Prometheus and Grafana integrations are here 🙌

Prometheus and Grafana are the most popular open source solutions out there. We are super proud and excited to have built integrations with them.


Prometheus guide 📕

Grafana guide 📙

Request for an integration and we shall build it

We integrate with Sematext 🎉

Sematext (1).png

Sematext helps you detect and troubleshoot production and performance issues with logs, metrics, synthetic and real user monitoring (and it helps that their team is quite awesome)

Sematext integrates seamlessly with Spike via custom webhook.

Learn more 👉

This widget doesn't bounce anymore

First, one person complained about the bouncy changelog animation and then many of the others did 😝

So, from now on this changelog doesn't bounce anymore.

Sorry and thanks for the feedback.

Azure, Honeybadger, Rollbar and Twilio

New integrations alert 📣

Thanks to Divyansh, our new member on our tiny team for building these integrations. More integrations releasing soon

Don't see an integration you want? Head over to our integrations page and fill out your request. Most of these integrations were actually requests from either visitors and our customers.

Integrations 1.png

Phone number verification

Thanks to our user for reporting an error in changing phone number section under settings. An edge case which ended in failure to set new phone number has now been fixed.

Mute incidents optimised

Some P3 incidents like basic CPU monitoring, auto-scaling alerts could repeat on for a while. In a case like that, mute these incidents alerts immediately.

Our previous update caused a few issues notably with our persistent storage for scheduled unmuting. We are now using the same persistent storage but optimised with a better engine.

Your dashboard, redesigned


Our new dashboard reflects our importance and weightage to ease of managing incidents with clutter free UI focusing back on Simplicity.

To our customers, thank you so much for your support.

Updated Google Cloud integration

Google Cloud integration previously was via Stackdriver which has now changed. We have updated our docs to reflect them.

Check them here 👉

SMS notifications is out of beta 🎉

Not every incident needs a phone call. For all those P3 incidents, use an SMS alert instead 😎


🐞 Repeated incidents for single step escalations

Issue - Single-step escalation policies were getting repeated alerts.

This has been fixed 👆

When to use single step escalation policy?

Some incidents are just info, they are good to know. For such incidents, we support single-step escalation policies where in the info incident will be alerted once.

Best to use our Slack app to get these info alerts

Example escalation policy -

Single step escalation policy.png

Slack app -