• [macOS] Fix critical bug on OS X 10.11 and lower (some torrents and all acestreams were not playing).
  • [Chromecast] Detect device disconnect.
  • [Chromecast] Improve VIZIO and Sony BRAVIA 4K TVs discovery.


  • [AceStream] Fix dependencies download regression introduced in the 1.1.2 version (sorry about that).
  • [AceStream] More bugfixes.


  • [AceStream] Handle and display acestream errors.
  • [AceStream] Show title and buffering states.
  • [AceStream] Critical bugfixes and performance improvements.


  • [AirPlay] Greatly improve quality and performance on Apple TV 4th gen.
  • [AirPlay] Fix bug when switching subtitles while AirPlay'ing.
  • [AirPlay] Fix bug on Apple TV 4th gen. when seeking.
  • [AceStream/AirPlay] Fix a critical bug where it would either never start AirPlay'ing or would stop randomly.
  • [AceStream/AirPlay] Greatly improve quality and performance.
  • [AceStream] Automatically clear the AceStream disk cache when closing the app.


  • Ace Stream (acestream://) and SopCast (sop://) support is here! Please talk to us if you encounter any issue.
  • [AirPlay] Minor bugfixes for tvOS 10.2+


  • [AirPlay] Support for tvOS 10.2 :)


  • [Touch Bar] Replace ESC button with a nice Exit fullscreen button when app is playing a video in fullscreen.

BETA 4.2

  • Fix critical bug where selecting "Off" in the subtitles menu would not work.
  • Fix bug where player chrome would not automatically hide on inactivity (after opening a menu while another one was already opened).


  • Window controls (minimize, maximize, close) are now included on top of the video for a less intrusive feel. They now also automatically hide on inactivity.


  • Traffic lights (close, minimize, fullscreen) now automatically hide on inactivity.

BETA 4.1

  • Ability to try multiple subtitles for a language (in case the default one is not synced).
  • Enable hardware-accelerated playback for even more codecs.
  • Seekbar now shows a buffer bar for web videos.


  • New keyboard shortcut: toggle Fullscreen with ⌘+F (like QuickTime Player).


  • New keyboard shortcut: toggle Fullscreen with Alt+Enter (like Windows Media Player).
  • Fix file association bug (Soda Player listed multiple times in the Open with menu and missing file icon after an auto-update).

BETA 4.0

  • App can now play videos from hundreds of different websites. You can find the list of all supported websites here.
  • Brand new Google Chrome extension to easily open web videos.
  • You can now control the Chromecast volume within the app when casting.
  • The app window title now shows the title of the currently playing video.
  • Fix a bug where the controls would not auto-hide.
  • Fix buffering loader appearing when it shouldn't.
  • Fix background video screenshot now showing in the app when watching on TV.


  • Touch Bar support

BETA 3.4

  • Fix a critical bug where the decoder/renderer would fail to init.
  • Fix distorted aspect ratio when going fullscreen too early.
  • Fix a few bugs when opening multiple files.
  • Fix app not being able to open local .torrent files with # in the path.
  • Fix homescreen appearing for a few milliseconds when opening a video directly.
  • Fix controls not automatically hiding in some cases.
  • Fix play/pause not working for some codecs after a replay.
  • Add support for the DV (Digital Video) video format (.dv).


  • Better file association and file icon (make Soda your default player again to update).

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