Custom JavaScript Error Handling 🚩

Whether that video didn't load on your website, or an item is not available in your inventory - all JavaScript errors are logged in Smartlook.

With the new Custom Errors API you can now send all your custom JavaScript Errors to the Smartlook console.

Then you can use these custom errors to filter out sessions with errors & create segments for easier future analyses.

Read more about Custom JavaScript Error Handling, here.


Watch your current visitors in the Active Sessions Segment 📽️

Did you notice the new Active Sessions segment?

In it you can watch all your active visitors Smartlook is recording in real-time.

No need for extra setup. It's defined by default and it will always be there. 🙌

Read more about Active Sessions on our Blog.


Share Recordings & Notes directly to your Slack channels 🔌

Sharing important insights from Smartlook got even easier.

With Slack integration you are now able to share recordings and notes directly from the Smartlook player to a defined Slack channel.

Look for the Slack icon in your Integrations tab to start with the setup.


Events & Funnels Email Reports ✉️

With Smartlook you can send your most important Events & Funnels data directly to your inbox.

On the Events & Funnels detail view, look out for this icon Screenshot_1.pngto setup reports which will be conveniently delivered directly to your inbox!

Learn more about Events & Funnels Email Reports here. (2).gif

Custom Events Breakdown

Want to see conversion rates for a button broken down by types of users (e.g. free & paid) or by device? With Custom Events Breakdown you can do exactly that and much more

This new feature enables our users to dive deeper into their custom events data by breaking them down by additional dimensions. Read more on How to Get Unique Insights with Custom Events Breakdown, here.

Tracking events are essential for user interaction analytics. Smartlook makes event tracking automatic and effortless. Learn more about Tracking Events in our Smartlook School.

Get longer data history for less 💸

Good news, we've lowered the price for data history. You can now get more of it and pay only 30% extra instead of paying double like in the past. For example, if you are on Starter package you can upgrade to a 3-month history for €5 instead of €19. See more here.

CSS hover effects newly added to the player

Smartlook session replays are now more accurate thanks to the recording of native CSS hover effects. You can see it in elements such as buttons and links.


Disabled forms are now visual 📋

Forms in recordings that are anonymized due to GDPR just got an upgrade. The disabled fields are now marked with a checkered pattern. You can also see which field the user is typing in and also for how long.


The typing animation is only demonstrative and does not represent the number of typed characters.

Keeping you in the loop

We're starting a product changelog at Smartlook to keep you informed about new product updates, fixes, and improvements.

Since we're continuously working behind the scenes to make Smartlook better, there should be a central location where you can find all these cool new changes.

You'll always receive an update in the widget when we change something, or if needed all things we've changed are available on our updates page.