Spike changelog
Spike changelog

Securely login with SSO + SAML


New feature


SSO-1 (1).png

With the advent of onboarding all you amazing teams, we have been asked for SSO many a times and boy does it feel great to finally release this.

Visit your organisation settings and enable SSO with SAML. You can then ask your team members to enter the organisation slug (you can find this on your organisation page) to login securely.

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Embed status page notifications on your websites


New feature


Our embed feature displays live notifications of status page changes on any of your websites. Below is an example of how the notification looks -


This notification auto-hides itself and is shown only once per visitor.

Some use cases::

  1. If you are a SAAS business, you can embed upcoming planned maintenance notifications on your dashboard. This way your users will be reminded and they can choose to take necessary actions.
  2. Crypto trading platforms embed notifications for better transparency on their trading dashboards
  3. Your business home page is another great place to embed notifications.

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Thanks Leo for requesting this feature.

Link Uptime to Status Page


New feature


If your uptime goes down, your status page will automatically reflect that. When your uptime recovers, the status page will also recover. You can set this up by editing or creating an uptime.

One uptime ==> One status page

One status page ==> Many uptimes.

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Large amounts of requests flew in for this. So, we are very happy to build this one out.

On-call <> Google calendar sync




Personal calendar not syncing with on-call has been a huge blocker for a while. Well -- round up everyone 'cause we have finally bought in a huge improvement to this.

Our calendar export options come with sync using webcal. This will export a new calendar and subscribe you to it's events and update automatically as and when on-call changes.

Visit On-call > My schedules > calendar view (hit the icon) > Export

Thanks Nathan and Andreii for requesting this feature :)

Add multiple responders to a single incident


New feature


We are releasing support for multiple responders for a single incident. This is great because we believe this will bring in better Transparency, helps gain Empathy, and sets future incident context to help reduce MTTR

Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 6.52.46 PM.png

You can read a little more about this on our blog

Our API 👩‍💻 is here


API has been requested by so many of you and I thank you for it :) So so excited to finally release our v0.1 version of API.

Head out to https://api.spike.sh and take it out for a spin.


New feature


Status Page by Spike.sh


New feature



Create beautiful and branded status pages for your website, app, API, online store and more.

Share real time updates about ongoing incidents. Keep users informed about system maintenance activities.

Status Page is linked to your Spike.sh account, so you can log in with your existing credentials (or create a new account) here.

Create Multiple Teams


New feature


Spike - Teams.png

Introducing Teams in Spike.sh!

You can now onboard multiple teams to your Spike.sh account. Each team can have their own on-call, escalations and alert rules. And you can analyze your incident management performance with team specific reports.

For existing customers, we’ve created a default team and added all members to it already.

You can see your teams and create a new team here.

On-call enhancements


New feature



Social - On-call transparency.png

Our new on-call enhancements make it easier for dev teams to answer the most common questions.

  • See current and upcoming on-call shifts on the dashboard
  • Personal calendar view to see just your shifts
  • Export your on-call schedule to Google Calendar, Outlook and more

Check out the new on-call here.

Slack and personal alerts when your on-call shift starts/ends


New feature




Setup personal notification when your on-call shift starts or ends over one or more channels. This applies to all on-call schedules you are part of. Find it here


Similarly, you can setup Slack alerts to keep track of on-call handovers here.

Special thanks to Shaun, Rick, Nishank, & Richard.