Sonlet updates
Sonlet updates

Post to Groups where you're not an admin





Facebook has made changes recently that make it possible for third-party apps (like Sonlet) to post to groups where the user is not an admin. This is especially important for groups where you've exceeded the maximum admin count allowed by Facebook, for example.

To support posting to non-admined groups, we've modified the Group drop-down selector to include all of your Facebook groups. In order to keep things tidy and efficient, we've separated your groups into three sections in the drop-down:

  1. Recently posted
  2. Groups I admin
  3. All other groups

Here's how it looks:

Screenshot from 2018-11-13 11-59-16.png

As a nice little side-bonus we've also added the group photo to the drop-down to help you locate your groups more easily. You can also type to search your groups by name.

You'll also notice that the Refresh button now has two options:

Screenshot from 2018-11-13 11-37-05.png

The "Quick refresh" option will just refresh the groups that you admin. The "Full refresh" will refresh all of your groups.

Happy group-picking and posting!!