Vacation mode

Silence alerts for a period of time by setting a vacation mode for your account. When you are ready to resume alerts, just go back and remove the vacation mode. It's that easy.

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Easy, flexible, remote-team friendly On-call management is here


We couldn’t be happier about this release. A very simple on-call scheduling and rotation with custom options (12 hours, 2 days, etc).

You can add as many people in rotations and you can choose to create multiple schedules too. With the ease of flexible calendar with multi-time zone support, it’s easy for remote teams to get started too.

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Auto-resolve and better suppressing for Grafana integration

Issue - Similar incidents would not be suppressed and instead created new ones.

Good - We continued to alert and notify the user, no stopping us there

Bad - It could be annoying to get continuous alerts when you might already be working on fixing it


We will be using the Alert rules you set in Grafana to group and suppress repeated incidents when in the non-resolved state.

πŸ’‘Auto resolve (action needed from you)

Grafana integration now supports auto-resolve as well. You will need to setup the conditions in Grafana for Ok state.

Alert rules on Grafana πŸ‘‰

How to integrate Grafana with πŸ‘‰

Slack channels listing issue fixed

Issue - Not all Slack channels were displayed in the drop down in escalations policy.

This happened primarily with customers having more than 50 channels. We have upgraded our Slack app to omit the soon-to-be-deprecated methods and now list 1,500 channels.

Thank you for reporting this πŸ™

Librato integration (customer request)

We recently built and deploy Librato integration. If you are on Solarwinds stack, this is a nifty addition. Read the guide and let us know if you have questions !

How to integrate with Librato πŸ‘‰

Share incidents with more control

We are bringing in a more granular control over sharing incidents publicly. You can now choose to share incidents with your team members, embed them in documents and more.

Don't want to share? That's cool - you can also disable sharing of all incidents on the new organisation settings.

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Actionable phone calls fixed

Our vendors providing calls had blocked our account for too many retries for a phone number which was not reachable.

Thankfully, we have been working on getting vendor-agnostic for these tough times. Thus, we have immediately moved to another vendor but this ended in disabling inputs on phone calls for the last 24 hours.

We have now fixed this issue. This means on a phone call, you can continue to take actions like -

press 4 to acknowledge

press 6 to resolve

press 9 to escalate

More about changing incident status πŸ‘‰

Report incident parsing issue with a single click


After you add an integration, we convert the JSON data of your incident into human-readable text. Sometimes, it fails πŸ€·β€β™€οΈand you end up ignoring it, perhaps.

We want you to be able to easily communicate these issues, flawlessly. This is why we have built a single click reporting as demonstrated above.

This parsing does NOT affect alerts. You will continue to receive them.

Learn more about parsing fail πŸ‘‰ integration update

We are working with the amazing team at Sentry to build a native integration. If you have an already existing Sentry integration then we will send you docs on how to upgrade.Until then, no action is needed from you

Below are some of the benefits -

  1. Install from Sentry's settings
  2. You can utilise the new and advanced Alerts feature from Sentry with
  3. Our native integration will be far more reliable in terms of incident reporting

We would encourage you to wait for a few days until Sentry and works this out.

Thank you for your patience, we truly appreciate it.

☎️ We now attempt your call more than once

In an effort to absolutely make sure our calls are reaching you, we took your feedback and expedited our fail-safe feature for phone calls. I am glad to inform you that v1.0 has been enabled on your account.

What does this mean?

This means we will attempt to call you again if one of the below happens -

  1. We failed to connect to your phone
  2. You did not answer our call (will definitely wake you up and break DND settings in emergencies)
  3. Your phone was busy
  4. You decided to cut our call

We would love to hear what you think. Ping us on from your dashboard and share your feedback.