Change is good

Making things more simple for you is the name of the game, so we've streamlined adding add-ons to members, and updating their membership plans.

See below for links to the new way to update your members plans, and add-ons.

Changing a Member Plan:

Adding & Removing a member add-on:

Your emails aren't in Kansas anymore

Kevin, who created your smpl account, is currently receiving all of your spaces notification emails. You can now save Kevin from getting all the emails by changing your notification email setting.

Head over to Settings -> Details, and you will find the notification email field. Change that to the correct person who should receive all the notification emails for your whole space, and save Kevin from all of those emails.

You're welcome, Kevin.

P.S. Kevin is purely fictional, and any resemblance to your Kevin is purely coincidence.

Pro-Tip. If you want this to go to multiple people you can create rules and/or filters for that in your email settings. If you use gmail, here's how to do it.

Team billing & mobile nav

Team billing has officially released 🎉 Head to Manage > Teams to create your first team, and team lead. Team billing allows you to:

  • You can now create a team, and assign team lead. The team lead owns the billing for the entire team.
  • You can set a total amount of resource hours to be shared amongst the team.
  • Team leads, or space managers can invite new, or existing members to the team. The team lead will then billed for the new team members plan.

Bonus: Mobile navigation has been completely reworked. It's now infinitely easier to navigate smpl on your phone. 😅

Team billing feature beta

We released the teams billing feature to a select group of coworking spaces. If you're interested in giving team billing a try please send us a message through the intercom chat bubble.

Team billing allows you to:

  • Have a single team lead that handles billing for all team members
  • Team members do not have to input a credit card to get in smpl
  • Each team has a shared pool of resource booking hours

iOS users deserve a date too

We fixed a bug where iOS users see "invalid date" after purchasing a day pass.

Calendar Filters

That's right! You can now see reservations by day, week, and month. Then filter down even deeper by member, location and resource.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 7.58.49 PM.png

Stay informed. It's that simple.

👋🏼 Hi! We're building all sorts of cool things for smpl, and in an effort to keep you updated on it all we added this super handy alert bubble.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely smpl will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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