🐞 Repeated incidents for single step escalations

Issue - Single-step escalation policies were getting repeated alerts.

This has been fixed 👆

When to use single step escalation policy?

Some incidents are just info, they are good to know. For such incidents, we support single-step escalation policies where in the info incident will be alerted once.

Best to use our Slack app to get these info alerts

Example escalation policy -

Single step escalation policy.png

Slack app -


Mute alerts for any incident

If you are busy fixing the incident or say you are planning on fixing it in the next release cycle then mute the incident alerts.

It will still create incident but you won't be alerted next time.

Read a little more 👉


Automatic grouping of repeated incidents 🙌

If an incident has repeated itself then we group them and give you some great insights. You don't have to look at a graph and learn to ignore it with your human-readable insights


PS: No actions needed from your side. Automatically enabled and grouped all previous repeated incidents for all accounts.

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Better sidebar on the dashboard

Overlapping icon and text are now completely resolved on the dashboard. Many of our users on different dashboards faced this in the past. Hope you like this re-design. ✌️

Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 8.49.20 AM.png

Auto resolve incidents

Let's go crazy, if your integration supports it then know that Spike will auto-resolve your incidents for you. It's great for especially those P3 incidents.


You can remove users

Head over to team settings and remove any member you wish. Bonus - you can add the same user back again :)

Weekly e-mail report of your incidents

Every team member on Spike will receive a weekly e-mail report of incidents to keep you on top of everything. It will mainly consist of Incidents in a triggered state, Acknowledged state and incidents resolved in the past week.

Public incidents refined

We have refined the public incident page so your team members who are not on Spike can refer to the incident too.

🐞🔫 Service update issues fixed

Some accounts faced an issue updating their existing services. We have fixed that.

Sentry integration is here

Super excited to be alerting you for all the Sentry issues. Visit our guide on how to integrate Spike with Sentry