Snyk support for PHP Composer on Git now available

You can now import, test and monitor your PHP Composer projects from GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure Repos and GitLab

Snyk CLI and our plugin for Jenkins now support Alpine

Our CLI (v1.185.5) and our Jenkins plugin (v2.10.0) both support Alpine Linux now. To get started, ensure Alpine and Snyk are compatible, and you're ready to go. See our docs to get up and running with the Snyk CLI v1.185.5 and greater.

Snyk API import project now supports container registries

Import of Docker Hub, Azure Container Registry and Elastic Container Registry projects is now available with our Import Project API.

Snyk scans for private Maven repositories now available

A Maven plugin supporting Snyk scans for private repos is now available for download from the Maven Central Repository.

Snyk has been added to tldr

Snyk has been added to tldr, an open source CLI tool that helps understand other CLI tools by offering examples. Run npm install -g tldr and then tldr snyktldr_snyk.png

API—retrieve list of integrations by org

Retrieve a list of configured integration IDs per organization with our API. Use the integrations URL when submitting your request. See our API docs for information.

Full depth discovery with Bitbucket Server available

Broker client v4.51.0 is now available. Upgrade to this version of the client in order to get full depth discovery support with Bitbucket Server. See our docs to upgrade and configure your Broker client now.

Onboard Snyk with Bitbucket Server integration seamlessly

You can now configure your Bitbucket Server integration more easily with a simple, straightforward UI guiding you step-by-step.image.png

Integration level PR settings now available

PR test settings can now be managed from both the Integration and the Project levels.

All existing projects set to default PR settings at the Project level (per project) are now set to Inherit from integration settings.

All existing projects for which PR settings were customized at the Project level are now set to Custom.

To configure default PR settings for all projects in one integration, go to Integrations=>Settings.

To configure Custom PR settings for a single project, go to Projects and from the specific project, click the Settings cog. PRSettings.png

CLI project grouping

When running snyk monitor from the CLI, Git projects are now grouped together in the UI display. To get started, upgrade your Snyk CLI to v1.162.0 or above and then run snyk monitor to refresh any already monitored projects.CLI_group.png For more info about our CLI, see our docs.

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