Service Shutdown notice

Due to unforeseen market changes, SmartIP's service will be halted on January 7 2020. We thank you all for your support and wish you the best going forward.

If you're a paying subscriber, you will be refunded your last payment.

Regards, SmartIP

SSL certificate issue resolved

We have been notified that the SSL certificate assigned to our main API endpoint was getting flagged as REVOKED. Trying to execute API calls from any browser were resulting in error messages with code: SEC _ ERROR _ REVOKED _ CERTIFICATE.

For some unknown reasons the SSL certificate had been revoked without any notification coming from the CA. We quickly fixed the issue, getting a new certificate and the system is now up and running as normal.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

New pricing structure

In order to attract a wider audience and to improve the service we provide, we decided to make some changes to our pricing structure.

Our Free Tier still remains untouched with a very generous 250,000 Free requests per month.

To attract small/medium businesses which are not really interested in massive amount of requests but still need something more than what is offered by the Free Tier, we introduced a Startup Tier, which allows for up to 1.5 Million requests per month for just $40 / month!

For medium to big companies, we suggest to opt for the Pro Tier which allows for up to 10 Million requests per month for just $150 / month!

Do you need even more than that? custom API responses? full access to our Geo database? If yes, just contact us and let's have a chat to:!

Upcoming breaking API changes

In an effort to improve the performance and stability of our API, the following upcoming changes are going to be deployed over the next month:

  • The IP Response will expose a new data point called: "geo" which will contain all geolocation information previously split between: "country" and "location" data point.

  • The "country" data point is going to be removed from the API IP response.

  • The "location" data point is going to be removed from the API IP response.

In order to prevent any deserialising errors from client side, please update your services to accommodate these changes.

We are going to update all our Client Libraries to the new API Response structure over the next couple of weeks.

Important! The live deployment of such changes has been scheduled on November 1 2019. After this date, the old JSON structure will be discontinued.

Affiliates program

We just launched our affiliates program today!

Becoming an affiliate is a very simple way to start earning from your content while helping us grow! Earn 20% on every active subscription.

Promote services and your affiliate link to your audience and start earning 20% per month on each active subscription for the first six months, that's up to $300!

To apply for an Affiliate account, just contact us to: and we will provide you with a unique Affiliate Link you will use in your content.

Incorrect response for IPv6 addresses

Earlier this morning we have been notified of a bug effecting customers executing API calls from a machine assigned to an IPv6 address. The API was erroneously returning an error message stating: "Invalid IP address".

The problem has been fixed in less than 1 hour from the discovery and the system is now back to work normally.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Official Javascript library just released!

It is now ready! Our official Javascript library is available on multiple package sources like Github, Yarn and NPM!

Check out the source code on Github:



The library is completely written in Typescript and supports automatic caching of the responses.

This is a quick example of how easy it is use this library:

First install the library into your project using either npm or yarn:

$ npm install @smartip/js

And then just use it!

const {SmartIP} = require("@smartip/js")

let testApiKey = '249C35CF-81E7-4B49-8F9F-ACA72C9F5CD7';
const client = new SmartIP(testApiKey);
let hostname = true;
let userAgent = true;
let ipInfo = await client.requestIPData('', hostname, userAgent);

New Dashboard!

We are delighted to announce that we just pushed up a new update which includes a big revamp on our developer dashboard!

The new UI allows the developers to have far more control over the number of API calls made over time.

The new API usage card shows the distribution of the API calls over time. It is possible to select between Last week, Last month and Last 6 months time frames. A beautiful chart will show the distribution of such calls for the selected time frame.


We also improved the Manage account section where it is now possible to select the usage reports frequency and also to disable them if needed.


More ASN data

We just pushed up a new update which exposes additional data in the ASN datapoint of our response!

ASN data point now shows the type, name and the domain of the ASN associated to the current IP address.

This new data are extremely useful to know as much as possible about the ASN (Autonomous system) which handles a specified IP address.

Here it how the new ASN endpoint looks like:


More info on:

New API hostname

The new infrastructure is up and running and as a result we had to update our API hostname to

an example of the new API endpoint URL is:

Any request incoming to the old API hostname will return with 301 Permanently Moved error message.

This new update allows for faster response time and increased scalability!

Here it is a view of how fast we are going now: