changelog

Slack messages auto update upon resolving

Upon feature request, we promptly looked in and released a new feature on our Slack app.

If any number of Slack alert(s) been sent for a new incident and you managed to resolve it from either Phone, SMS, Email or Dashboard or if the incident was automatically resolved, then the Slack message with automatically reflect the resolved state killing ambiguity on the status of an incident.

No actions are needed from your end and this will be available to all the existing and new Slack app installations.

New integrations - Nixstats and Server Density

Our integration list keeps growing! The newest integrations are Nixstats (server performance) and Server Density (infrastructure monitoring).

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Flexible On-calls

You can now build flexible on-call schedules with On-call Layers!

Create different layers to handle weekday/weekend schedules, assign team members for Follow-the-sun model and create overrides. You can also use slots to create on-call shifts for specific parts of the day or week.


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Request an integration with ease


Thanks to all your requests, we have now built over 25 integrations. This is great considering we laucnhed with 5 πŸ™‚

In an effort to encourage you to request more of them, we have added an effortless way for you to reach out to us with your integration requests.

Email integration - create incidents by sending an email


Using a tool like DigitalOcean, Linode or Pulseway who doesn't support webhook??!

No problem, use our email integration which will give you a unique email address. Any email sent to this address will create an incident.

Pro tip: You can also setup automatic forwarding from your inbox to our email integration to create incidents.

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A native Sentry integration

We are very excited to announce our native integration with Sentry.io. Visit Sentry.io > settings > integrations and you will find us on the page. Install it 2 easy steps and you are ready to get alerts from us for all the application errors and track metrics around it.

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New integrations - Checkly, AppSignal and more

We have added support for even more integrations! Our newest integrations are Checkly (API monitoring), AppSignal (errors and performance tracking), Stackify (performance monitoring), Scout (performance monitoring), Oh Dear! (uptime monitoring) and Site24x7 (performance monitoring).

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Badges for your Git repository

Quickly access incidents for your service or integration by adding the Spike.sh badge to your Git repo. You can add the badge to the README file on your Github or Gitlab repo, or to any Markdown file.

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Archive integrations

You can now archive integrations that you don’t need so they don’t show up on your dashboard. We’ve also added archive support for escalation policies.

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Vacation mode

Silence alerts for a period of time by setting a vacation mode for your account. When you are ready to resume alerts, just go back and remove the vacation mode. It's that easy.

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