Spike changelog
Spike changelog

Create Multiple Teams


New feature


Spike - Teams.png

Introducing Teams in Spike.sh!

You can now onboard multiple teams to your Spike.sh account. Each team can have their own on-call, escalations and alert rules. And you can analyze your incident management performance with team specific reports.

For existing customers, we’ve created a default team and added all members to it already.

You can see your teams and create a new team here.

On-call enhancements


New feature



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Our new on-call enhancements make it easier for dev teams to answer the most common questions.

  • See current and upcoming on-call shifts on the dashboard
  • Personal calendar view to see just your shifts
  • Export your on-call schedule to Google Calendar, Outlook and more

Check out the new on-call here.

Slack and personal alerts when your on-call shift starts/ends


New feature




Setup personal notification when your on-call shift starts or ends over one or more channels. This applies to all on-call schedules you are part of. Find it here


Similarly, you can setup Slack alerts to keep track of on-call handovers here.

Special thanks to Shaun, Rick, Nishank, & Richard.

Alert Reliability Engine v1.0 for Phone calls and SMS


Delivering alerts to you and your team is vital for us. We have taken multiple steps over the past few months to increase the reliability of Phone calls and SMS.

After weeks of building and testing with a close set of customers, we are excited to announce our increased Alert Reliability Engine v1.0 which will ensure an alert will reach out to you.

Our engine intelligently determines if you have unanswered or cut our call and re-dial you. It also switches between our multiple vendors at run-time in case if we are unable to reach your phone.

Read more 👉

Templates for On-call, Escalations and Alert rules


New feature



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Introducing Templates for incident management!

Implement the best practices for your team by using ready-made templates for on-call schedules, escalation policies and alert rules.

Add your on-call shifts on Google Calendar, Outlook and more


New feature



You can now export your shifts from any on-call schedule to your personal calendar such as iCalendar, Google Calendar and more.

This helps to keep track of your shifts directly from your personal calendar.

Learn more

Newer improved Microsoft Teams alerts





Your Microsoft Teams alerts have improved a notch. Besides the information on incidents, you will now also see buttons to action on an incident.

The two action buttons are Acknowledge and Resolve

Learn more 👉

Newer, better Slack alerts





  1. Longer detailed messages for your incidents

  2. Quick links from your incident details

Integrations like Sentry, AppSignal, New Relic, etc do send quick links which will be captured and sent to you in our new Slack message format.

Thanks to Kyle for this feature request.

Here's how it looks 👇


New integrations for uptime, logs and infrastructure


New feature



We've added many more integrations to help you get alerts from across your tool stack. Here are the new integrations -

  • Instana (performance monitoring)
  • Librato (performance monitoring)
  • Raygun (error monitoring)
  • Lightstep (observability)
  • Runscope (API monitoring)
  • Honeycomb (observability)
  • Graylog (log monitoring)
  • Checkmk (infrastructure monitoring)
  • Hyperping (uptime monitoring)
  • Epsagon (application monitoring).


Your phone alerts are now longer with an improved format





Phone calls are now extended to 420 characters to give you more clarity on an incident. We have improved the format so you can change incident statuses at any point in time during the call.

Press -

  • 4 to acknowledge
  • 6 to resolve
  • 9 to escalate

Special thanks to our customer Adam 👏