Spike changelog
Spike changelog

Fine-grained access control and custom roles


The new access control and custom roels allow admins and managers alike to fine-tune controls for their teams. Enable larger teams to manage their incidents with ease.

  • Visualise before changing permissions
  • Create custom roles of your own
  • Manage easy access to members

Visit your Organisation settings > Team to get started.

Reports v0.1 πŸ“‰


New feature


Reports (1).png

Sparkling new Reports are here.

We built our new reports from the ground up. The new engine is radically optimized empowering you to measure and see if you are doing better over time.

With our new reports, you will be able to answer these types of questions -

  1. Are the number of incidents gradually decreasing?
  2. Are my team-mates getting bothered a lot with alerts?
  3. Who is our most active responder?
  4. How many hours has one person been on-call over the past 2 months?
  5. How many alerts are my team-mates getting?

Our reports are still in beta. We have got the engine running now so feel free to write to kaushik@spike.sh with requests and feedback.

Introducing favorites for quick access

[New feature] image.png

You know that incident that always keep repeating itself?? This is the one you perhaps hate the most.

In the past, we have had our own incidents that's been bugging us and we remembered them either via their Incident ID such as INC-124 or by the incident title.

To make it easier to access those annoying incidents, we have introduced Favorites. You can hit that ⭐️ star icon on any incident and access it easily from the sidebar. How cool is that?!!

Not just incidents, Favorites are also supported for every integration, service, escalation, alert rules, title remappers, and even outbound webhook for easy access.

War rooms - automatically get all responders on a single call asap


New feature


Video integrations.png

War rooms creates instant meeting rooms and involved all possible stakeholders on a single call.

Every second matters during critical incident resolution. The last thing we want is for members to scramble around to find the right link to join the discussion. War rooms solve this problem.

Our war room integrations are --

  1. Google Meet
  2. Zoom (coming soon)
  3. Your personal link (think Daily.co, Gather.town, etc)

Learn more πŸ‘‰

Send incidents to JIRA, Linear, and ClickUp


New feature



Numerous times, your incidents seek a longer path to complete resolution. Adding the incident and it's details to your Project tracking software makes it extremely easy to track it's progress.

Our first iteration of Project tracking integrations feature

  1. JIRA Cloud
  2. Linear
  3. ClickUp

Visit your dashboard, select one or more incidents and send it to your favorite project tracking software.

Click here to setup πŸ‘‰

Learn more

Alerts on WhatsApp


New feature



SMS is too mainstream and full of spam. Yikes ! who wants that?!!

Our new WhatsApp bot takes away the pain of SMS and lets you take quick actions without ever leaving WhatsApp.

You can receive alerts for -

  • New incidents
  • Acknowledge timeout
  • When your on-call shift starts
  • When your on-call shift ends

Visit https://app.spike.sh/replace-sms-alerts to replace all SMS alerts to WhatsApp in just 2 clicks

πŸ’‘Pro tip - You can Acknowledge and Resolve incidents directly from WhatsApp.

Telegram alerts are here


New feature



Ditch your SMS for our new Telegram bot - @spikeHQ_bot. Add the bot and run the /connect command to get started.

Similar to our WhatsApp bot, the Telegram bot intends to take away the pain of SMS and sends you timely alerts.

You can receive alerts for -

  1. New incidents
  2. Acknowledge timeout
  3. When your on-call shift starts
  4. When your on-call shift ends

Visit https://app.spike.sh/replace-sms-alerts to replace all SMS alerts to Telegram in just 2 clicks

πŸ’‘Pro tip - You can Acknowledge and Resolve incidents directly from Telegram.

Securely login with SSO + SAML


New feature


SSO-1 (1).png

With the advent of onboarding all you amazing teams, we have been asked for SSO many a times and boy does it feel great to finally release this.

Visit your organisation settings and enable SSO with SAML. You can then ask your team members to enter the organisation slug (you can find this on your organisation page) to login securely.

Learn more πŸ‘‰

Embed status page notifications on your websites


New feature


Our embed feature displays live notifications of status page changes on any of your websites. Below is an example of how the notification looks -


This notification auto-hides itself and is shown only once per visitor.

Some use cases::

  1. If you are a SAAS business, you can embed upcoming planned maintenance notifications on your dashboard. This way your users will be reminded and they can choose to take necessary actions.
  2. Crypto trading platforms embed notifications for better transparency on their trading dashboards
  3. Your business home page is another great place to embed notifications.

Learn more πŸ‘‰

Thanks Leo for requesting this feature.

Link Uptime to Status Page


New feature


If your uptime goes down, your status page will automatically reflect that. When your uptime recovers, the status page will also recover. You can set this up by editing or creating an uptime.

One uptime ==> One status page

One status page ==> Many uptimes.

Learn more πŸ‘‰

Large amounts of requests flew in for this. So, we are very happy to build this one out.