Sizzy 0.8 🎉


Introducing Sizzy Presets - a special feature that allows you to save a preset by combining any of these properties:

  • Currently visible devices
  • Theme (along with background and all the other settings)
  • Preferred zoom percentage (individual per device + global zoom)
  • Align mode (Horizontal, Vertical, Float, Center, etc.)

You can combine any of these properties and save them as a preset. Example of presets:

iOS devices + theme + zoom level + horizontal align

iPhone + iPad + float align

Mix of devices + center align + no device headers

Green background gradient + minimalistic frames (this is like a "custom theme", because this preset doesn't replace the list of devices, it just applies the theme settings)

This feature is really time-saving because with just one click you can quickly switch your entire setup. You can create as many Presets as you want and they will be available as tabs below the URL bar. Presets can be deleted and updated at any time.

Keep in mind, there's no such thing as "selected" preset. When you click on a preset tab, a preset is being applied. If you want to change a preset (add/remove devices, switch theme settings etc.) you need to click on the "update existing preset" button, and you'll be able to choose which preset to update.

Screenshot devices with frames

Now, screenshots are even more realistic with this new feature. A screenshot of a device can be taken together with its frame and browser UI. In order to enable it, visit:

Settings → Screenshots -> Screenshot icon action → Take viewport screenshot with device frame and browser UI.

This feature is also available when screenshotting all devices at once.


Revamped Filters

We're aware that the previous way of filtering devices might've been a little bit confusing, and it also didn't work when the sidebar was collapsed.

That's why we improved the UX for filtering. Now when filtering devices, some filters will be automatically disabled, so you don't end up with an impossible combination and an empty device list.

The filters are divided by OS (iOS/iPadOS, Android, macOS, Windows) and Type of device (Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop).


Optimize CPU usage

We worked on improving the performance of Sizzy, and we decreased the CPU usage while the app is idle from 30% to 0% 🥳
We're working on more performance improvements and the app will be even faster in the future.

Other improvements

  • CMD + H shortcut for hiding the app
  • Add Windows and macOS in the OS filters
  • ESC will close the Page Navigator and Navigate To Element plugins

If you cannot update to this version please use the download link that was sent to you in the initial email and download the version manually.

If you have any issue don't hesitate to contact us directly and we'll fix it as soon as possible.

If you want to suggest a new feature or vote on existing features for the next update you can do that in the public roadmap.

Enjoy 🙌