Sonlet updates
Sonlet updates

Direct Messages

You can now chat directly with other users on Sonlet!

Check it out on the Direct Messages page.


You'll see links to Direct Message other users around the site:

  • Sales pages to message shoppers
  • Claims and Likes pages to message sellers (or potential sellers)
  • Item details page to message the seller
  • Various social pages
  • Possibly more in the future

Notifications for Direct Messages include in-site alerts and optional text and email alerts for subscribed users. Notifications are only sent when you have not been active in a chat for a while, so you don't get spam notified while currently chatting.

We hope this improves communication between sellers and shoppers!





Notification filtering





Tired of sifting through pages of notifications to find that one party invite or chat reply buried under a mountain of claims? Now you can filter notifications by "type" from your notifications page.


We hope this makes your life just a little bit more enjoyable. Happy filtering!

Threaded Party Chat





Party/shop chat has been updated to support threaded replies! Previously, in order to carry on a conversation in a chat, users had to @-reply each other back and forth. This worked okay in low-traffic chats, but was very annoying in larger parties/shops. Now you can contain your conversation in a thread, similar to Facebook and other platforms.

To get started just hit the reply button!


Inventory Level Alerts





We are happy to announce a new tool on the consultant dashboard, Inventory Level Alerts.


Get notified in-site and optionally with text messages (new option in notification settings) when your inventory levels for styles/sizes cross thresholds that you set.

Sales trends by Style/Size





We've added two new ways to help track which styles and sizes have sold recently.

First up, on the consultant dashboard is a new widget in the upper left-hand corner called "Recent Sales by Style/Size" (or "Product/Variant" if your company is Other). The widget shows a quick summary of what has sold within a time period you choose in the drop-down. There is also a column that shows how many items you still have on hand so you can tell if you need to re-order at a glance.


Second, on the sales page we've added a Style/Size summary csv file that you can download. The data is similar to the consultant dashboard widget but the time ranges go longer and you can use the csv file any way you like.


Enjoy! Let us know if you have any feedback.

Ability to ban customers from parties





Customers can now be banned in a new section on the Customers tab of the Approvals page. While banned a customer cannot take any action in a party (claiming, liking, getting in line via next, chatting) however they will still be able to browse albums and items.

Only Business plan users that are party admins can ban and un-ban customers.


Improvements roundup





More small improvements have shipped over the last two weeks! Be sure to check 'em out.

  • Customers can view the items they are in line for and can get out of line for an item from the customer dashboard
  • Party admins can remove pending/request shoppers, both individually and in bulk
  • Party admins can remove messages from chat
  • Consultants can mark workflows done in bulk on the sales page (Invoiced, Paid, Shipped)
  • Consultant invites sent in bulk via CSV will arrive much faster

Party shuffle!





We've just released the much-requested "Party Shuffle" feature. With Party Shuffle you can keep your parties looking fresh with ease! You can even set up daily or weekly recurring shuffles so you can set it and forget it. Shoppers love to see fresh party albums, so recurring shuffles can be a great tool for driving return traffic to your parties.

To enable shuffling on a party that you admin, just check the box under "Advanced options" in the party settings:


Once you've enabled the option, you'll see a new "Shuffle settings" item in the party drop-down menu:


From the Shuffle Settings page you can:

  • Fire off an immediate shuffle request.
  • Set up recurring shuffles with daily or weekly frequency.
  • Manage "Pinned Sellers" (sellers who will always be at the top of albums after shuffling).
  • View shuffle status and history.

Check out our tutorial video at the bottom of this post for a full walk-through.

The Multi-Directory has also been updated to allow you to restrict your search to parties with Shuffle enabled:



Improvements: SmartPost, party item removals, rewards programs





This week saw quite a few improvements to Sonlet!

  • SmartPost has been optimized for speed! Actions within SmartPost should complete much faster. Things like changing the target Facebook group, changing albums, and marking items as post/do not post were all optimized. Some users will show more speed boost than others.
  • Removing sold items from parties now includes items that are sold out but have not been marked complete by the consultant in their sales page. This should make it much easier for admin consultants to clean up parties.
  • The Reward program page now has a search filter box for each separate reward program. You can filter the individual reward cards by the shopper's name or email.

Let us know what you think and especially if you see any funny business with the new features. Thanks!

Delete multiple parties at once





We launched the select multiple parties feature a few weeks ago with only the ability to leave selected parties, and it was well received. A few of you recommended we do the same thing with the delete action and we liked the idea so here it is!

We have expanded the select multiple feature on the parties page. You can now select multiple parties and delete them all at once (if you created them)!

Also you cannot leave a party that you created, it just doesn't make sense.