Sizzy 0.16 🎉

Sizzy 0.16 is here! Let's dig in 😍

Copy screenshot to the clipboard

We have made screenshotting more convenient for you!

From now on, you can copy the screenshots of the devices to your clipboard by pressing the "Copy" button in the screenshot notification. After that, you can upload them anywhere, just by pasting.


To make things even easier, we have added a button in Settings → Screenshots which allows you to automatically copy the screenshots. If you have this option enabled, you don't have to copy the screenshot manually, because it will already be in your clipboard - you just have to paste it.


Disable JavaScript

We are introducing a new plugin - Disable JavaScript.


Of course, you can show or hide the plugin in the Plugins section. If the plugin is enabled, it will appear next to the other enabled plugins.


You also have the option to choose whether you would like the devices to reload automatically when you enable or disable JavaScript.

If JavaScript is enabled, it will show a green dot as an indicator. But if it is disabled, the dot will turn red. When JS plugin is disabled, some of the functionality of Sizzy will beautomatically disabled.


Modify request and response headers

Now it is possible to add custom headers to all of your network requests.

You can create as many custom headers as you want, and then after refreshing the page, they will be applied to every network request.


The Custom Headers popup can be found in the left sidebar. You can also add a Label for each Header, so you can easily distinguish between multiple headers with the same value. By clicking the toggle button you can turn a header on or off. This allows you to have multiple headers with the same Key but different Value, so for example, you can simulate a different user or a role when testing your website.


Add a toggle for listening to console logs from only one device in the Console Settings

In the Console Settings, we have added an option to listen to logs only from one device. This will make the console a significantly faster, if you don't need the logs from all devices at once.

When you have this option enabled, in the Console you can choose a specific device, and you will only receive logs and messages from that device. Also if you are working in Focus, Full, or Resizable mode, you will only get the logs for that device.


Open a window on and improve authentication flows

Sizzy now opens a new window on, and returns a proxy object for the newly-created window. This means you can now test authentication flows that rely on


Sizzy now has a Firefox extension

Sizzy now has an extension for Firefox. All you need to do is open a website in your Firefox browser, and then click on the Sizzy extension button. Even if Sizzy is closed, the extension will still open the app together with the website URL.

You can download the extension here.

The extension for Microsoft Edge is waiting for an approval, and should be live soon.

🐞 Additional Improvements and fixes

  • Clean up the Photo Studio
  • App crashes when clicking on "Reset to Default" in Settings modal
  • Update all user agents to latest versions
  • Improve the speed of the console
  • Fix crash when a website asks for authentication

If you cannot update to this version please use the download link that was sent to you in the initial email and download the version manually. If you can't find the download link click here to download the app.

If you have any issue don't hesitate to contact us directly and we'll fix it as soon as possible.

If you want to suggest a new feature or vote on existing features for the next update you can do that in the public roadmap.

Enjoy 🙌