New login screens

  • All logged out pages have been refreshed
  • You can now create a free plan
  • The menu for selecting a member, like the one used for filtering reservations, is updated to be more accessible and keyboard friendly

Reviving cancelled members

  • You can now revive a cancelled member from their profile and restore their membership

Quality of life updates

  • An updated responsive layout for the member list / community page. Hooray! πŸŽ‰
  • Owners' and managers' profiles no longer show plan information. That information is only shown to members. πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ
  • Day pass purchasers will get a calendar invite attached to their confirmation email. Nice πŸ“†

Quarterly billing and timezones

  • You can now create plans that will bill members every three months! Isn't that awesome?
  • All locations have time zones associated with them. This is going to become more important later.

Saving themes properly

  • In some rare cases, brand colors were not being saved properly if a new customer didn't pick any new colors.

Fixing logo uploads


  • Some during the sign up process for new spaces, the logo upload process would occasionally fail. This brought shame upon the whole team, and we have worked tirelessly to correct this mistake.
  • Our Google analytics script didn't load properly once, causing an error you'll never see, but we fixed it. You're welcome.

Restrictions, except when it comes to confetti


  • You can now restrict the number of hours per month that members can book conference rooms based on their plan, or overridden per for specific members. If they use up all their time, they will not be able to create any new reservations.
  • New reservations now have email confirmations! You'll get a google calendar link and an ICS file along with it.
  • Did you notice that all the buttons look a tiny bit different? They are different, and they are better.
  • When visitors buy a day pass, they are now treated to πŸŽ‰confetti πŸŽ‰

We did lots of testing and ended up with this


  • If you're adding a new payment method which is declined immediately, we do a better job of telling you about that straight away. We thought that would be preferable to not doing that. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³
  • Added some bulletproofing to the reservations system to get rid of some cases where members could make duplicate bookings, and book a space that was already booked. Hello, kevlar! πŸŽ‰
  • Updated some of our notifications to be more instructive when you run into trouble. πŸ™

Account switcher!


  • Some of you lucky smpl users have accounts at multiple spaces. You can now easily switch between them with a handy account switcher! You'll find it in the menu when you click on your picture in the top right corner.

Let them know who runs the show


  • Your management team now has its own place on the Community page! Members will be able to see a list of your managers, so they know who to bother when the coffee's run dry.
  • Resources may only be assigned to a single location. This is a bit of housekeeping to stop headaches later on. If you've got 2 meeting rooms by the same name at different locations, you'll need to create them separately. Easy peasy.


  • Sean had some crumbs in his keyboard, so we cleaned it out with canned air. Snacks!

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