Version 1.5.4


  • We fixed some problems for users viewing the site on Safari on IOS. Hooray! 🎉

Version 1.5.3


  • The invoice view has been revamped to highlight any outstanding or unpaid invoices.
  • We have added some common invoice controls, so space owners can now forgive an unpaid invoice, and members can choose to re-run payment on an invoice in cases where they may have added money to a debit account.

Version 1.5.2


  • Some patient users discovered that we were not surfacing errors when adding ACH bank account information. We took care of that so you will know what you've done wrong.

Version 1.5.1


  • We found a bug that caused cancelled members to linger in your active list, like an ever-present reminder of past mistakes. That bug is fixed, and you're doing a great job.

Version 1.5


  • You can now add a bank account as a payment method, using ACH
  • We have reworked our on-boarding process for new coworking spaces and are pretty stoked to see you guys get setup even faster!
  • You could always login using Google or Facebook, but now the buttons look prettier so you will notice them


  • Sometimes new members would get hung up in the registration process, especially if their credit card was declined, so we made a bunch of boring infrastructure changes to make that perform better

Version 1.4


  • NEW EMAILS: we like to send you emails for all the important stuff and they were due for an upgrade. Keep an eye out for much better-looking emails.

Version 1.3.1


  • some of our users were reporting issues seeing their profiles load. This fixes that.
  • Cleaned up a messy error that users were seeing on log out. Everything should be nice and tidy now.

Version 1.3


  • Fixed a bug where new members would need to refresh their profile page to see which membership plan they're on. It's all better now.
  • We never want to see errors, but this release includes a cleaned up error handler - if smpl crashes, we now collect and show more useful information.

Version 1.2


  • Dialogs across the site just got into crossfit, and now they're a little more attractive, and a bit nicer to use. #gains
  • A "Support" link is now hanging out in the footer of each page, because we support you.


  • For coworkspace owners, we added an enhancement that will let you actually see all your past invoices. It was supposed to be there anyway, but we added it back in again because we're nice like that.

This release was made with a little extra sprinkle of (gluten free!) love.

Version 1.1


  • We have made it a little bit nicer and easier to collect payments from members who have had their invoice fail too many times. Now, smpl will let the member know whats up and give them instructions on how to resolve their unpaid invoices, all while keeping the owner of the space in the loop.
  • With all the members you guys are signing up, we found a few pages were loading slower than we'd like (what a great bug!). A gallon of coffee and a few days later and smpl performs way better, loading members and invoices faster and smoother than before. Emails look better now and have more informative information!
  • You can now filter your member list to see just active, delinquent, or canceled users.


  • There are a couple situations where known issues with Microsoft's Edge browser will break smpl. We've added some messaging to instruct users to use Chrome or Firefox in these cases. We're working on a more permanent fix.
  • We polished up the design of a few pages of the site with some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

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