Auto Upload in the macOS App

Every photographer wants to be sure their photos are safe and sound. Now that’s easier than ever with Auto Upload for the SmugMug macOS app. You choose which folders you'd like the SmugMug app to watch, and any photos within will be automatically uploaded. If you add new photos or change existing ones, those changes will be detected and automatically uploaded as well.

Visit the apps page to download the app.

Activate Auto Upload from your app settings.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 1.38.21 PM.png

Then specify which folders you’d like to upload from automatically.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 1.39.05 PM.png

Friday Improvements: May 15, 2020

This week we've made a couple of improvements and bug fixes:

  • New trial users who don't plan on selling will have the option to get started with a set of sample photos, meaning less time getting set up and more time exploring SmugMug.
  • We made some improvements to checkout to help customers ensure their shipping addresses are accurate.
  • Fixed an issue where some new galleries that should have been created with download buttons turned on still had them turned off.
  • Fixed an error with adding a new contact when using the email share feature.

Friday Improvements: April 24, 2020

We've been busy, lots of good stuff here to tell you about.

  • Our Print Lab Partners are doing an amazing job of safely printing and delivering purchases you and your visitors are making, however, due to limited capacity, delivery times may be impacted. Information about any delays have been added to the ordering process.
  • Improved Messaging on "First Name", "Last Name" or "Display Name" of your Profile. We'll let you know right away if your entries won't work and why.
  • Fixed some issues with the way a few themes (fonts/colors) were displayed in the Lightbox
  • The "Google Ad Sense" Content Block is being removed. If you had previously been using it, it will no longer display on your site.
  • You can now take a new photo from within the Android app. When uploading photos, you'll find a camera icon in the top right, which will launch the native camera on your device.
  • Significant enhancements to the macOS app to improve reliability, fix a few issues, and make it clear how to import your photos from the MacOS Photos App.

Re-arrange photos, folders, and galleries in Android

In addition to being able to organize your photos by moving photos, folders and galleries, you can now also manually re-arrange the order of your photos, galleries from within the SmugMug Android app. Make that photo in the middle of your gallery be the first photo. Or move that last folder to be the 2nd to last - you've got plenty of options.

Push and hold on any photo, folder, or gallery to enter the multi-select mode, then grab the one or more items and drag them to the location of your choosing.

You can also set the sort order of any folder or gallery by finding the "Edit Sort" option in the extra options of any folder or gallery. Sort by date, name, and more.

re-arrange photos.GIF

Auto-Upload in the Windows app

Automatically upload photos from your computer to SmugMug

Making sure all your photos have been uploaded, safe-and-sound, to SmugMug can sometimes be daunting, especially as you keep taking more and more photos. You can now use the SmugMug Windows app to automatically upload photos from specific folders. You choose which folders you'd like the SmugMug app to watch, and any photos within will be automatically uploaded. If you add new photos or change existing ones, those changes will be detected and automatically uploaded as well.

We're hoping you enjoy this peace of mind, especially with the crazy events going on in the world right now.

Visit the apps page to download the app.

Specific which folders you'd like to be monitored and auto-uploaded: Annotation 2020-03-26 145702.png

Then watch as they're automatically sent to SmugMug: 2020-03-26-144640.png

Friday Bug Fixes

SmugMug has always embraced a diverse workforce that lives and works all around the world -- transitioning the entire company to work remotely has been fairly smooth (though obviously the current state of the world is impacting all of us. We hope you're all safe and healthy!)

This week we have a number of bug fixes:

  • Your visitors can now properly view and browse keywords. On rare occasions they were being hidden from the Lightbox, SmugMug and Journal gallery styles.
  • Fixed an issue with Gallery Presets not always applying your settings the first time.
  • Fixed a rare error that occurred when visitors tried to view Photo Details in the Lightbox.
  • Folks who create a SmugMug trial will see a new "Welcome" message.

Bug Fix Monday

We fixed 2 issues with the new "Shop View" setting:

  • Fixed an issue saving the new "Shop View" option into a preset. Whether Shop View is turned ON or OFF will be correctly saved.
  • On rare occasions the "Shop View" setting would be turned OFF but it would appear to visitors as if it was ON. It now correctly obeys OFF.

When personalizing your photo website in the "Customizer", you'll now get a slightly better experience due to a few bug fixes.

  • If your gallery had a Cover Image set, it will no longer be displayed slightly off-center or cut-off within the Customizer.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing photos in the Customizer to appear at a different size than when displayed on your site. They're now the same.

For folks who Customize their website, we've made a small adjustment to keep the display of "Titles" more consistent:

  • Within your galleries, the Title of your photo will now be displayed using the "Heading Font", which is used in other places to display your photos title.

Add or edit Title, Caption, and Keywords in the iOS App

You can now edit the title, caption and keywords of an individual photo or video in the SmugMug iOS app (Android customers have already been able to do this). When browsing a photo, just look for the option to "Edit Photo Details" in the options menu.

Grab the latest version (3.7.9) of the SmugMug iOS app from the App Store.


Improved Carousel Content Block

The Carousel Content Block received some love, making it smoother, more mobile friendly and easier to navigate between photos. Visit to the Customizer (Customize -> Content and Design) and add it to one of your pages, like your homepage, to enjoy a horizontal scrolling of photos.


Weekly Bug Fixes and updates

This week a few items have had some improvements:

  • The "Log in" button at the top of the Header will now say "Owner Log in" to prevent your visitors from accidentally trying to log in. This should help keep your visitors focused on viewing your photos without distraction.
  • Trialers were really confused by the "Hide Owner" setting, so it'll now be hidden. The feature will become available once you subscribe.
  • When creating a new gallery, a few of the gallery settings might take you away and lose your changes - we now open those items in a new tab, so you don't lose your new gallery.
  • We've made it easier to read the help topics when you click "Support".

A number of bugs have been fixed:

  • Fixed an issue with new customers site loading slowly the first time they visit it.
  • Fixed an error with Gallery Presets not showing an error message related to download passwords.
  • The first time you visit the Customizer, we offer some education on how to use it, and sometimes this was failing. Our help guides will no longer fail.