Sizzy 0.1 is here 🎉

This is the first update after the initial release, and we're super excited for you to try it! You should get it automatically, but if you can't wait just click Sizzy -> Check Updates to manually update 😎

👇️ Watch Video

🧘‍♀️ Zen mode

This mode will help you to declutter the app so you can focus only on the devices. It can be used in combination with any other mode by just pressing Z.

🖥 Resizable mode

Sometimes you want to resize the viewport of a device but don't want to resize the entire app. We have a solution!

When you're in Focus mode, there's a new tab where you can find a resizable device.

⌨️ New keyboard shortcuts

  • Toggle Horizontal mode by pressing H
  • Toggle Zen mode by pressing Z
  • Use Ctrl/Cmd in combination with + and - to control the zoom of the app
  • Close any dialog by pressing ESC

🛠 Revamped Settings

  • Reorganized options
  • Mark experimental settings and add descriptions
  • 2 new tabs: Device and Screenshots
  • Direct access to the license manager
  • Links to contact support or report a bug

👌 Improvements

  • Access this changelog directly from inside of the app
  • Better error reporting. You can also directly submit feedback from within the app if something goes wrong.

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Activate license behind a firewall/proxy/VPN
  • Screenshot all devices in parallel mode
  • Stability and performance improvements

If you have any issue don't hesitate to contact us directly and we'll fix it as soon as possible.

If you want to suggest a new feature or vote on existing features for the next update you can do that in the public roadmap.

Enjoy 🙌